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FALL 1997 






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P r e s -i dent's message 

I am in my thirteenth year and I 
am very grateful for the progress we 
have made in those years. The 
enroUment has increased each 
year. As we all know, Mary Baldwin 
is a tuition-driven college, so we 
have succeeded mightily in 
increasing the income from tuition. 
Alumnae/i have expressed 
confidence in Mary Baldwin 
through increased gifts to the 
Annual Fund, as well as through 
significant capital gifts. These are 
allowing us to improve and 
rehabilitate campus facilities (as 
you will see in the article on the 
Administration Building), to 
support the areas of math and 
science, and to dedicate significant 
resources to technology. In 
addition, the economy of the 
country is strong. The broader 
economy always has an impact on 
the economy of the college. 

Our success has come through 
the efforts of many people, all of 
whom have worked creatively and 
with much diligence to make a clear 
niche for Mary Baldwin as an 
institution based in the liberal arts 

and dedicated to women. We have 
defined ourselves in the market with 
clarity and are becoming well known 
as the institution to which women 
go if they want to become leaders. 

Ann Petro Hayes, featured in 
this issue of the magazine, is a good 
example of the kind of leaders 
coming out of this college. And the 
article on The Virginia Women's 
Institute for Leadership gives you an 
update on the progress of that 
remarkable program. 

While I am grateful for the 
success of Mary Baldwin, 1 must be 
careful not to speak overconfidently. 
Thirteen years is a very short period 
of time in the life of an institution. 
The difference that has not yet been 
made is the development of a 
substantial endowment. We cannot 
say that Mary Baldwin is a securely 
placed institution until we have an 
endowment of sufficient size to 
ensure our future. 

Why is an endowment so 
important? It is a protection in times 
of difficulty. It is the edge of quality 
in times of success. In success, it 
provides additional support through 

earnings for scholarships, to support 
faculty salaries, to bring recognized 
scholars and speakers to campus, and 
to enhance students' experience of 
the college in ways that befit a 
prestigious institution. In times of 
difficulty, endowment earnings 
provide a cushion against cutbacks, 
reduced programs and curtailed 
academic activities. 

An endowment is essential to 
ultimately secure the future of Mary 
Baldwin College. I cannot stress this 
point too much, and it is my sincere 
hope that we can join together in 
the days ahead to take this next 
critical step forward. 

In the meantime, 1 hope you 
enjoy reading in this issue about the 
many accomplishments and creative 
endeavors of our multi-faceted 
college community. 








Vol. 11, No. 1 Fall 1997 

Editor: Sarah H. O'Connor 

Art Director: Gretchen L. Shuman 

Assistant Editor: Michelle Hire Martin 

Publications Advisory Board: 

Sarah H. O'Connor, Gretchen L. Shtima 

Stie Caples '60, . Dr. Brenda Bryant, 

Brenda Chandler, Jane Townsend, 

Jann Malone Steele '72, Jane G. Kornegay 

'83, Dr. James D. Lott, Lydia J. Petersson, [ 

Robert Reich, Dr. Celeste Rhodes, 

Dr. Kathleen Stinehart, Dr. Heather Wilso 

Dr. Elizabeth Roberts 

Co\'er design: Gretchen L. Shi^iman 
Annual Report designer: Bradley Robison 

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Mary Baldwin College does not 
di.scriminate on the basis of sex (except 
that men are admitted only as ADP and 
graduate students), race, national origin, 
color, age or di.sability in its educational 
programs, admissions, co-curricular or othc 
activities, and cMTiployment practices. 
Inquiries may be directed to Dean of 
Students, Mary Baldwin College, 
Staunton, VA 24401; 540-887-7028, 


7 View from the Capitol 

by Gordon Hammock 

Business and Society class takes 

to the road. 

10 Hard Boiled Hayes 

by Whitney Espich 

From political science major 

to Wall Street snoop: 

a profile of Ann Petro Hayes '81 

12 Mary Baldwin's Main Building 

by Sergei Troubetzkoy 

A look at the past, present and future 

of the Administration Building. 

16 VWIL - doing it our way 

by Sarah O'Connor 
Taking the pulse of Mary 
Baldwin's newest program. 


2 Campus News 

8 News Bytes 

27 Class Notes 

33 Chapters in Action 

ampus news 

Geraldine Ferraro Inaugural 
Speaker for MBC's Smyth 
Leadership Lecture Series 

Geraldine Ferraro's visit to Mary Baldwin 
CollegeonTuesday, September 23, added 
yet another to her long list of firsts. Ms. 
Ferraro, author and political leader, was 
the inaugural speaker for MBC's Smyth 
Leadership Lecture Series. The series was 
established by the Smyth Foundation, an 
organization founded by MBC Trustee H. 
Gordon Smyth, former DuPont senior vice 
president for employee relations, and his 
wife Mary Beth Smyth '47. Ms. Ferraro 
spoke on "Women in Leadership: Past, 
Present and Future," to a huge crowd of 
students, faculty, staff, community leaders 
and visitors on the Page Terrace of the 
Martha S. Grafton Library. 

Geraldine A. Ferraro earned her place 
in history as the first woman vice 
presidential candidate on a national party 
ticket. She was first elected to Congress 
from New York's Ninth Congressional 
District in Queens in 1978 and served 
three terms in the House of 
Representatives. Her committee 

assignments in Congress included the 
Public Works Committee, Post Office and 
Civil Service Committee, and Budget 
Committee, where she was a strong voice 
against the Reagan Administration's 
economic policies. Ms. Ferraro also 
served on the Select Committee on 
Aging where she was an advocate 
for the elderly, fightingproposed 
cuts in Social Security and 

During her Congressional 
career, Ferraro spearheaded 
efforts to pass the Equal Rights 
Amendment. She also 
sponsored the Women's 
Economic Equity Act, which 
ended pension discrimination 
against women, provided job 
options for displaced 
homemakers, and enabled 
homemakers to open IRA's. 
Ms. Ferraro is a co-host of 
"Crossfire," a political interview 
program which airs nightly on CNN. 
She is also a partner in the CEO 
Perspective Group, a consulting firm 
which advises top executives. In 1 994, she 
was appointed as U.S. Ambassador to the 
United Nations Human Rights 
Commission by President Clinton, and 
she served in that position through 1996. 
She served as a public delegate in February 
1993 and was also the alternate United 
States delegate to the World Conference 
on Human Rights held in Vienna in June 
1 993 and vice-chair of the U.S. Delegation 
at the Fourth World Conference on 
Women held in Beijing in September 

An active participant in the nation's 
foreign policy debate, she served as a board 
member of the National Democratic 
Institute of International Affairs and as a 
member of the Council on Foreign 

Before entering politics, Ms. Ferraro 
taught elementary school in the New York 
City Public Schools for five years. During 
that time, she also put herself through 
Fordham Law School at night. After 
spending 13 years at home raising her 
three children, she joined the Queens 
County District Attorney's Office. There, 
she started the Special Victims Bureau, 
supervising the prosecution of sex crimes, 
child abuse, domestic violence and violent 

crimes against senior citizens. 

Ms. Ferraro has honorary degrees from 
a number of colleges and universities 
nationwide. She currently sits on the 
Fordham Law School Board of Visitors, 
the New York Easter Seal Society, the 
National Italian American Foundation, 
the Board of Advocates of the Planned 
Parenthood Federation of America, the 
Board of Advisors of the National Breast 
Cancer Research Fund, the Pension Rights 
Center board, and the board of New York 

In addition to numerous articles, Ms. 
Ferraro has written two books: Ferraro, 
M)i Story, which recounts the 1984 
presidential campaign, and Geraldine 
Ferraro: Changing History . 

MBC Annual Fund Breaks 

$1 Million for Fourth Straight Year 

Mary Baldwin College fund raisers set a 
new unrestricted gift record, bringing in 
$1,265,000 during the 1996-97 Annual 
Fund campaign. This marked the fourth 
straight year that the Annual Fund has 
surpassed the $1 million mark. 

1996-97 Annual Fund Director 
Tracey Allen said, "These unrestricted 
gifts are the most difficult to raise, though 
in many ways they are the most vital to 
the college. I am very proud of the 
college's success in this year's fund 
raising. Our alumnae and friends have 
shown a great confidence in the mission 
and administration of Mary Baldwin." 

A big part of the record-setting year 
was a two percent increase in alumnae 
participation, bringing that total to 40 
percent, according to Mark Atchison, 
vice president for institutional 
advancement. Contributions to the 
Annual Fund help support the overall 
college operations, as tuition and fees 
do not cover all costs of running the 
college. This year, Annual Fund 
donations were up nearly 10 percent 
over the previous fiscal year. 

The 1997-98 Annual Fund effort is 
already under way and is being led by 
new director Elizabeth Outland Branner. 
The goal for this year's Annual Fund has 
been set at $1.3 million. 

Tracey Allen resigned as the Annual 
Fund director in August to pursue her 

The Mary Baldwin College Magazine 

law degree at The University of Virginia. 
Branner most recently served as associate 
director of the Annual Fund, coming to 
Mary Baldwin in 1995. She received her 
B.A. from Wake Forest University and 
earned her master's from the College of 
William & Mary. 

Two new fund raisers also joined the 
Annual Fund team in August. Susie 
Kierson Miller '91 and Julie Westhafer 
will both serve as associate directors of 
the Annual Fund. Miller received her 
master's degree from the Peabody 
College of Vanderbilt University. She 
comes to MBC from the Vanderbilt 
Children's Hospital Development 
Office, where she served as a 
development assistant. Westhafer comes 
to MBC from the University of Virginia 
Law School Foundation, where she 
served as assistant to the director of 
alumni affairs. She earned her B.A. in 
communications from HoUins College. 

Trickle-Down Science: Dr. Lundy 
Pentz Brings Latest DNA 
Researcli Into the Classroom 

During the 1997 spring term, MBC 
Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Lundy 
Pentz became the first faculty member 
from an undergraduate college to 
participate in research at the 
Developmental Biology Center at The 
University of Virginia. As recipient of 
MBC's 1996-97 Karl F. and Patricia H. 
Menk Award for Faculty Support, Dr. 
Pentz spent the spring semester and May 
Term on sabbatical at the 
Developmental Biology Center. The 
pilot program evolved from the center's 
mission of including teaching faculty 
from undergraduate institutions in its 
ongoing research. 

According to experts in the field, 
science research budgets are being closely 
examined at many institutions nationwide. 
An intentional focus on public outreach 
helps researchers reconnect with the larger 
community, maintaining public support 
and thus governmental support. 

Dr. Pentz said, "1 will bring new 
research techniques from this sabbatical 
hack to my students at MBC. Eventually, 
even high school teachers and students 
will directly reap the benefits of this 

The Mary Balfiv/in College Magazine • Fall 



iri the Annual Fund Office 

Elizabeth Outland Branner Susie Kierson Miller '91 Julie Westhafer 

research relationship." 

The trickle-down of knowledge started 
this summer, when Dr. Pentz returned to 
MBC to coordinate the 1997 Young 
Women in Science Program. Equipment 
and techniques garnered from Dr. Pentz's 
sabbatical research with DNA replication 
and developmental gene regulation were 
demonstrated to and used by the 3 5 science 
whizzes attending MBC's three-week, on- 
campus science program. 

Dr. Pentz noted, "I will substantially 
revise my developmental biology course 
as a result of this sabbatical. Developmental 
biology is a vital and currently active field. 
The 1996 Nobel prizes in medicine and 
physiology went to three developmental 
biologists. This fall, I will bring the latest 
in research to MBC's biology majors." 

Dr. Ariel Gomez, chief of Pediatric 
Nephrology and director of UVA's 
Developmental Biology Center, said, 
"The sabbatical opportunity for college 
and high school teachers is an important 
goal of the center and it supports our 
major objective of making science 
accessible to students and professors 
alike. It is a way to be in direct touch 
with the community, making ourselves 
available to encourage young minds to 
pursue a career in science. If this program 
is as successful as this pilot with Dr. 
Lundy Pentz suggests, we plan to extend 
it to other colleges and high schools." 

Dr. Pentz holds his Ph.D. from Johns 

Hopkins University and has served on 
the MBC faculty since 1980. He directs 
MBC's highly successful Young Women 
in Science Program, which is in its 
twelfth year. 

Private Colleges Pool Efforts To 
Pull In Prospectives 

Modeled after a highly successful 
Minnesota program, the Commonwealth's 
24 private colleges joined together to host 
the first Virginia Private Colleges Week, 
August 4 - 8. 

The weeklong event, spearheaded 
by the The Council for Independent 
Colleges in Virginia, featured college 
tours at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. daily on each 
campus, making it easy for students and 
their parents to visit a number of schools 
in any given area of the state. CICV 
President Robert Lambeth said, "The 
weeklong program was designed to show 
high school students the array of 
academic and extracurricular programs 
available at Virginia's private liberal 
arts colleges and universities. Some 
families think they cannot afford a 
private college, but if we can get them in 
to talk to us, they realize that with 
financial aid a private college education 
is do-able." 

An added bonus of Private Colleges 

Week was the offer of three admissions 

continued on page 4 


faculty/staff highlights 

Dr. Ken Keller, professor of history, published his essay "The Outlook of Rhinelanders 
on the Virginia Frontier" in Diversity and Accommodation — Essays on the Cultural 
Composition of the Virginia Frontier. The book was edited by Michael Puglisi and 
published this summer by the University of Tennessee Press. 

Master of Arts in Teaching Program Director Dr. Beth Roberts had a book chapter 
accepted for publication in Children Achieving: Instructional Practices in Early 
Literacy. Her chapter was titled "1 No EvrethENGe": Essential Skills in Early 
Literacy." The book will be published in 1998 by the International Reading 
Association of Newark, DE. 

Associate Professor of Philosophy Dr. Edward Scott had his article "Bardic Memory 
and Witness in the Poetry of Samuel Allen" accepted for publication in a book of 
critical essays about poets from the black arts movement. The book will be published 
in 1997 and will be edited by Joanne Gabbin. Dr. Scott also participated in the 
Chesapeake Regional Scholars seminar addressing the state of African-American 
studies. The seminar was held this summer at The University of Virginia. 

campus news, continued 

application fee waivers for students 
who visited four or more schools during 
the week. Students were given a 
"passport" for the week, and those who 
had their passport stamped at four or 
more colleges received the fee waivers, 
a savings of up to $300. 

"Private colleges have for years 
shared the costs of sending recruiters 
to college fairs around the country and 
overseas," said Lambeth. "Private 
Colleges Week worked well because it 
brought the students and their families 
onto our campuses for a firsthand look. " 

MBC Dean of Admissions and 
Financial Aid Pat LeDonne said that 
54 families participated in Mary 
Baldwin's 10 campus tours offered 
during the week. "Our visitors came 
from seven states," she said, 
"including Virginia, North Carolina, 
Tennessee, Minnesota, Connecticut, 
Oklahoma and Maryland. I think we 
had great numbers for the first year. 
Last year during the same week, we 
had only eight students visit campus. 
I hope this is the first of many Virginia 
Private Colleges weeks, and I hope 
that the CICV will expand the 
program into two weeks so colleges 
can offer tours in June and August." 

Five for five: IVIBC Remains 
Among tlie Best in the South 
According to U.S. News 

For the fifth straight year, Mary Baldwin 
College was listed in the top five 
regionally-ranked liberal arts colleges 
in the South by U.S. News & World 
Report. The news magazine's 1997 guide 
to "America's Best Colleges" hit 
newsstands in August, and MBC ranked 
fourth out of 13 1 liberal arts colleges in 
the South. 

Only Berea College, Lyon College 
and Emory and Henry College ranked 
higher than Mary Baldwin. Officials 
at U.S. News said, "It is crucial to 
remember that schools separated by 
only a few places in the rankings are 
extremely close in academic quality." 

U.S. News & World Report assesses 
colleges using objective statistical 
criteria such as student selectivity, 
financial resources, faculty resources, 
retention rates, alumni satisfaction 
and academic reputation among 
college presidents, deans and 
admission directors. Mary Baldwin 
College's highest individual ranking 
was in the category of academic 

Assistant Professor of Art Paul Ryan' 

presented a solo exhibition of his 
paintings at The Armory Gallery of 
Virginia Tech September 8 through 
October 1 . H is works were also included 
in the "Mid- Atlantic New Painting '97" 
exhibition at the Mary Washington 
College art galleries from September 5 
through October 26. 

Professor of History Dr. Ken Keller 

presented his paper"CyrusMcCormick: 
The Inventor as Creator of Controversy" 
at the 1997 summer conference of the 
Association of Living History Farm.s 
and Museums. The conference was part 
of the Mary Baldwin College summer 
programs and was held on campus in 
July. Adjunct Professor of History Dr. 
Katharine Brown served as a program 
co-chair for the conference. 

ADP Assistant Professor of Business 
Administration Dan Dowdy was elected 
president of the board of trustees for the 
Roanoke Valley Interfaith Hospitality 
Network, a coalition of churche.s, 
synagogues, social service agencies, ii 
network director, and volunteers who 
provide shelter and assistance to 
homeless families. 

Associate Professor of Busines^| 
Administration Janet Ewing received 
a grant from the National Science 
Foundation to attend the 1991 
Association for Computinij 
Machinery SIGPLAN conferenci 
(special interest groups on 
programming languages) in Las Vegas 
She also attended tutorials on 
programming language design anJ 
implementation while at thi 

This summer, ADP Assistant Professi" 
of Business Administration Cathy Ferrif 
McPherson conducted three marketiii; 
workshops for Mary Baldwin facidn 
involved in the Health Cai\ 
Administration Program, the ADI 
marketing team and the ADP' 
Staunton and Weyers Cave programs 

Professor of Health Care Administratis 
Dr. Steve Mosher gave twi 
presentations to the medical staff i 
Western State Hospital in Stauntor 
VA, over the suinmer. The topic t( 
both presentations was "A Practic; 
Leadership Consultation." In June, li 
spoke at the Standards iif Care an 
Quality Assurance Committee meetin 
of the Virginia Veterans Care Center i 

Professor of Asian Studies Dr. Dan Metraux will 
be challenging Republican Delegate Vance 
Wilkins in the November Virginia General 
Assembly elections. Wilkins represents the 
Commonwealth's 24th house district. Dr. 
Metraux is rtinning on the platform of the Green 
Party of Virginia with a focus on social justice. 

Adj unct Professor of History Dr. Katharine Brown 

is editing a paper for publication which was 
presented at a conference in Northern Ireland in 
August 1996. "Presbyterian Pathways to Power: 
Networking Gentrification and the Ulster 
Heritage Among Virginia PresbyterianMinisters, 
1 750 - 1 850" will be published in a volume edited 
by the University of Ulster. Dr. Brown also 
presented a paper on the history of women's roles 
in the Episcopal Church from 1830 to 1980 at 
the Anglican Liturgy and Music of the 1 6th and 
20th Centuries Conference in Woodstock, VT 
in July. She is also completing research for a book 
on the history and 250th anniversary of the 
Christ Episcopal Church of Winchester, VA. 

Professor of Philosophy Dr. Rod Owen presented 
a paper at the summer meeting of the North 
American Association for the Study of Welsh 
History and Culture. He also spent seven weeks 
visiting and studying in Wales and the English 
midlands throtigh a home exchange program 
with a Welsh family. 

Associate Professor of Education Dr. Patricia 
Westliafer and MBC Chaplain Rev. Patricia 

Hunt won a grant from the Virginia Campus 
Outreach Opportunity League which allows 
MBC to host an Americorps volunteer for the 
fourth straight year. This year's Americorps 
student will work with MBC's student Volunteer 
Action Council. Dr. Westhafer also helped 
write a successful grant on behalf of the Mid- 
Valley Consortium for Teacher Education. 
Westhafer represents MBC oil the consortium, 
which includes Bridgewater College, Eastern 
Mennonite University and James Madison 
University. The group was founded in 1989. 
The successful $40,000 grant was funded by the 
State Council of Higher Education's clinical 
faculty partnership program. 

This summer Dr. Westhafer conducted 
work.shops on integrating 4MAT and the 
Virginia standards of learning for teachers from 
the city of Waynesboro and Riverheads 
Elementary School, near Staunton. 


Sharon Barnes joined the Adult Degree 
Program as a part-time academic advisor. She 
earned her bachelor's and master's degrees 
from Hollln.s College. 

Kori Borkholder joined the MBC faculty as 
adjunct instructor of French. She earned her 
undergraduate degree from Eastern Mennonite 
University and her master's from New York 

Barbara Buhr was appointed adjunct instructor 
of Asian Studies. She is a Ph.D. candidate at the 
University of Colorado. She earned her bachelors 
degree from the University of Iowa and her 
master's from UVA. 

Lesiy Gourdet joined the Physical Activities 
Center staff as soccer coach. He earned his B.A. 
from Queens College (CUNY). 

Taking over 1997-98 economics courses for 
Dr. Judy Klein (as she completes a research 
fellowship at the National Humanities 
Center) is Mohamed Hamadeh. He is a Ph.D. 
candidate at Syracuse University, where he 
also earned his master's degree. He received 
his bachelor's degree from the University of 
North Carolina. He joined the MBC faculty 

Carol W. Hamilton joined the faculty as 
adjunct instructor of business administration. 
She received her B.S. from Clemson 
University and earned her M.B.A. from James 
Madison University. 

J. Fay Collier Kelle, a Ph.D. candidate from 
Syracuse University, was appointed assistant 
professor in the Adult Degree and Master of 
Arts in Teaching Programs. She earned both 
her B.S. and master's from the University of 

Angela Messmer joined the MBC Admissions 
Office as an admissions counselor. She is a 1 996 
graduate of MBC and she will recruit students 
in Virginia and North Carolina. 

Susan Payne was appointed adjunct assistant 
professor of art. She earned her B.F. A. from the 
University of California at Santa Cruz and her 
M.S. in communication design from the Pratt 
Institute of Design. 

Rev. Glenn E. Porter was appointed adjunct 
instructor of communications. He serves as 
pastor of the Mount Zion Baptist Cliurch and as 
an adjunct instructor at Virginia Union 
University. He will also serve as advisor to the 
MBC student newspaper. Campus Comments. 
He received his B.A. from Rowan University 
and his M.Div. from Virginia Union University. 

Anita Sowers joined the faculty as adjunct 
instructor of computer science. She received 
her B.S. from The University of Virginia; she 
also serves as a part-time computer instructor at 
Blue Ridge Community College. 

MBC Assistant Director of Cf)mputer and 
Information Services Rebecca A. Tyler will 

perform double duty this term as an adjunct 
instructor of computer science. She received 
her B.B.A. from James Madison University, 
She has served on the Mary Baldwin staff 
since 1994. 

Sarah Tweedy will serve as an Americorps 
volunteer at MBC during the 1997-98 term. 
She is a 1997 graduate of HoUins College, 
and she will work with MBC's Volunteer 
Action Council. 

John P. Wilkinson joined the faculty as adjunct 
instructor of health care administration. He 
earned his B.S. from George Washington 
University and his master's from Pepperdine 

Dr. Douglas S. Woundy was appointed adjunct 
associate professor of business administration. 
Dr. Woundy earned his Ph.D. from Virginia 
Commonwealth University. He earned his 
B.A. from the University of Connecticut and 
his M.S. A. from Western Connecticut State 

In July, Professor Emeritus of Theatre 
Dr. Fletcher Collins Jr. served as 
casting director and advisor to the 
Oak Grove Theater's third production 
of Lot'e is a Daisy. The play was written 
by Dr. Collins' wife Margaret. (Read 
about the play in the Class Notes 
section of this magazine.) 

Professor Emerita of Biology Dr. Mary 
Humphreys stays busy as a freelance 
proofreader. She has recently added 
several more clients to her ever- 
growing list. She enjoys hearing from 
and visiting former students. 

Associate Professor Emerita of 
Physical Education Gwen Walsh 
conducted a puppet workshop for the 
students enrolled in MBC's Shiga 
Program. Each summer, MBC hosts 
students from the Shiga Junior 
Women's College for three weeks of 
cultural introduction to the USA and 
academic and cultural classes. Each 
student constructed their own rod 
puppet during Ms. Walsh's workshop. 
This summer, Ms. Walsh also 
participated in a dance symposium at 
the new opera house in Paris and 
traveled in Europe, visiting withseveral 
MBC alumnae and former sttidents. 


Gordon Hammock 

BY Dr. James D. Lott, dean of the college 

One of the last things Gordon Hammock did the morning of July 29, 
only a few hours before his sudden and tragic death from a heart 
attack, was to confer by telephone with the editor of The Mary Baldwin 
Magazine and arrange to fax a copy of the article which follows. 
Gordon and Irene Hammock, as they always do, had left Staunton for 
thesummerandreturnedtotheirhome in Huntington, NY, but Gordon 
was never really away from the college. Even when on "vacation," his 
thoughts were with Mary Baldwin and her students, and it is not 
surprising that he spent time that particular morning discussing final 
details about his article. 

I first met Gordon in 1986, not as a candidate for a faculty 
position, but as the father of a student, Elizabeth, Class of 1989. We 
had a wonderful conversation, the kind I love having with parents, full 
of praise for the college and obsen/ations about what a good 
experience Elizabeth was having as a student. I was able to say what 
an excellent citizen of the community Elizabeth was, and Gordon and 
I spent a few happy minutes smiling at each other. 

When a faculty position became available for fall 1987, a friend 
of Gordon's encouraged him to apply. Along with the rest of the search 
committee, I was impressed by his long and successful career with 
AT&T and by his commitment to education, his own and that of others. 
He had completed a master's degree through the AT&T executive 
program at Pace University and, while continuing his duties with 
AT&T, had taught at Pace as an adjunct faculty member for 11 years. 

Goracn was offered the position and accepted it, and from 
the beginning he made a difference. 

A veteran of the corporate world, he brought experience and 
practical insight, as well as a clear theoretical framework, to his 
discussions of management issues. An energetic and highly motivated 
man himself, he preached motivation and professional excellence. 
And as students responded to his personality, his wisdom and his 

clear concern for their futures, they were also able to meet the high 
standards he set for them. 

Over the 10 years of Gordon's work at iVIBC, he took on greater 
and greater responsibility for the ongoing life of the college. His 
colleagues elected him discipline chair and division coordinator, and 
he served as faculty representative to both the Endowment and 
Development Committees of the Board of Trustees. Just this past 
spring, the faculty elected him their representative to the board's 
Business and Finance Committee. Several years ago, in recognition 
of his contributions to the college, he was awarded the Bertie Wilson 
Murphy Distinguished Chair in Business Administration. 

We will miss him immensely. It is easy to say that someone is 
"irreplaceable," but in Gordon's case that is the fact. His incredible 
devotion to his students, his talents for organization andforteaching, 
his ability to take and to articulate an institutional view of issues — 
these are rare qualities. I will miss him because of his wise counsel 
and advice, his enthusiasm, and the pleasure he took in his job, his 
family, his students and his friends (among whom I was pleased to 
be numbered). 

As a teacher, Gordon was determined to bring the "real world" 
of business to his students, and to take them there. He was 
enthusiastic about designingand implementinga Business Leadership 
Lecture Series, which brought executives from the Federal Reserve 
Bank and The Conference Board to campus, and he and Irene 
together planned and executed annually a trip for students to the 
Hilton Head Ethics Symposium in the fall and to New York (to study 
international relations) or to Washington, DC, (to study business and 
society) in May Term. The article which follows shows the excitement 
Gordon himself felt overthese educational ventures off campus, and 
his words, describing this experience which he designed for his 
students, provide his most moving epitaph. 

V lew /rom 

'^^ Capitol 

BY Gordon Hammock 

At 8:00 a.m. sharp on 
May 15, 15 students 
from my Business and 
Society class took off 
from Staunton for 
four days in 
Washington, DC. 
Why Washington? 

The Business and Society course 
concentrates on the relationship of 
business, pubhc pohcy and society at 
large. Increasing demands are being 
made upon businesses by society, whose 
will is expressed through legislation 
and enforcement. To understand this 
process, the course examines high 
profile issues in which stakeholders 
(private companies, consumers, media, 
politicians and regulatory bodies, 
employees and boards of directors ) hold 
a particular point of view and lobby for 
their position. The government, 
particularly the federal government, 
traditionally represents a different 

(public policy) point ofview and lobbies 
for its position through its agencies. 

In order to observe the process 
first-hand, it made sense to select a 
highly controversial issue and visit 
Washington to determine the 
position of various parties on that 
issue. We chose telecommunications. 
Few industries today, with the 
exception perhaps of tobacco, involve 
as many stakeholders. We looked 
especially at the in-fighting over 
implementation of Congress' 1996 
National Telecommunications Act, 
visiting private and government 
agencies who held differing positions. 

Imagine how surprised we were when 
the major implementation decisions 
(some call them landmark decisions) 
were handed down by the FCC on 
the Wednesday morning we were in 

Monday, May 15 

Our first visit was scheduled for GTE 
at 12 noon. There our host, Gordon 
Maxson, director of federal regulatory 
affairs, had arranged a fabulous lunch for 
us. While we dined at a gleaming 
conference table, eight GTE 
representatives from various branches of 

continued on page 19 

The Maky Baldwin College Magazine • Fall 1997 

news bytes 

MBC Impacts Local Community 
In a Big Way 

Mary Baldwin's students, faculty, staff, 
parents and visitors boost the local 
economy by more than $25 million, 
according to the 1996-97 Community 
Impact Study conducted by Jacqui EUiott- 
Wonderley, MBC director of volunteers, 
and the MBC Institutional Research 
Office. The study showed that MBC's 
students, employees and 21,429 visitors 
spent an estimated $16,931,178 in 
Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta 
County in 1996-97. MBC's constituency 
was also responsible for nearly $8.5 million 
in indirect spending, resulting in a total 
impact of $25,396,767. 

ElUott-Wonderley said that most 
universities only look at the economic 
impact on the local economy. "We wanted 
to spend time looking at more than just 
dollars spent." The Impact Study, 
conducted about every seven years, showed 
that MBC sponsored more than 1 00 public 
events in the area and that college 
employees and students contributed over 
12,000 hours of community service in the 
Shenandoah Valley. MBC employees also 
donated nearly $300,000 in charitable gifts 
in the valley. Data for the Impact Study 
came from surveys given to MBC students, 
faculty and staff. 

"We already know that the community 
is supportive of Mary Baldwin," said EUiott- 
Wonderley. "We're glad to see that this is 
also a two-way street. We feel good that 
we're making such a positive impact on 
the local area." 

ADP Teams with Roanoke 
Citizens to Form Higher 
Education Center 

Mary Baldwin College is part of a public- 
private team helping to establish a Higher 
Education Center in downtown Roanoke, 
VA. MBC President Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
joined a group of private Roanoke citizens, 
Virginia state officials and four other 
Virginia colleges to announce the plans 

for the center in August. Although the 
Mary Baldwin College campus is located 
over 100 miles away from Roanoke, MBC 
has been a major player in Roanoke's 
higher education for 13 years. Mary 
Baldwin's Roanoke Regional Adult Degree 
Program office, established in 1984, is 
popular among local residents who want 
to finish a degree started years ago, change 
career paths, or earn credentials leading to 
career advancement. 

According to Dan Dowdy, assistant 
professor of business administration and 
an advisor in the ADP Roanoke Regional 
Center, this team effort represents "broad 
community support for providing a Higher 
Education Center which delivers a 
spectrum of degrees in one central location. 
This is a great example of the public and 
private sector working together to deliver 
a much needed service." 

55-Year-Old William Wayt King 
Building Modernized for Students' 
Return to Campus 

Over 100 faculty, staff, students and 
community friends joined MBC President 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson to tour the newly 
renovated William Wayt King Building 
in August. Built to house a gym and 
swimming pool in 1 942, the King Building 
was renovated over the summer into an 
air-conditioned residential and conference 
facility. The King Building now houses 53 
students in 27 rooms during the school 
year, and the facility will expand MBC's 
ability to host programs, conferences and 
seminars throughout the year. 

Doenges Scholar Duo Packs One- 
Two Literary Punch 

MBC's Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges 
Scholars for 1997-98, novelist Lee Smith 
and her husband, journalist Hal Crowther, 
will be on campus from November 17 to 
21 sharing their talents with students and 
faculty and presenting a public lecture. 

Lee Smith is widely regarded as one of 
the top chroniclers of the fictional South 
and has been referred to as "the bard of 
Appalachia." She has written 12 novels 
and two short story collections and has 

served as professor of creative writing at 
North Carolina State University since 

Hal Crowther has served as a staff 
writer at TIME and as an associate editor 
for Newsweek. He published a collection 
of his essays, Unarmed But Dangerous, 
through Longstreet Press in 1995. His 
syndicated column has been based at The 
Independent in Durham, NC, since 1989. 
Crowther and Smith live in Hillsborough, 
NC. They will return to campus during 
May Term for a series of lectures and 
public presentations. 

Public-Private Partnerships: MBC 
Offers Educational Services to 
Corporate World 

ADP Assistant Professor of Business 
Administration Dan Dowdy has been 
named director of corporate education for 
Mary Baldwin. During the 1997-98 term. 
Dowdy will conduct a feasibility study to 
determine how MBC can become more 
involved in helping businesses and 
organizations meet the educational and 
training needs of their employees. The 
goal of the corporate education venture is 
to make MBC resources available to enable 
adults to grow as continuous learners and 
to enable businesses to thrive as learning 
organizations. Dowdy will remain on the 
Adult Degree Program faculty in Roanoke 
while serving in this new capacity. 

The Mary Baldwin College Magazine 

uphold the Ucufs and rcguCations of the ^M>r^ T^al 
T rccogniEC the principles of hotior ancf cooperation 

ife together antf sfiall en ^ ^IL ^jZEM^mMi ''.! 
antf to encourage otFi^^*^-^^**'*'**^^^^^^" ^ 

Charter D; 


19 9 7 

On Charter Day The Honor Pledge 

is signed by new students and 

upperclass students and faculty reaffirm 

their support of the honor system. 



ix^bc tt: 

From MBC Political Science Major 

to Wall Street Snoop 

La Femme NiKiTA she is not. 

"Those stereotypes of stiletto heels, 
fishnet stockings and sunglasses are not 
the reality of being a woman investigator," 
says Ann Petro Hayes '81. "1 was wearing 
white bucks when 1 was tracing heroin on 
my first DEA job in New York City, and I 
shop at Talbots now." 

Ann Hayes is the CEO of Strang Hayes 
Consulting, Inc., a New York-based firm 
that specializes in investigating corporate 
espionage and other white collar crimes, 
helping businesses deal with drug abuse in 
the workplace, and providing security 
support to international clients. 

She speaks with me from her mid- 

town Manhattan office, her desk strewn 
with client files and photos of her family. 
No computer crowds her desk, j ust a phone . 

The intercom buzzes. 

"It's the mayor on line three," says the 

Hayes: "Do you mind if I take this?" 

Me: "I'll hold." Of course. 

Hayes has been appointed to the 
mayor's Task Force on Police Brutality. 
She is an expert in her field, and often 
appears on CNN, CNBC, FOX and other 
major networks to discuss security 
concerns, bombings and drug issues. 

She doesn't look like a gum shoe with 
her wavy blonde hair and southern smile, 

BY Whitney T. Espich 

but she is. In 1981, fresh out 
of Mary Baldwin College with 
a political science degree, 
South Carolina-born Hayes 
joined the police force in 
Roanoke, VA. 

"I was always interested 
in law. I took several pre-law 
courses at MBC, but decided 
against going back to school. I 
thought that becoming a 
police officer would get me in 
on the ground level of law 
enforcement, so 1 worked as a 
uniformed police officer for 
two years. 1 drove a patrol car, 
had a district and learned a 
lot. While 1 was on the Vice 
Squad in Roanoke, 1 worked 
with the federal Drug 
Enforcement Agency (DEA) . At that time, 
1983, the DEA was not a household name 
like it is now, but I liked that kind of 
work." So when some jobs opened up, she 

There were 400 open positions and 
over 40,000 applicants for those slots. 
Ann was admitted to the DEA Basic Agent 
Training School in Glynco, GA, and was 
the first woman to graduate at the top of 
her class. "After that 1 became a special 
agent and requested work in New York 
City. I had never been to New York 
before. I think the hardest part was living 
there on only $17,000 that first year!" 

In New York she worked with the 
DEA's Eastern District Conspiracy group 


IN College Magazine 

as an undercover street agent. After 
several years of this work, Hayes was 
infiltrating a group of drug dealers with 
mob connections when she learned that 
her cover had been blown. The DEA 
gave Hayes a choice: transfer out of New 
York or take an executive position. Hayes 
took the desk job. In 1989, she and a 
DEA colleague started Strang Hayes 
Consulting, Inc. 

"We started the business to help 
companies with employee problems," says 
Hayes. "Most negative issues in the 
workplace have to do with drug or alcohol 
problems. The business has evolved over 
time, and now we deal with a wide 
spectrum of corporate security needs." 

In her role as corporate educator, 
Hayes has designed programs to prevent 
and resolve workplace issues such as 
inventory loss, corruption, sexual 
harassment, workplace violence and 
workers' compensation fraud. 

Hayes has just returned from 
conducting a week of special training 
sessions for the New York Yankees 
baseball franchise. Says Hayes, "We 
worked with their minor league players, 
educating them on different topics, 
letting them know how to get help with 
problems before they get out of control. 

"I also recently worked with Pfizer, 
a company concerned about their 
female employees who ride the subway 
to work. Personal safety is a big issue." 

And of course, Strang Hayes still 
does security work for corporate clients 
at risk from international terrorism. They 
have even been asked to confidentially 
track down missing children for high 
profile executives and celebrities. 

From 9 to 5 Hayes operates a 
sophisticated dragnet, but after hours and 
on weekends she is a wife as well as mother 
to three step-daughters and a new baby 
boy named Sam. If that isn't hectic enough, 
her family lives in Pennsylvania. 

"My husband and I worked really 
hard to make this commuter marriage 
work," says Hayes. "Sam and I live in the 
city during the week. He wakes up at 6 
a.m. each morning, so I do, too. We go to 
Central Park or play for awhile in the 
mornings. His nanny arrives at 8:30 a.m.. 

and then 1 head to work. We have dinner 
and more playtime in the evenings. The 
week passes quickly. 

"Then on Friday Sam and I return to 
Pennsylvania and the farm. We rejoin 
the family, and I take care of goats and 
sheep and chickens and things. My 
husband and I always wish we had more 
time together, and that is a good feeling. 

"Throughout my career I have 
always been in a man's job," says Hayes. 
"I'm probably the only woman to 
graduate from Mary Baldwin and 
become a cop. But I am not a 'hear me 
roar' kind of woman. This career is 
about being realistic and taking skills 
and using them in a way that helps to 
advance me and my goals. 

"I think the independence I achieved 
while at Mary Baldwin has been helpful," 
says former Student Government 
Association president Hayes. "The way 

we lived at Mary Baldwin helped cement 
my personal sense of integrity." 

She adds, "One of my step-daughters' 
friends is looking seriously at Mary 
Baldwin, and I am proud of that. 1 like to 
think that she sees me as a role model and 
wants what Mary Baldwin College gave to 
me for herself." 

Hayes is currently a consultant to 
television producers creating a show 
centered around a female DEA agent. 
"They want to create a woman detective 
role that is realistic, not the stereotypical 
glamour-type," says Hayes. 

The producers want realism — like a 
woman detective with four kids and a 
commuter marriage who divides her time 
between raising sheep and raising Cain for 

To Ann Petro Hayes, this is business 
as usual. 

Ann Petro and her son Sam investigating the sheep on her farm in Pennsylvania. 

The MARr Baldwi.m College Maoa 




_.:• ■'^'C:^^"^^^ 


A TERRIBLE STORM onjune 15, 1844, 
made attendance sparse at the 
cornerstone laying ceremony for Augusta 
Female Seminary's first permanent 
building. The ceremony took place 
anyway in the Presbyterian Church* 
whose congregation had donated an 
adjoining piece of land for the building. 

The Staunton Spectator reported that 
the following items were placed in the 
cornerstone by the Reverend Francis 
McFarland, president of the Board of 
Trustees for the school: "The Staunton 
Spectator, newspaper of the week; a 
copper plate with a record of the 
ceremony; a Record of the Trustees, 
Officers, and Pupils, with the names of 
the Architect, Stonecutter, Mason, and 
Carpenter; the Holy Bible, enclosed in 
oil silk, with the superscription 'The 
only Rule of Faith, and the First 
Textbook of the Augusta Female 
Seminary.'" Unfortunately for historians, 
the newspaper did not report the names 
of the architect, stonecutter, mason or 

When construction of the Main 
Building (now known as the 
Administration Building) began in 1 844, 
the Stuart Addition neighborhood where 
the school is located was fairly young. 
The area had developed on steep land 
donated to the town by Judge Archibald 
Stuart in 1803. At the time, the 
neighborhood contained one mansion, 
known as "Hill Top" (now used as a 
residence hall for Mary Baldwin College ) , 
and numerous frame and brick houses 
much more modest in size. 

* This church was located on Frederick Street next to where 
the Administration Building is today. It was not known as 
the First Presbyterian Church until the establishment of an 
additional Presbyterian congregation in 1875. 

The Staunton Academy was remodeled in 
1855 to look like the Main Building of 
Augusta Female Seminary, 

Early views of Staunton, even those 
as late as the 1850s, show that most of 
the existing houses were located in low- 
lying areas with few on hilltops. This 
was due to the need for water, which was 
supplied primarily by public water pumps 
scattered about town in low-lying areas. 
Water had to be transported by buckets 
from these pumps to homes, and for most 
of the Stuart Addition neighborhood, 
that meant climbing some of the 
steepest hills in Staunton. 


In 1844, Staunton was already 
well on its way toward becoming 
an educational center. The 
Staunton Academy had been 
established in 1792 as one of the 
first private boys' schools in the 
Shenandoah Valley. The Virginia 
School for the Deaf and Blind, one of 
the earliest such institutions of its kind 
in the nation, was founded in 1839. The 
Virginia Female Seminary (now known 
as Stuart Hall School) opened in 1844- 
There were other schools as well, 
including the long-gone Wesleyan 
Female Institute and The Staunton 
Female Seminary. 

The architecture of ancient Greece 
served as the inspiration for the design 
of the Main Building. The Greek Revival 
style, which was sweeping the country at 
the time, had grown out of the classical 
tradition of architecture popularized in 
Virginia by the work of Thomas Jefferson. 

Although Jefferson favored the Ties With The Stauntoii Academy 

architecture of ancient Rome over that 

of Greece, the Greek Revival style took A number of ties existed between 

precedence in Virginia during the 1840s the Augusta Female Seminary and The 

and 1850s. Robert Mills, who served as a Staunton Academy, an all-male school 

draftsman for Monticello, and several located nearby at the corner of New and 

contractors who worked for Jefferson on Academy Streets. Several of the trustees, 

the construction of The University of principals and teachers at The Staunton 

Virginia helped to popularize the revival Academy were connected with either 

ofGreek and Roman architectural styles, the Presbyterian Church and/or with 

Though built in the Greek Revival style, the Augusta Female Seminary, which 

the Main Building for the Augusta was started by the church. The Waddell 

Female Seminary followed the family, active members of the 

Jeffersonian tradition of using classically Presbyterian Church, were extremely 

inspired architecture for public buildings, influential in the creation and operation 

institutions and schools. of Augusta Female Seminary, and they 

As originally constructed, the Main had family members who were actively 


Building was a temple 
form brick structure faced with a two- 
story portico supported by four Doric 
columns. Like other similar buildings of 
the era, the columns were constructed of 
brick, then stuccoed to resemble stone. 
The building's location on the slope of a 
steep hillside added to the desired 
impression of an ancient Greek temple 
perched on an acropolis. The new 
building's main room on the first floor 
was a lecture room, and use of the space 
was shared between the school and the 
neighboring Presbyterian Church. There 
were no living quarters for faculty or 
students in this building. 



»^5W^ V 

In December 1912, President-elect 
Woodrow Wilson addressed a crowd from 
the front portico of the Main Building 

involved with The Staunton Academy. 
James G. Waddell was a joint principal 
of the Academy during the early 19th 
century, and Lyttleton Waddell, Sr. 
began service as joint principal of the 
school beginning in 1833, remaining for 
more than 20 years. Rev. Joseph Smith, 
pastor of Staunton's Presbyterian 
Church from 1826 to 1832, served as 
principal of The Staunton Academy. 

Perhaps due to these ties. The 
Staunton Academy was remodeled in 
1855 in a fashion which mimicked the 
original building of the Augusta Female 
Seminary. It is also possible that the 
same architect may have worked on both 
buildings, or that some of the 

architectural drawings for the Seminary 
may have been shared with the 
Academy. In any case, the result of the 
remodeling of the Staunton Academy 
Building created a building which looked 
remarkably similar to the Main Building 
of the Seminary as it was originally built 
(before the wings were added during the 
1854-1857 period). It is interesting to 
note that every major school built during 
the first half of the 19th century in 
Staunton was designed in the Greek 
Revival style, a precedent established in 
Staunton by the Main Building of the 
Augusta Female Seminary. 

Dabney Cosby was a builder and 
brick manufacturer in Staunton who 
later became a well-known architect. 
Cosby owned a great deal of real estate 
in Staunton, including the property on 
which the Main Building of Mary 
Baldwin College now stands. He 
purchased the land in 1818 just after the 
Presbyterian Church had been 
completed on the adjoining lot, and he 
may well have designed the church. 
Church records say that "a high fence 
within a few yards of the church formed 
the western boundary of the lot. The 
space between the church and New 
Street, used for some years as a brick- 
yard, was not enclosed till 1841." Since 
Cosby owned and operated a brickyard 
in Staunton, this may have been the 
location of his principal business 
enterprise. The church purchased this 
land, which was described as "previously 
rugged and unsightly." Given all these 
connections, there is a good possibility 
that Dabney Cosby was the architect of 
the Main Building. 

Cosby later moved away from 
Staunton, but continued to own property ,i 
in the Stuart Addition neighborhodd 
for many years and periodically returned 
to visit. During his extremely productive i 
career, Cosby designed and constructed 
numerous schools, public buildings and 
houses throughout Virginia and Norths 

On August 21, 1852, the' 
congregation of the Presbyterian Church i 
approved a request by the Seminary toi 
extend their building "providing such! 
addition does not extend the building' 
more than twenty five feet in the 
direction of the Church." Construction 
of the wings took place between 1854 
and 1857, after many delays caused by a 
lack of adequate funding. The twc 
flanking wings with their pedimentec 
gable-ends dramatically changed the 
facade, making it look less like a twin tc , 
the newly remodeled Stauntor 

Ham and Jam 

The Main Building received a serie: 
of facelifts during the three decade: 
following the Civil War. Under thf 
leadership of the school's principal. Mar 
Julia Baldwin, and her assistant, Agne- 
McClung (who was related to thi 
Waddell family), Augusta Femah 
Seminary experienced enormous growtlj 
and change. The property across th! 
street from the original Presbyteriai 
Church was acquired by Miss Baldwii 
and given to the church in 1871 n' 
exchange for their old church building 
She made additions and alterations t^ 


An early view of the campus. Main Building Is the second building from the left. To the nght of It is the original Presbyterian Church, which 
was torn down in 1962. 

lu t luirch building and to the original 
>JiiHil building. She also built many 
iicu' structures for the school. 

The Main Building and the sloping 
lillside in front were transformed by 
Vliss Baldwin beginning around 1870. 
Trees were planted and cast iron urns 
illcd with flowers were placed along 
irick walkways. A pair of tiered 
(Hintains with goldfish and aquatic 
slants flanked the entrance walk. A 
.cciind story walkway extended across 
he top middle section of the Main 
^11 1 kling to provide access between the 
i\'(i wings of the building. Additional 
halites were made by 1880 when the 
jecond story walkway was removed, 
ind a small cast iron balcony was added 
ibove the entrance door. A huge glass- 
mclosed conservatory 
:o\ered the facade of 
he western wing. It was 
luring this time that a 
^air of terra cotta dogs, 
vhich have since 
lecome symbolic of the 
chool, were placed on 
■ither side of the 
tairway leading to the front portico. 

Sculptures of dogs were popular 
;arden ornaments in the United States 
lurinL; the second half of the 19th 
:entury, usually used to flank entrance 
teps to houses where they would 
.greet" guests. Similar examples in 
./irginia include Centre Hill Mansion 
n Petersburg, which has a pair of marble 
;reyhounds flanking the entrance stair, 
ind President John Tyler's home, 
Sherwood Forest, which has a pair of 
,;ast iron dogs guarding the entrance 
(teps. It is believed that Mary Julia 
Baldwin, a lover of dogs, was responsible 
|or placing these terra cotta canines in 
ront of the Main Building around 1870, 
hortly after a new balustrade and new 
;ntrance steps were constructed. 
Throughout the years, these dogs have 
)een given a variety of names by the 
tudent body, from "Caesar and 
'ompey" to the present names of "Ham 
ind Jam." At some point, "Ham" and 
Jam" were painted, probably to protect 
he porous terra cotta dogs from the 
;lements. Sometime during the 1940s, 
I couple of mischievous boys hauled off 
jne of the dogs and stuffed the hollow 
nterior with explosives, leading to the 
lestruction of the dog. Using the 

surviving terra cotta dog as a model, 
Virginia Metalcrafters of Waynesboro, 
VA, cast replacements for both dogs 
out of cast iron. 

In 1910, McClung Residence Hall 
was constructed behind the Main 
Building, and the following year, a 
gallery was built which joined the two 

Historic Events 

Two of the most significant events 
in the history of Mary Baldwin College 
have taken place from the Greek 
Revival style front portico of the Main 
Building. Staunton's favorite son. 
President-elect Woodrow Wilson, gave 
an address on this site in 
December of 1912. His 
father had served as pastor 
of the Presbyterian Church 
while it stood next door, and 
the future president had 
been baptized there. On 
October 2 1 , 1960, President 
Dwight D. Eisenhower, 
whose mother was from 
Augusta County, also spoke to the 
citizens of Staunton from this portico. 
If the cornerstone could only be 
located so that its contents could 
"speak," or if "Ham" and "Jam" could 
only talk to us about the time they have 
spent guarding the entrance — what 
more might we learn ? What we do know 
is that from the very beginning, the 
Augusta Female Seminary was breaking 
new ground in the area of education for 
women. We also know that the design 
for the Main Building served as the 
inspiration for the design for other 
schools in Staunton. We do not know 
where many of the school's early 
records are. We do not know with 
certainty the names of the Main 
Building's architect, stone cutter, mason 
or carpenter. We are still searching for 
the cornerstone. So, there 
are still secrets to be 
discovered about the 
school and its first 
permanent building, 
which was such 
a trendsetter 
when it was 
more than 150 
years ago. 

Ham and Jam Hunker Down for 

A $10 million gift from an anonymous donor has 
allowed Mary Baldwin to begin preservation, 
rehabilitation and modernization of two of the 
oldest, most historically significant buildings on 
campus, the Administration Building and 
McClung Hall. 

The Administration Building houses the 
offices of the president, dean of the college, dean 
of students, and dean of admissions and financial 
aid. McClung Hall is attached to the north side of 
Administration and connected by a wide two-story 
passageway. Throughout most of Its existence, 
McClung has served a mixed use as dormitory 
and office space. 

Since little documentation of the two 
buildings exists, architects conducted extensive 
on-site investigations into their structural 
conditions before drawing up plans. This Included 
cutting holes In finished surfaces along with core 
sampling and testing of existing materials. 

The Administration Building is in need of 
structural repair as well as rehabilitation. The 
project will stabilize the building, replace the 
mechanical and electrical systems, and provide 
new paint and floor coverings. The heating 
system will be replaced, and the existing stairs 
at the west end of the building will be reworked 
for use as exit stairs. According to the architect, 
Philip Renfrew, "The primary goal and one of the 
most significant challenges of the project is to 
maintain and expand vital college functions 
within the historic framework. We want to 
continue the building's use as the first point of 
contact with visitors, prospective students, and 
families, to retain Its function as the 'front door' 
for the campus." 

Work on McClung Hall will include 
Installation of additional stairs and a fire wall to 
meet fire code requirements; complete 
replacement of electrical, heating, and plumbing 
systems. Including addition of air conditioning; 
renovation of bathrooms to current standards; 
major repair of Interior walls; and replacement of 
doors, windows, frames, trim and Interior finishes. 

A portion of the $10 million gift has been 
set aside to cover 50 percent of the $3.75 million 
cost of the project. The balance of the funding Is 
being raised from alumnae and friends of the 
college, corporations and foundations. The Mary 
Morton Parsons Foundation of Richmond, VA, is 
one of the foundations that has responded to the 
donor's challenge, providing a grant of $300,000 
toward the project. 

Work on the buildings began In August and 
Is expected to be completed In the summer of 

1998. The college plans to formally 
rededicate the Administration Building 
after the modernization and 

preservation project is complete. 


Y Sarah O'Connor 

What is public but private? What is 
mi litary but not military ? What is part of 
Mary Baldwin's traditional program and 
apart from it? 

VWIL - the Virginia Women's 
Institute for Leadership. Yes, it is still 
going, and yes! it is going strong. Forty- 
five new "nulls" arrived on August 18 to 
try on jackets and moan over baggy 
uniform pants. By comparison, VMl 
attracted 30 freshmen women. 

VWIL is not an easy program. 
Admissions reps say this to interested 
women right up front. They want to 
make sure applicants know what they're 
getting in for. They will be prepared as 
leaders in a variety of fields. This will 
involve being stretched physically and 
academically. They will have to learn to 
micro-manage their time. They will 
struggle to fit in all their requirements in 
four years. They will have to take on 
challenges and push themselves beyond 
what they thought possible. And still 
they come. 

Only three applicants this year 
applied to both VWIL and VMI. They 
all chose VWIL. It's a style thing. MBC 
President Cynthia H. Tyson told VWIL 
parents, "This is a program designed by 
women for women. It is unique, not like 
leadership programs at any other colleges, 
not like programs at any military 
colleges." Col. Al Moyer from the Air 
Force attachment at VMI added, "It is 
leadership training that is very different 
from VMI." While VMI and VWIL 
cooperate in many ways and have 
maintained an excellent relationship, 
the two programs do attract different 
kinds of students. 

"VMI breaks students down and then 
builds them up, "said VWIL junior Sherri 
Sharpe after observing both programs 
over the past two years. "VWIL starts 
from where students are and helps them 
continue to grow." 

"We are not tied to tradition and can 
look at a variety of ways of developing 
leaders and a variety of styles and skills that 
experts believe will be needed in the future," 
said VWIL Director Brcnda Bryant. 

"We develop the whole person. We 
encourage students to remove the limits 
so there's an encouragement to be what 
you want to be, a value in being risk 
takers, experimenting. That is not VMI. 
They build leadership skills, but not in 
the same way we do. They would not say 
they encourage people to take risks, to 
push, to challenge social convention. 
That's us! We're the opposite — defy 
convention, do it your way, don't let 
tradition dictate who you're going to be. 
Start new traditions on your own." 

Nothing has come easy for VWIL. It 
has faced an uphill battle from its 
beginning when it set out in 1995 to be 
a single-sex, publicly funded leadership 
program that offered a legal alternative 
to a coed VMI. After a protracted court 
battle, the Supreme Court ruled in 1996 
that an alternative program for women 
was not acceptable: VMI must go coed. 

In the end, this has proved a happy 
solution for VWIL, giving it the freedom 
to continue developing in its own way 
without legal strictures. It does mean, 
though, that the college will have to 
seek alternative sources of funding, since 
VMI Foundation support of $273,125 
per year will end in 1999. On the other 
hand, Mary Baldwin's contract with the 
Commonwealth of Virginia continues. 
This year there is a subsidy of $7,464 for 
each state resident in the program. 

A committee made up of seven 
MBC faculty and staff members and a 
student designed the program, basing 
it on the latest research on leadership 
development and single-sex education 
for women. They envisioned a holistic 
program with four parts: academic, 
physical education, military (ROTC), 
and co-curricular. The academic part 
includes the standard liberal arts 
requirements, plus additional 
requirements in math, lab sciences, 
foreign languages, and computers. It 
also includes four leadership courses: 
leadership communications; history and 
theories of leadership; ethics, 
community, and leadership; and a 
seminar on the practice of leadership. 

The program is designed to begin for 
freshmen in August with three days of 
wilderness training focused on building 
teamwork and self-confidence. 

According to Bryant, VWIL has 
continued to be true to its original design 
with the primary changes being additions 
to the curriculum. Because students tend 
to latch on to military drill and uniforms 
as a form of identity, Bryant feels that 
part of her job is to keep the military in 
balance. "The program has a tendency 
to gravitate toward things military. I'm a 
more moderating influence on that. My 
job is to keep a bigger picture, to make 
sure it is a multi-dimensional program." 

Why include the military at all, 
especially now that VWIL is free from 
court scrutiny? Bryant said, "In order to 
really make this a comprehensive 
leadership program, you need an 
experiential element that includes a 
number of things. The military 
component is a strong one: lots of hands 
on, lots of action, lots of getting out 
there and doing it. It is excellent 
preparation for students who choose 
military careers, but also excellent 
leadership preparation for all women 
regardless of career choice." 

Junior Jennifer Vergne said she thinks 
ROTC contributes a great deal to the 
program. It teaches the chain of 
command and discipline, as well as 
stressing academics. It also provides many 
opportunities to practice leadership. 

Irene Covert from Yorktown, VA, 
whose husband recently retired from the 
Army, watched as her daughter Vanessa 
tried on hats on her first morning at the 
college. Too small, too large. Vanessa is 
their first child to go off to college. They 
like the program because it offers the 
benefits of the military without having 
to attend an all-military school. Vanessa 
said, "I wanted a program that would 
help instill discipline and structure. I do 
better with my academics if everything is 
in place." She received information about 
VWIL in the mail, then visited overnight. 
The camaraderie among the students 
was what impressed her the most. 

Tut Mary Baldwin Coi.i.egf. MAOAzrNE 


On the nulls' first day at MBC, Dean 
James Lott told parents, "Your daughters 
are probably going to say they're stretched, 
but we offer a tremendous amount of 
support and advice and nurturing. Each 
student has a faculty advisor and a peer 
advisor. VWIL is an extension of the 
mission Mary Baldwin has always had to 
prepare women leaders, but VWIL 
heightens and intensifies that mission." 

VWIL parents will meet three more 
times during the year to hear updates 
and discuss concerns. "This is our chance 

to work with you as part of the team 
working with your daughters," Bryant 
told them. 

VWIL students choose a major just 
like any other Mary Baldwin student. 
Jennifer Vergne's is political science. 
She wants a nonmilitary career and is 
considering law school. She likes the 
challenges in the program. "I think I will 
be prepared for whatever job I end up 
with," she said. "I've had a lot more 
leadership opportunities than my friends 
outside the program, like holding rank 

in the Corps of Cadets and being 
responsible for public relations for VWIL, 
being a squad leader, and being a platoon 
sergeant. I've also been on the Conduct 
Council." The toughest part of the 
program has been fitting in all the 
academic requirements. This semester 
she is taking 21 credit hours — two 
political science courses, plus American 
Congress, International Affairs, 
psychology, a leadership course, and 
Army ROTC. 

There has been discussion of 
lightening the academic requirements, 
for instance doing away with the calculus 
requirement; but faculty have opposed 
this, contending that academic rigor is 
part of what the program is. They say 
compromise would mean losing the 
specialness of the program. 

The founding class, now juniors, 
represents a variety of disciplines, but most 
are in nontraditional fields for women: 
science, math, business, politics. Eight plan 
to commission as officers in the military; the 
other 17 want nonmilitary careers. Bryant 
said, "The best thing about VWIL is the 
students who are in it. They're high energy 
and fun and challenging in all sorts of ways. 
They have an enthusiasm about life that 
makes being around them very exciting. 
They make it fun. Even their problems. 
They learn so much from engaging their 
problems. That's what makes me committed 
to the program. They are the program." 

The students' third day at the college 
brings a steady, drenching rain. Vanessa 
has found a hat, but it rides on her ears, 
and it will be six weeks before the right 
size comes in. Neither this nor the rain 
bring her spirits down, though. She and 
the other 44 nulls are preparing to take 
off for their wilderness training in the 
Allegheny Mountains — hiking, 
rappelling, kayaking, ropes courses; 
sweat, blisters, aching muscles, lousy food. 
This is what these VWIL students asked 
for; this is what they want. They're ready. 

The Mary Baldwin College Magazine 



m^. '^'SMmm 





changing times 

Contributions to Mary Baldwin College • July 1, 1996 - June 30, 1997 

ncil.' 1 lie toughesL 
■ im ha'^ been fittinj.' 

cments. Thi> semeste) 


■'e opposei 

X99 I 

Message from the President 

. • rr ThPTP are mam ways to view the growth of an 

connection between the fast, the present and the future. 

• ^7 ..p lf\ fun to see how much we ve changed 

and tofeer into tiose ydh-^ed future '""^^^f'' '""'ZZm preparatory M 
Mary lu^in te .nte a Ion, ^ay iunn.tb. .ntuy fi^ f Son,, lin,, 

them serviceable for the 21st century. 


1QQA Q7n,calvear the Annual Fund raised '1,265,000, suipasstngw 

Countdown to 2UUU L^Muenge. „„j^finn v we were able to meet 

frund. students, faculty, staff, ''^t'r''r;:ti::nlS^ I Annual Fund 
our anonymous donor's cUlen.e to ratse ^"f ^" '""^^^ Baldwin ■.,,>, 
Our anonymous donor matched th,s increase 1. 1 and presented y 

an additional '50,000. 

a return. Thankyou for your generosity. 


X^ J. tL/*OU 

Cynthia H. Tyson 

Contributions tc 


Baldwin College • July 1. 

1996 - June 30, 



The Annual Fund is made up of thousands of contributions, large 
and small, which go toward the general operations of the college. 
Annual Fund contributions constitute more than half of all 
contributions made to the college each year. 

Annual Fund Awards 

Through these class awards, we recognize the enthusiastic support of 
our alumnae for Mary Baldwin College. The awards are presented 
annually at Founders' Day and are named in honor of past 
presidents of Mary Baldwin College. Class representatives accept 
the awards on behalf of their classes. 

We commend the classes listed below tor their outstanding 
loyalty to the Annual Fund and to Mary Baldwin. 

The Fraser Bowl 
Class of 1946 

Awarded to the class presenting the largest gift to the 1996-97 
Annual Fund, the Fraser Bowl was secured by the Class ot 1946, 
which contributed '69,829 this year. 

The Lewis Platter 
Class of 1947 

Awarded to the Class of 1947, the Lewis Platter recognizes the class 
with the largest increase over its previous year's gift. The Class of 
1947 contributed '24,428 more this year than in 1995-96. 

The Jarman Cup 
Class of 1947 

The Jarman Cup is presented to the class demonstrating the highest 
level of participation in the Annual Fund. An outstanding 70" of the 
Class of 1947 contributed to the Annual Fund during 1996-97. 

The Spencer Pitcher 
Class of 1957 

The Class of 19S7 received the Spencer Pitcher for attaining the 
highest percentage increase in participation from the 1995-96 
Annual Fund year to the 1996-97 year . This class increased its 
participation from 28"'' to 62*. 

Top Ten Classes 

Jn Dollars Contributed 

In Percent Participation 

1946 - '69,829 

1947 - 70"* 

1966 -'60,331 

1952 - 63''" 

1947 - '58,953 

1957 - 62'* 

1963 - '39,313 

1942 - 58'* 

1969 - '36,393 

1956 - 58"" 

1943 -'33,747 

1939 - 56'" 

1967 - '.32,337 

1940 - 53""' 

1954 - '.32,165 

1949 - 53'"' 

1982 - '28,445 

1945 - 50'"' 

1944 - '24,000 

1948 - 50''' 


Tuition and Fees ^^rf^^^ XW/Vy/ y 

Annual Fund 

Gifts & Grants 

Room and Board 


Tuition and Fees '13,494,951 

Room and Board =5,392,865 

Annual Fund '1,265,268 

Gifts and Grants 57,211,048 

Endowment Income '735,751 

Government Grants '888,330 

Other 5296,849 

Net Gain on Endowment '3,555,603 

Total Income =32^840, 665 


Academic Instruction and Research '6,570,711 

Scholarships and Fellowships '5,553,923 

Institutional Support '4,310,517 

Student Services '1,795,824 

Operation and Maintenance of Plant '2,105,238 

Staff Benefits '1,217,648 

Academic Support =726,843 

PubUc Services =265,565 

Auxiliary Enterprises '1,823,687 

(residence halls, food services, etc.) 
Debt Service '902,149 

Total Expenditures =25,272,105 

Service Public 











nstructlon and 

op Cjiving Clubs 

The members of these Annual Fund giving clubs provide resources necessary for the vitalit)' of Mary Baldwin College, ensuring that the college continues to 
move forward in her mission of providing innovative, creative programs. The gifts of these donors continue the traditions of the people and places in whose 
honor these societies are named. Yearly, gifts of ^1,000 and more form a strong foundation for the college and encourage other donors to give generously. 
These gifts ensure the legacies of Ruflis W. Bailey and Mary Julia Baldwin for future generations. 

The Rufus W. Bailey Society: 
^20,000 and up 


Mr. & Mrs. Ray Clymer Jr. 
Bertie Murphy Deming '46 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Duff 

(Betty Gray Duff '54) 
Emily W. Hundley '47 
Caroline Rose Hunt '43 
William G. Pannill 
Pamela Stephens Rose '82 
Virginia Foundation for 

Independent Colleges 
Margaret C. Woodson Foundation 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society: 
^1 0,000 -M 9,999 

Claire Lewis Arnold '69 
Miss Douglass Harlan 
Margaret Hunt Hill '37 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Margaret Pollard Rea '46 
Dorothy Cleveland Robb '44 
Mildred Roycroft Teer '44 
Harriette Clarke Thorne '47 

The Hill Top Club: 
=5,000 - =9,999 

Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 

Sara "Sally" Armstrong Bingley '60 

Julie Mays Cannell '70 

Peggy Anderson Carr '67 

Frances Hafer Chiles '55 

Estate of Mrs. Fannie Royster Cooke 

4 The Annual Report 

Ouida Caldwell Davis '51 
Katherine Dyer Dudley '36 
Nancy Rowe Hull '64 
Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 
Kathryn Else Johnson '47 
Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 
Mr. & Mrs. P. William Moore Jr. 
Gale Palmer Penn '63 
M. Elizabeth Preddy '67 
Roanoke Electric Steel Company 
Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 
Mrs. C. Gordon Smith Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. R. R. Smith 
William L. Sudderth 
Synod of the Mid-Atlantic 
Tandy Corporation 
A. Jane Townes '69 
Caroline Murphy Winter '42 

The Founders' Club: 

'2,500 - =4,999 

Sarah Livingston Brown '63 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Mahlon Buck Jr. 

(Elia Durr Buck '50) 
Susan Warfield Caples '60 
Estate of Charles F. Cole 
Robert S. Doenges 
Letia McDaniel Drewry '78 
Mr. & Mrs. Dean S. Edmonds III 

(Lynn Dinger Edmonds '86) 
Mr. & Mrs. Allen M. Ferguson 

(Mary Rutherfoord Mercer Ferguson '63) 
Virginia Hayes Forrest '40 
Patricia Andrew Goodson '51 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon L. Hammock 

(Gordon L. Hammock - D) 
Have A Ball Limited 
Rosa McLauglin Heinsohn '67 
Virginia Eversole Herdman '54 
Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60 
Karen Emmet Hunt '80 
Meredith Jones Johnson '43 
Gail McLennan King '69 
Kuehn Foundation 
R.J. Landin Loderick '86 
Stephen Michael Loderick 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Luck III 
Louise Rossett McNamee '70 
Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 
Margaret Moore '88 
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard V. Peto 
Carol Paul Powell '78 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Rapier 
Mr. & Mrs. William O. Reuther 
Barbara Knisely Roberts '73 
Second Presbyterian Church 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Sharp 
Carol Stewart Shaw '65 
Jane Frances Smith '37 
Janet Russell Steelman '52 
Teresita Zapata Trigo '88 
Cecile Meats Turner '46 
Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 
Valerie Wenger '81 
Lucinda Pina Wilkinson '62 

The President's Associates: 
=1,000 -=2,499 

Brig. General & Mrs. Ernest Adelman 

Carole Lewis Anderson 
Julie Rimmer Applewhite '87 
Betty Wilcox Armstrong '41 
Gordon E. Arnold 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Atchison 
Elizabeth Gulbenk Balentine '80 
Dorothy Seals Ballew '53 
David Paul Barra 
Margaret Barrier '50 
Beverly Estes Bates '64 
Mildred Proffit Batson '43 
Martha Barnett Beal '53 
Julia Carrington Bemis '64 
Lynn Zagora Bender '71 
Montgomery L. Blizard 
Stephanie Carlson Brennan '82 
Ann Cooke Britt '58 
Evelyn Chapman Brown '52 
Jo O'Neal Brueggeman '80 
Gay Gilmore Butler '67 
Eda Hofstead Cabaniss '69 
Margaret Gignilliat Carswell '53 
George Ann Brown Carter '47 
Jean Huffman Carter '81 
Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 
Eloise Clyde Chandler '77 
Betty Martin Close '53 
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin N. Clyde Jr. 
Linda Cochrane '82 
Jacqueline Edwards Cohen '50 
Kelly Andrews Coselli '85 
Marian Hollingsworth Cusac '54 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Dawson 
Ann Bowman Day '74 

Constance Headapohl De Berardinis '54 

Margaret Wren de St. Aubin '81 

James D. Douglas 

Susan Parker Drean '83 

Nancy Mayer Dunbar '60 

Mary Ellen Klllinger Durham '66 

Donna Neudorfer Earp '76 

Walter E. Eckel 

Nancy Morse Evans '71 

Mr. & Mrs. E. B. Fitzgerald 

Mr. & Mrs. Dudley Dean Flanders 

Nancy Guthrie Garrett 

Judy Lipes Garst '63 

Glenda Norris George '66 

Lynn Tuggle Gilliland '80 

Judith Godwin '52 

Jean Grainger '70 

Gordon M. Grant 

Judith Payne Grey '65 

Margaret Troutman Grover '84 

Helen K. Groves 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Halligan 

Alexander Hamilton IV 

Linda Dolly Hammack '62 

Patricia Bilbo Hamp '66 

Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 

Cynthia Luck Haw '79 

Patricia Binkley Haws '69 

Margaret Herscher Hitchman '40 

Virginia Carter Holden '67 

Dell Proctor Hoilstein '47 

Sally Cullum Holmes '60 

Deborah Huffman '84 

Nancy McWhorter Hurley '42 

Onza E. Hyatt 

Mary Beth Baldwin Johnson '78 

Anne McCormack Jones '83 

Dr. May Wells Jones '61 

Sarah Maupin Jones '39 

Ralph W. Kittle 

Constance Detrick Lamons '52 

Marianna Jamison Leach '47 

Constance Atkins Lewallen '72 

Hugh C. Long II 

Lisa Ireland Long '76 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Martin Jr. 

Elizabeth Newman Mason '69 

Charissa Fortner Massie '85 

Alice Wilson Matlock '47 

Ethelyn Jones Maxwell '40 

Laura Atkinson May '47 

Sanford Jones McAllister '80 

Gabrielle Gelzer McCree '83 

Carey Cooley McDaniel '67 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Mclntyre Jr. 

Dr. Margaret McNeese '67 

Jane Miller '76 

Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 

Dorothy Baughn Moore '40 

Elizabeth Gates Moore '81 

Susie Morris '90 

Mary Hornbarger Mustoe '55 

H. E. Neale 

Mariha Anne "Mopsy" Pool Page '48 

U. Colonel Melissa Patrick '78 

Sarah Johnson Pitt '82 

Edmund H. Polonitza 

Mary Pool-Murray 

Dr. Anna Dunson Pressly '69 

Mary Jim Moore Quillen '72 

Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 

Julia "Tee" Pancake Rankin '45 

Margaret Thorn Rawls '69 

Julia Gooch Richmond '34 

Carroll Oliver Roach '84 

H. B. Roberts Jr. 

John G. Rocovich Jr. 

Dr. Sue Ellen Butler Rocovich '67 

Margaret Bryant Rust '73 

C. Lindsay Ryland '73 

Martha Godwin Sanders '48 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry V. Schnabel Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Searle 

Dr. Saundra Eareckson Seifert '84 

The ServiceMaster Company 

Edie Smith Shannon '85 

Shenandoah's Pride Dairy 

Michael M. Sheppard 

Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 

Mary Beth Reed Smyth '47 

Karen Searle Snyder '72 

Patricia Sphar '58 

Mr. & Mrs. A. P. Stover Jr. 

Caroline Struthers '71 

Nancy Owen Stuart '39 

Amy Schnabel Sutton '77 

M. Elizabeth Swope '66 

Judy Spence Tate '73 

Elizabeth Hardin Taylor '48 

Katherine Taylor '78 

Cathy Turner Temple '68 

Michael W. Terry 

Nancy Dana Theus '79 

Dr. Susan F. Thomas '76 

Eugenia "Woo" Wang McCuen 

Thomason '62 
Alice Jones Thompson '40 
Susan Thompson Timmons '64 
Jean Trimble Turner '46 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
Jennifer Mack Urquhart '69 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 
Myrna Williams Vest '47 
Mary Lament Wade '52 
Rudy & Aremita Watson 
Florence Daniels Wellons '60 
Chartotte Wenger '83 
Captain & Mrs. O. C. B. Wev 
Sue McDowell Whitlock '67 
Betsy Berry Williamson '48 
Dr. Heather Wilson 
Neille McRae Wilson '68 
Florence Jeffrey Wingo '41 
Elisabeth Wise '68 
Mary Cronin Wolfe '39 
Claudia Woody '77 
Peyton Wooldridge '68 
Dorothy Jones Wrigley '70 

(D) deceased 


Members of special giving clubs are the pillars of support for the 
Annual Fund. The names of those alumnae, parents and friends who 
are members of each giving club are Usted in each section of the 
Annual Fund component of this report. 

The Rufus W. Bailey Society 

contributions of ^20,000 and up to the Annual Fund 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 
contributions of *10,000 to 
49,999 to the Annual Fund 

The HiU Top Club 
contributions of *5,000 to 
*9,999 to the Annual Fund 

The Founders' Club 
contributions of ^2,500 to 
M,999 to the Annual Fund 

The President's Associates 
contributions of ^1,000 to 
^2,499 to the Annual Fund 

The Ivy Circle 

contributions of '500 to '999 to 

the Annual Fund 

The Colonnade Club 
contributions of '250 to '499 to 
the Annual Fund 

The Columns 

contributions of '100 to '249 to 
the Annual Fund 

The Honor RoU 
contributions of '25 to '99 to 
the Annual Fund 


/loZ 5-YEAR GIVING HISTORY '1,265,268 







1992-93 1993-94 1994-95 1995-96 1996-97 

The Annual Report 

1997 Reunion Giving Program 

The 11 classes who gathered for Reunion 1997 made a significant contribution to the Annual Fund in honor of 
their special year. These classes deserve recognition for contributing a generous total gift in excess of ^200,000. 
Thanks and congratulations go to the classes of 1942, 1947, 1952, 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987 
and 1992 for their hard work. 

Three classes were recognized in particular for their efforts at an awards ceremony during Homecoming 
Weekend. The class of 1947 (50* reunion class) gave the largest class gift and had the highest percentage of 
participation from class members — 70* giving ^58,953. The class of 1957 (40"' reunion class) was recognized 
for having the next highest level of participation during the Homecoming Weekend — 62*. The third honored 
class, 1967 (30"' reunion), was recognized as the class demonstrating the greatest percentage increase in their 
total giving from '18,528 in 1995-96 to '32,337 in their reunion year. 

All of the following classes deserve special thanks for their increased giving this year: 

1 942 

55"' Reunion Ci^iss 
59'' GIVING ^11, 054 

The Hill Top Club 

Caroline Murphy Winter 
The President's Associates 

Nancy McWhorter Hurley 
Ivy Circle 

Sara IVlackey Godehn 
Louise Vandiviere Mashburn 
Eleanor Jamison Supple 
The Colonnade Club 
Margaret Williams Adams 
Anne Hayes Brewer 
Laura Luck Stiles 
The Columns 
Glada Moses Beard 
Hannah Campbell Boatwright 
Carolyn Norton Brushwood 
Betty Moorhead Clayton 
Clara Ayres Duckworth 
Mary Bartenstein Faulkner 
Pearl Epiing Forsey 
Clarissa Shepherd Gaylord 
Elizabeth Wotring Harrison (D) 
Suzanne Hudson MacLeod 
Jane Craig Morrison 
Mildred Hudson Small 
Dr. Leslie Syron 
The Honor Roll 
Carolyn Stehlin Anderson 
Elizabeth McGrath Anthony 
Ann Atwell 

Theressa Mason Axford 
Mary Simpson Bailey 
Mary Lightner Bast 
Margaret Meredith Darden 
Mary Guerrant Dodson 
Elizabeth Leman Dunson 
Jane Harris Gatling 
Inez Jones Hagaman 
Betty Bailey Hall 
Janet Werner Harris 
Nancy Hughes Manson 
Evelyn Engleman Mathews 
Nancy Price McCrackin (D) 
Emily Eakle Morgan 
Jean Anderson Nicewander 
Dottle Greer Radcliff 

Ena Taylor Reed 
Alyce Farenwald Sklbo 
Margaret McDonald White 
Elisabeth White Willard 
Margaret Bean Yeakle 

Class of 1 947 

50™ Reunion Class 

70* GinNG ^58,953 

Received the awards for both largest 

gift and highest participation in a 

reunion class. 

The Class of 1947 thoughtfully 

donated their reunion gifts in memory 

of their deceased classmates: 

Ann Brown 

Mary Gardner Christopher 

Betty Jane Huber Ellis 

Virginia Bussa Eraser 

Kitty Israel Griffiths 

Nancy Lutz Hartman 

Janet Bell McPherson 

Anne Early Pettus 

Elizabeth Mayer Sjoberg 

Louise Mitchell Supple 

Harriette Coble Swaine 

Jane Vreeland 

Dorice Waters 

Alice Dora Miller Young 

Sarah Martin Zeanah 
Reunion Giving Committee 
Happy Clarke Thorne, chair 
George Ann Brown Carter 
Miriam Buckles Helman 
Dell Proctor Hollstein 
Sally Beals Holzbach 
Emily W. Hundley 
Kathryn Else Johnson 
Marianna Jamison Leach 
Myrna Williams Vest 
Lynn Hoyt Yancey 
The Rufus W. Bailey Society 
Emily W. Hundley 
The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 
Harriette Clarke Thorne 

The Hill Top Club 

Kathryn Else Johnson 

The President's Associates 

George Ann Brown Carter 

Dell Proctor Hollstein 

Marianna Jamison Leach 

Alice Wilson Matlock 

Laura Atkinson May 

Mary Reed Smyth 

Myrna Williams Vest 

The Ivy Circle 

Ann Martin Brodie 

Mary Graves Knowles Hamilton 

Miriam Buckles Helmen 

Sally Beals Holzbach 

Catherine Stoner Peaslee 

Charlotte Fall Williams 

The Colonnade Club 

Mary Wright Bryan 

Betsy Forrest Dunwoody 

Elizabeth Vance Good 
Alice Summers Hale 

Betty Hamilton Kay 

F. Elizabeth Walsh Read 

Lynne McNew Smart 

Evelyn Cox Washington 

Marillyn Hoyt Yancey 

The Columns 

Harry Thompson Billington 

Julia Bush Brubaker 

Nan Doney Clausel 

Martha McMurry Ellis 

Burney Hay Gardner 

Elizabeth Baker Harris 

Florence Harris Hinson 

Margaret Farris Huff 

Elizabeth Lacy McClure 

Edith Lane McKay 

Jean Bailey McKinney 

Margaret Churchman Motfett 

Virginia Roseborough Morton 

Helen Wachs Priemer 

Ann Bush Putzel 

Patricia Eubank Sledge 

Laura Dossett Smith 

Sally Peck Spaulding 

Marquilla Stuckey Stringer 

Gloria Duke Trigg 

Winifred Gochenour Wampler 

The Honor Roll 

Mary Thackston Anderson 
Harriet Ancrum Ballenger 
Elizabeth Dunn Barnes 
Laura Foster Bell 

Mary Higgins Buford 
Betty Hammond Cunningham 
Barbara Bixler Elliott 
Nancy Jones Hamilton 
Courtenay Plaskitt Hansen 
Mary Lawson Hodges 
Eleanor Armistead Knipp 
Virginia Guthrie Linscott 
Ethel McCants Lowder 
Marian Seitz Plitt 
Nancy Newton Stevenson 
Joann Myers Thompson 
Betty Edwards Watkins 

Class of 1952 

45"' Reunion Class 
63°" GIVING ^16,3 5 9 
Reunion Giving Committee 
Kathryn Hatley Young, chair 
Leslie Booth 

Margaret McLaughlin Grove 
Florence Wimberly Hellinger 
Constance Detrick Lamons 
Mary Lament Wade 
Alice Ball Watts 
Emily Mitchell Williamson 
The Founders' Club 
Janet Russell Steelman 
The President's Associates 
Evelyn Chapman Brown 
Judith Godwin 
Constance Detrick Lamons 
Mary Lament Wade 

The Ivy Circle 

Florence Wimberly Hellinger 
Mary Gray Richardson 
The Colonnade Club 
Loree Adams Barnett 
Eriine Griffin Eason 







The Anrnual Report 

Dorothy Snodgrass Goldsborough 

Margaret McLaughlin Grove 

Betty Scott Jones 

Dorothy Payne Nash 

Nancy Curdts Pollard 

Joyce Acker Ratliff 

Anne Stuart Richardson 

Margaret Moore Ripley 

Alice Ball Watts 

Emily Mitchell Williamson 

Kathryn Hatley Young 

The Columns 

Anne Person Baylor 

Leslie Booth 

Elizabeth Blount Brundick 

Pathcia Casey 

Ann Fowlkes Dodd 

Peggy Shelton Fore 

Mary McBryde Gray 

Jane Thurmond Gregory 

Lynn Lytton Hamer 

Nancy McClung Johnston 

Patricia Macon Lyon 

Marjorie Gordon Manning 

Jane Spann Mason 

May Thornton McCavitt 

Elsie Nelms Nash 

Ruth Worth Puckett 

Dorothy Smith Purse 

Ruth Harrison Quillen 

Joy Chapoton Ramsey 

Betty Gwaltney Schutte 

Nancy Wllemon Smith 

Joan White Thomas 

Billie Smith Towlen 

Marjorie Sykes Turnbull 

Patricia Young 

The Honor Roll 

Mary Wilson Benthall 

Margaret Hulsey Buck 

Virginia Mann Burr 

Elizabeth Todd Compo 
Helen Fletcher 
Ann LeStourgeon Harris 
Ann Paulette Holden 
Ann Greer Kidd 
Dr. Ann Schlosser 
Penelope Watson Scott 
Barbara Sanford Smith 
Rebecca Danziger Snell 
Margaret King Stanley 
Elizabeth Powell Todd 
Ann Brown Voss 
Patricia Murphey Whitman 
Betsy Seward Wilshire 

Class of 1 957 

40"' Reunion Cuiss 

62"' GIVING ^6,425 

Received the award for highest class 

participation in a reunion class. 

Reunion Giving Committee 

Shannon Greene Mitchell, chair 

Julie Rand Brawner 

Nan Candler Freed 

Bryant Pope Pilcher 

Sara Burwell Robinson 

Mikie Kline Stamper 

Alice Jones Wire 

The President's Associates 

Shannon Greene Mitchell 

The Colonnade Club 

Susan Wilson Cruser 

Nan Candler Freed 

Barbara Bullock Graham 

Carta Rucker Nix 

Bryant Pope Pilcher 

Sara Burwell Robinson 

The Columns 

Julianne Rand Brawner 

Mary Ellen Cranwell Deemer 

Edna Smith Duer 
Amelia Hayden Gilman 
Virginia Dillon Gorman 
Mettle Goodwin Jaynes 
Ann Denny Kinscherff 
Ann Kennedy Melton 
Nancy Rhoads Miller 
Mary Wells Powell 
Diane Alexis Riffelmacher 
Alice Jones Wire 
Eulalie Bartlett Zimmer 
The Honor Roll 
Patricia Parker Auman 
Elizabeth Dalton Boehme 
Lida Cobbs Bowman 
Nancy Oliver Carper 
Janet Lilly Compton 
Frances Wills Delcher 
Diane Livezey Durham 
Sue Stockton Fletcher 
Paula Branch Holt 
Salenda Smith Kincaid 
Elizabeth Jamerson Kirk 
Corrinne Currie Lane 
Susan Carper Lee 
Barbara Russell Long 
Margaret Jorstad Lucas 
Susan Paterson Maloney 
Patsy Maxwell McCurry 
Laura Lowe Medley 
Martha Robinson Meyer 
ShernI Gerding Miller 
Jane Hogan Moses 
Nancy Leeper Nystrom 
Mary Suttle Payne 
Elizabeth Crawford Robbins 
Helen Thompson Sharpley 
Nancy Switzer Sowers 
Mary Kelley Thorne 
Ada Worth Turner 

Class of 1962 

35"'Rr.uNioN Cmss 
43''' civiNC '11,554 
Reunion Giving Committee 
Sally Heltzel Pearsall, chair 
Betsy Dickerson Brown 
Prior Meade Cooper 
Iva Zeiler Lucas 
Judy Richardson Minter 
Frances May Wentz Taber 
Ruth Drewry Wills 
The Founders' Club 
Lucinda Pina Wilkinson 
The President's Associates 
Linda Dolly Hammack 
Eugenia McCuen Thomason 
The Ivy Circle 
Iva Zeiler Lucas 
Carolyn Jones Waghorne 
The Colonnade Club 
Bertha Salinas Gray 
Susan Johnson High 
Phyllis Boone Hill 
Sally Heltzel Pearsall 
Judy Trapp Rust 
Frances May Wentz Taber 
Josephine Whittle Thornton 
The Columns 
Neilson Peirce Andrews 
Jane Coleman Balfour 
Mary Eldridge Berry 
Elizabeth Dickerson Brown 
Prior Meade Cooper 
Lucy Martin Danner 
Susan Jennings Denson 
Elizabeth Scott Featherstone 
Harriet Hart 
Harriet Hope Howard 




=^ Annual Fund 95-96 | 
ijm^ Annual Fund 96-97 

= ^26,621 



^ '6,42- 









: '1^15 


1987 1992 


The Annual Report 7 

Lacey Santord Hudgins 
Susan Cadle King 
Mary Gilbert Kohn 
Mary Williams Mathis 
Judith Richardson Minter 
Carolyn Stover Modarelli-Adams 
Cynthia Rhymes Parish 
Emily Troxell Pepper 
Douglas Laughon Wallace 
Jane Gilmer Weyant 
The Honor Roll 
Martha Wade Bradford 
Minnielynn Martin Clay 
Ann Alexander Cook 
Penn Walker Flournoy 
Sandra Sykes Gray 
Jennifer Wilson Green 
Margaret Saunders Hayes 
Vera Thomas James 
Antoinette Harrison Jamison 
Nancy Daniel Mahaffey 
Martha Butler Matthews 
Margaret Harris McClain 
Betty Cacciapaglia Pessagno 
Lynnell Reese 
Dora Sandlin Roberts 
Kent Seabury Rowe 
Amelia McKinnon Sherrill 
Nancy Harris Snead 

Class of 1 967 

30"' Reunion Class 
51* GIVING ^32, 33 7 

Received award for largest percentage 
increase in giving in a reunion year. 

Reunion Giving Committee 

Nancy Falkenberg Muller, chair 

Janice Smith Barry 

Gay Gilmore Butler 

Peggy Anderson Carr 

Angela Blose Corley 

Louise Tabb Edge 

Anne Herndon 

Barbara Hanna Joyner 

Kip Cooley McDaniel 

Dr. Margaret McNeese 

Margaret Allen Palmer 

The Hill Top Club 

Peggy Anderson Carr 

M. Elizabeth Preddy 

The Founders' Club 

Rosa McLaughlin Heinsohn 

The President's Associates 

Gay Gilmore Butler 
Virginia Carter Holden 
Carey Cooley McDaniel 
Dr. Margaret McNeese 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale 
Dr. Sue Ellen Butler Rocovich 
Sue McDowell Whitlock 
The Ivy Circle 
Angela Blose Corley 
Susan Massie Johnson 
Margaret Allen Palmer 
Dr. Susan Palmer 
Ann Humphrey Sanders 

The Colonnade Club 

Margaret Maddex Barnes 
Janice Smith Barry 
Marion Barge Clark 
Margaret Turner Coleman 
Winton Mather Doherty 
Kathleen Myers Faust 
Jean Lambeth Hart 
Ellen Martin Hass 
Wylyn Letson Hodnett 
Mary Reuman Howard 
Nancy Falkenberg Muller 

The Columns 

Dr. Ann Field Alexander 
Hazel Williams Bynum 
Sara Nash Crowder 
Louise Tabb Edge 
Anne Shields Emerson 
Nancy Rubright Gates 
Susanne Reim Glass 
Virginia Puckett Grizzard 
Marjorie Gillespie Holt 
Mikal Bralley Hoofnagle 
Janet Almand James 
Barbara Hanna Joyner 
Linda Young Kennedy 
Mary Dodson Knight 
Brenda Ballard Magill 
Frances Harvey Mallison 
Dorothy Clary McCall 
Alice Moore 
Pebble Stone Moss 
Sally Stowers Oliver 
Jacquelyn Stroupe Pace 
Mary Lane Dudley Purtill 
Elizabeth Barkley Ravenel 
Susan Kelley Schallhorn 
Sallie Chellis Schisler 
Nancy Culpeper Sebren 
Carol Laws Slonaker 
Lindsley Wheeler Smith 
Mary Block Smith 
Judith Pugh Stone 
Martha Harlow Stronach 
Sarah Oden Tipson 
Lynn Williams Wood 
The Honor Roll 
Sandra Preseren Alley 
Frances Gallion Bear 
Sally Bell 

Anne Williams Blanks 
Jennifer Cox Coleman 
Anne Slater Coyner 
Elizabeth Holland Few 
Elizabeth Allee Ginsburg 
Caroline Cauble Haverkampf 
Dr. Anne Herndon 
Ellen Anderson Hill 
Dixie Epes Hoggan 
Elizabeth Troxell Jones 
Mary Page Manning 
Rebecca Breeden Mastin 
Carol Conway McGuire 
Margaret Jennings Metz 
Monica Rothlisberger Navas 
Susan Powell Norton 
Virginia Beasley Otis 
Ellen Ryan Pearson 

Katharine Saffold Rapkin 
Mary Guthrie Solon 
Lucia Lionberger Thomas 
Mary Perry Turnbull 
Ellen Moss Westfall 
Jane Feierabend Wiggins 

Class of 1972 

25"" Reunion Class 
45'' GIVING ^13, 640 



LATER date) 

Reunion Giving Committee 

Barbee Phipps Such, chair 

Barbara Robertson Burke 

Jeanne Jackson 

A. Talbott Jordan 

Jill Kiely 

Connie Atkins Lewallen 

Sally Via Matthews 

Player McPhaul 

Karen Searle Snyder 

The President's Associates 

Constance Atkins Lewallen 

Mary Jim Moore Quillen 

Karen Searle Snyder 

The Ivy Circle 

Blanche Wysor Anderson 
Charlotte Heller Chatlain 
Page Price Lewis 
Susan Myers 
The Colonnade Club 
Anne Vogtie Baldwin 
Susan Pruett Caldroney 
Patsy Hildebrandt Downer 
Elaine Henderson Fowler 
A. Talbott Jordan 
Karen Stoneburner Miller 
Mildred Willis Paden 
Barbee Phipps Such 
The Columns 
Julia Andrews Allen 
Claudia Turner Bagwell 
Caroline Dixon Bartman 
Harriet Stoneburner Bell 
Kathryn Medbury Bennett 
Penelope Patrick Biskey 
Louise Crutchfield Burgess 
Angeline Butler 
Shepherd Johnston Chuites 
Patricia Click 
Sarah Crockett Eggleston 
Virginia Masters Fleishman 
Libby Darwin Grobmyer 
Priscilla Hoe 
Phyllis Hopkinson 
Jean Dittmar Hubertus 
Linda Grinels Irby 
Jeanne Jackson 
Linda Raber Jahnig 
Jill Kiely 

Barbara Butler Leonard 
Major Caryn Gove Long 
Nina Reid Mack 
Susan Henry Martin 

Mary Tompkins Miller 
Sara Allen Moody 
Sallie Hubard Moore 
Elizabeth Goad Oliver 
Susan Rogers Parks 
Catherine Ross 
Linda Verner Smith 
Susan Almond Smith 
Theresa Koogler Southerington 
Mary Atkinson Stone 
Rebecca Bost Tucker 
Melanie Gamble Walker 
Ann Wilkerson Wilkerson 
Jane Rayson Young 

The Honor Roll 

Carolyn Apperson-Hansen 
Connie Lowrance Beach 
Janet Roth Bruno 
Barbara Robertson Burke 
Eve Bremermann Collard 
Caroline Matthews Cutchins 
The Reverend Mary Dobyns 
Carter Moftett Douglass 
Dr. Susan Ellett 
Nancy Preseren Fankhauser 
Mary Rogers Field 
Lea Ayers Gilman 
Deborah Morey Holden 
Elizabeth Hoover 
Joanne Jones 
Rogene Elkins Laserna 
Karen Peterson Mann 
Sandra Bremer Randolph 
Marilyn Muhleman Rausch 
Ann Richardson 
Carol Forrestel Roberts 
Elizabeth Smith 
Jann Malone Steele 
Gwendolyn Gillaugh Stoecklein 
Marsha Summerson 
Jane Inge Wallace 
June Reynolds Wood 

Class of 1977 

20"" Reunion Class 
25* GIVING '8,259 



LATER date) 

Reunion Giving Committee 

Mary Sue Mattox McAllister, chair 

Donna Grey Booth 

Lou Murphy Boush 

Sherry Bassett Brooks 

Cynthia Vaughan Lantz 

Diane Hepford Lenahan 

Melissa Rhodes McCue 

Marjorie Bates Moore 

Patricia Hines Phoenix 

Katharine Randolph 

Martha Lynch Smith 

Nancy Pearson Yeaman 

The President's Associates 

Eloise Clyde Chandler 

Amy Schnabel Sutton 

Claudia Woody 

The Annual Report 

The Ivy Circle 

Linda Hinrichs Christovich 
Diane Hepford Lenalnan 
Catherine Gepliart Shook 
Leslie Marfleet Terry 

The Colonnade Club 

Alison Wenger Boone 
Sherry Bassett Brooks 
Ann Calhoun Dent 
Langhorne Amonette Ellis 
Melissa Rhodes McCue 

The Columns 

Ellen Gill Ball 
Elizabeth Taylor Carter 
Lucile Jones Clyde 
Mary Gannon 
Dr. Sarah Lawrence Heald 
Frances Lawrence 
Mary Mattox McAllister 
Marjorie Bates Moore 
Patricia Mines Phoenix 
Laurie Folse Rossman 
Martha Lynch Smith 
Ann Lucas Styron 
Theresa Bentley Wolf 
Nancy Pearson Yeaman 

The Honor Roll 

Lucy Murphy Boush 

Candi Culbreath 

Rebecca Fouche 

Karen Weyher Gavigan 

Cynthia Hall 

Elizabeth Chandler Hallberg 

Bettie Herbert 

Amy Ivy 

Rebecca Regan Keever 

Cynthia Vaughan Lantz 

Gene Balch Limbaugh 

Patrice Gurley Miles 

Katharine Randolph 

Debra Wolfe Shea 

Helen Harris Sherman 

Class of 1 982 

25''' Reunion Class 
28* GIVING ^28, 445 
Reunion Giving Committee 
Anne Paul Josey, chair 
Dawn Martin Blankinship 
Ann Filipowicz Blotner 
Stephanie Carlson Brennan 
Cammy Edel Dennis 
Missy Way Goode 
Adele Moore Lane 
Key Edminston Mislowsky 
Ferrell Teague Nexsen 
Lewis Cardwell Rosebro 
Martee Hooker Seuss 
Stacy Sternheimer Smith 
Suzanne Hauser Weiss 

The Rufus W. Bailey Society 

Pamela Stephens Rose 

The President's Associates 

Stephanie Carlson Brennan 
Linda Cochrane 
Sarah Johnson Pitt 

The Ivy Circle 

Jane Duke Elkins 
Sara Blair Harrison 
Kimberly Henley Miller 
The Colonnade Club 
Cynthia Phillips Fletcher 
Anne Paul Josey 
The Columns 
Susan Little Adkins 
Sara Bearss 

Dawn Martin Blankinship 
Wendy Pfautz Blomberg 
Ann Filipowicz Blotner 
Cammy Edel Dennis 
Dana Flanders 
Laura Foley-Daly 
Jeannine Locher Hester 
Treena Epperson Koroneos 
Adele Moore Lane 

Class of 1987 

10"' Reunion Class 



I^TER date) 

Reunion Giving Committee 

Barbara Grant Crosby, chair 

Missy Price Dukes 

Susan Hostetter Gilvary 

Winifred Gravely 

Jennifer Parker Lake 

Jenanne York Montgomery 

Jeanne Holmes Thomas 

Allison Young 

The President's Associates 

Julie Rimmer Applewhite 

1907 - The charge for "board, room, laundry, 
steaiTi heat, light (gas and electric), gymnastic 
and Delsarte exercises, and fiill English course, 
including general elocution" at Mary Baldwin 
Seminary was ^250. Other classes available 
for an extra charge of ^20 to ^50 included 
pantomime, violin, mandolin, violin and banjo. 
For exercise, the school had golf links, a croquet 
ground, a tennis court, and a basketball court. 

Sara Pendleton Tartala 
Elizabeth Howard Young 
The Honor Roll 
Susan English 
Eleanor Way Goode 
Amy Reagan Goswick 
Anna Gibson Koon 
Rebecca Lovingood 
Ellen Moomaw 
Kimberly O'Donnell 
Mary Olcott 
Sarah Beard Shafer 
Marilyn Austin Truitt 
Suzanne Hauser Weiss 

The Ivy Circle 

Missy Price Dukes 
The Colonnade Club 

MacKay Morris Boyer 
Barbara Grant Crosby 
Karen Sisko Halmi 
The Columns 
Barbara Satterwhite Davis 
Jennifer Parker Lake 
Jenanne York Montgomery 
Tracy Brickner Schloss 
Colleen Morrissey Strong 
Simone Wade 
Claire Williams 

The Honor Roll 

Natalie Saylor Bush 
Cherie Sawtelle Gouaux 
Dolores Diaz Knight 
Karen Colaw Linkous 
Mary-Slater Linn 
Stephanie Moore 
Jennifer Lyster Rich 
Anne Poulson Russell 
Jeannette Andrews Stewart 
Danielle Webber 

Class of 1 992 

5''' Reunion C/^iss 

23°' GIVING '3,320 

Reunion Giving Program 

Nancy McClellan, chair 

Bebe Bolen 

Helen Nalty Butcher 

Talley Warner Carroll 

Carrie Clark 

Amy Gutfey Darby 

Susan O'Donnell 

Katie Palmer 

Brenda Rabenau 

Carroll Wilson "Squeaky" Suggs 

Karen Wood 

The Colonnade Club 

Susan O'Donnell Black 

Bebe Bolen 

Talley Warner Carroll 

Debbie Feigin 

Nancy McClellan 

Sarah Turner 

The Columns 

Wendy Wooden Barze 

Helen Nalty Butcher 

Mary Cocke 

Amy Guffey Darby 

Heather Jackson 

Catherine Green McWeeney 

Sara Palmer 

Angela Payne Reynolds 

The Honor Roll 

Janina Baxley 

Jessica Booth Bergstol 

Rose Chu 

Alitia Cross 

Margaret Stowe Dewey 

Denise Donohue 

Leslie Bolen Evans 

Mary Roach Ferguson 

James Fleming 

Mary Hughes Hawkins 

Ann Pendleton Kincer 

Paula Bush Krosky 

Kimberly Lea 

Stephanie Leftwich 

Mary Mulherin McCollum 

Julie Anne Moss-Burn 

Elizabeth Connell Pee 

Sarah Pemberton 

Evi-Luise Pover 

Anne Stone Ruark 

Alison Shiprek 

Tiffany Taylor 

Alice Washington 

Robin Wilson 

Karen Wood 

Mary Nell Starling Yarborough 

(D) deceased 

The Anrnual Report 

The Committee for the Annual Fund 

Mary Baldwin College would like to extend a special thank you to the following volunteers who took the time to ask others for gifts to the 1996-97 
Annual Fund. It shows an extra special commitment to not only give one's own gift, but to ask others for support. We sincerely appreciate their 
dedication to Mary Baldwin CoUege. 

Julie Ellsworth Cox '86, chair 

1 Parker Drean '83 

Kim Baker Glenn '79 

Elizabeth "B.J." Felton de Golian '79 Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 

Class Gifts 


The Columns 

Consuelo Slaughter Wenger (D) 

1 920 

The Columns 

Katherine Bear Aulick 
Margaret Coffman Henry (D) 


The Columns 

Laura Vaughan Gaillard 
The Honor Roll 

Louise Hodges Hartzog 


The Hill Top Club 

Shirley Haynes Hunter 


The Honor Roll 

Susan Herriolt Rozelle 


The Columns 

Emily Ramsey Thompson 


The Honor Roll 

Sara Ralston Clowser 
Katharine Perry James 


The Columns 

Oma Bell Perry 
The Honor Roll 

Dorothy Miller Campbell 


The Ivy Circle 

Evelyn Baker Arey 
Mary Hebbard Parmelee 
The Columns 
Bessie Lewis 
The Honor Roll 
Elizabeth Withers Glascock 
Elizabeth Hesser 
Nancy Johnson Hurt 
Katherine Duff Powell 

1 931 

The Columns 

Eleanor McMillan Norris 
Marguerite Valz Olson 

Agnes Junkin Peery (D) 
Ruth See 

The Honor Roll 

Miriam Hughes Williams 

1 932 

The Ivy Circle 

Alene Brewster Larner 
Dorothy Hutchings Alberts 

The Columns 

Josephine Hutcheson Magnifico (D) 

The Honor Roll 

Rebecca Williams Holoman (D) 
Virginia Pointer Nicholls 
Virginia Maben Stokes 


The Ivy Circle 

Louise Randol Brooks 
The Columns 

Jean Brehm Cottman 
Kathryn Shankweiler Heydt 
Margaret Grabill Jones 
Gladys Lyies 

The Honor Roll 

Margaret De Mund Banta 
Virginia Brand Francis 
Katie Jones Hansen 
Rhea Kincaid Hayward 
Ruth Hopewell Hopewell 
Mary Scanlon McCallie 
Ruth Frazer Painter 
Ruth Edmunds Shepherd 
Margaret King Westcott 


The President's Associates 

Julia Gooch Richmond 

The Ivy Circle 

Martha Gray Thomas 

The Colonnade Club 

Mildred Mawhinney Clements 

The Columns 

Evelyn Wood Chatham 
Margaret Schneider Conzett 
Catherine Zimmermann Kriete 
Jacqueline Crinkley Maddex 

The Honor Roll 

Grace Crowe Bobo 
Kitty Drummond Bridgforth 
Jean Gould Clarke 
Sibelle Reid Cushman 
Isabel Briola Kivlighan 
Virginia Wight Lamb 
Betty Harrison Roberts 

1 935 

42"^ GIVING ^1,115 
The Colonnade Club 

Amine Cosby Kellam 
The Columns 
Captain Winifred Love 
Virginia Weaver Macomber 
Mary Clark Marks 
Kerlyn Baber Obaugh 
The Honor Roll 
Marian Martin Gather 
Martha Logan Crissman 
Beverley Hoy Howarth 
Rosannah Milam Huff 
Jane Barnes Ruffin 
Jean Clark Wnght 


The Annual Report 


43''- GIVING ^7,092 
The Hill Top Club 

Kalherine Dyer Dudley 

The Ivy Circle 

Dorothy Hooge King 

The Colonnade Club 

IVIary Gardner Glen 

The Columns 

Helen Wade Dantzler 
Ora Ehmling Ehmann 
Nancy Wallace Henderson 
Harriet Schofieid iVlcLaughlin 
Elizabeth Arnold Vilseck 
Lucilla White Whitted 
The Honor Roll 
Janet Duthie Hoff 
Elizabeth Vincent MclWullen 
Rachael Handshaw Meeker 
Sarah Whitmore Ricks 
Nellie Hankins Schmidt 
Ruth Morrison Stogdale 
Jean Blackburn Tipton 


38* GIVING ^14,625 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Margaret Hunt Hill 

The Founders' Club 

Jane Smith 

The Colonnade Club 

Alice Gilkeson Simpkins 
The Columns 
Virginia Kyle Copper 
Elizabeth Curry Langley 

The Honor Roll 

Blessing Whitmore Brown 
Mary Welton Enzian 
Jean Holliday Holliday 
Virginia Gantt Kendig 
Elizabeth Lambert Mahler 
Jane Mather Parish 
Margaret Childrey Penzold 
Josephine Barnett Ritchie 
Juliette Walker Sanders 
Elizabeth Crock Shoemaker 
Ethel Coffey Strawn 
Barbara Johnson von Reis 


43'' GIVING '1,8 15 
The Colonnade Club 
Ruth Galey Welliver 
The Columns 
Phyllis Williams Ayres 
Reba Clemmer Dunlap 
Mary Moffitt Knorr 
Agnes McClung Messimer 
Mary Hutcheson Ragland 
Alice Moore Sisson 
The Honor Roll 
Joan Ballard Bailey 
Mary Neumann Brown 
Eleanor Cely Carter 

Frances Ganvood Craft 
Elizabeth Lucas Cummins 
Opal Newton Garrett 
Elizabeth Howard Greene 
Nancy Ferris Kail 
Adele Gooch Kiessling 
Sarah Lacy Miller 
Peggy Hooven Murphy 
Margaret Keller Pearson 
Dorothy Cohen Silverman 
Jane Mattox Turner 
Leiia Huyett White 
Sara Ranson Woltman 

1 939 

56°'' GIVING '8,356 

The President's Associates 

Sarah Maupin Jones 

Shirley Keelgar Williamson 
Frederica Young 

The Honor Roll 

Margaret Shields Boyer 
Joyce Gleason Bryant 
Janet Hollis Doswell 
Mary Anne Wilson Gibbs 
Frances Rue Godwin 
Myrtle Foy Hennis 
Margaret Cochran Hinch 
Marcia Gooch Johnston 
Frances Perrottet Kresler 
Nina Griffith O'Malley 
Barbara Baker Richardson 
Margie Phipps Shick 
Ermagard Kruse Skaggs 
Mary McLendon Wall 
Helen Hull Yood 

1 "I/ - The first year that 
outside contributions were 
sought for support of the 

1997 - In 1996-97 the 
college raised *5.1 million in 
outside contributions. 

Nancy Owen Stuart 
Mary Cronin Wolfe 

The Ivy Circle 

Virginia Worth Gonder 

The Colonnade Club 

Shirley Black Barre 
Lucy Boyd Caskey 
Ida Keilough Robb 
Elizabeth Gronemeyer Wise 

The Columns 

Mary Kerr Brooks 
Margaret Browning Busick 
Janie Holman Edwards 
Nancy Eskridge 
Anna Caperton Everhart 
Margaret Caldwell Herndon 
Elizabeth Banner Hudgins 
Shirley Smith Huffman 
Sally Collin Kriek 
Maxine Dunlap Mclntyre 
Helen Day Mitchell 
Jean Young Moore 
Hazel Astin Nelson 
Elise Casscells Palma 


53* GIVING ^13,077 
The President's Associates 

Virginia Hayes Forrest 
Margaret Herscher Hitchman 
Ethelyn Jones Maxwell 
Dorothy Baughan Moore 
Alice Jones Thompson 

The Ivy Circle 

Thelma Riddle Golightly 
Sally Cheney Walker 

The Colonnade Club 

Marjorie Tobin Burke 
Mary Van Atta Derr 
Virginia Aldrich Fogle 
Shirley Fleming Iben 
Sara Frances Ferrell Shay 
The Columns 
Katherine Holt Dozier 
Alice Bitner Freund 
Sarah Hannah 
Jean Baum Mair 
Almeyda Spratley Peyton 
Louise Ravenel Ravenel 

Barbara Payne Webster 
Ellen Nicholson Williams 
The Honor Roll 

Bertha Keller DuBose 
Jeanne Smith Gardes 
Harriet Johnson Gurtler 
Gladys Walker Jacobs 
Elizabeth Clayberger Jones 
Kathryn Lineweaver Kivlighan 
Nita SoRelle Martin 
Alma Hines Mitchell 
Molly Wagener Rice 
Mary Conlon Schull 
Rachel Hassell Stevens 
Audrey Martin Watson 


44'' GIVING '4,730 

The President's Associates 


Betty Wilcox Armstrong 


Florence Jeffrey Wingo 


The Ivy Circle 


Dorris Withers McNeal 

The Colonnade Club 

Martha Farmer Chapman 
Genevieve Benckenstein Elder 
The Columns 

Elaine Kibler Baldwin 
Elizabeth Pringle Barge 
Malvine Paxton Graham 
Joyce Albright Greig-Denis 
Katharine Hoge Smith 
Nina Sproul Wise 
The Honor Roll 
Louise Kinkel Boehmke 
Dr. Julia Boykin 
Dale Peters Bryant 
Ann Carroll 

Jane Raudenbush Coiner 
Virginia Evans Crapuchettes 
Gladys White DePue 
Anna Greenland Dortch 
Betty Kull Drumheller 
Leiia Dunlap 
Mary Clinard Flinn 
Doris Siler Miller 
Mary Thompson Molten 
Mary Thomas Moorhead 
Frances Sledge Nicrosi 
Mary Miles Whitaker 
Marie Ulmer Wolfe 

1 943 

43* GIVING '44, 747 

The Rufus W. Bailey Society 

Caroline Rose Hunt 

The Founders' Club 

Meredith Jones Johnson 

The President's Associates 

Mildred Proffit Batson 
The Colonnade Club 

Frances Knight Nollet 

The Columns 

Joanne Powell Alexander 
Dorothy Kyle Beck 
Harriett Harrington Connolly 

The Annual Report 

Louise Jackson Green 
Mary Lyies Houston 
Marjorie Carter Lacy 
Gladys Adams Link 
IVIargaret Price Pinson 
Ruth Peters Sproul 
Katharine Shelburne Trickey 

The Honor Roll 

IVIary Hull Calkins 
Sylvia Meiner Hanau (D) 
Ann Graham Hazzard 
Mary Bagley Higgins 
Margaret McMurray Hottel 
Virginia Hughes 
Kathryn Lucas Hummers 
Mary Bullock Morris 
Dorothy Hundley Neale 
Sally Wheat Porter 
Anna Lane Rogers 
Margaret Harrell Baylor 
Martha Sprouse Stoops 
Mary Scott Walton 
Ruth Hawkins Webb 
Mary Sheldon Wier 


42"" GIVING ^24,000 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Dorothy Cleveland Robb 
Mildred Roycroft Teer 

The Ivy Circle 

Vonceil LeGrand Chapman 
The Colonnade Club 

Josephine Hannah Holt 
Bettie Trimble Mabray 
Virginia Gochenour Reid 

The Columns 

Laura McManaway Andrews 
Katherine Kivlighan Carter 
Mary Cooke 
Eva Vines Eutsler 
Virginia Gilliam Lewis 
Mildred Mohun Lombaer 
Margaret Creel Miniclier 
Joyce Goldstein Moseley 
Elizabeth Churchman Wick 
Betty Wolfe Windham 
The Honor Roll 
Charlotte Craun Bishop 
Mary Mish Bundy 
Betty Smith Chapman 
Margaret Smith Connor 
Nell Dorsey 

Helen Gansman Graves 
Jean Ward McElfresh 
Anne Haneke McGough 
Edwina Davis Ohr 
Julia Kohler Peterson 
Grace Dryden Venable 
Mary Lott Wilson 
Betty Cooke Wood 


50* giving'5,965 

The President's Associates 

Julia "Tee" Pancake Rankin 

The Ivy Circle 

Mary Rhame Bates 
Betty Neisler Timberlake 
Mary Griffith Williams 

The Colonnade Club 

Marjorie M. Creasy Lacy 
Nancy Roycroft Perry 

The Columns 

Elizabeth McCampbell Burton 
Ann Meriwether Goodson 
Gayle Heron 

Dorothy Whitmore Kurbjun 
Louise McLean Lightner 
Mary Tompkins McManus 
Sally Smith Metzger 
Louise Plage Neilon 
Jeanne Britt Purdom 
Anne Sims Smith 

Mimi Mitchell Tufts 
Margaret Roberts Wagoner 
Cecile Cage Wavell 
Sarah Beale Weaver 
Mary Cox Whitmore 


43* giving '69, 829 

The Rufus W. Bailey Society 

Bertie Murphy Deming 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Margaret Pollard Rea 

The Founders' Club 

Cecile Mears Turner 

The President's Associates 

Jean Trimble Turner 

The Ivy Circle 

Joyce Craig Butterworth 

1 927 - Mary Baldwin Seminary became 
the four-year Mary Baldwin College in 
1923, and 1927 was the last year it offered 
a college preparatory program. At that 
time, the school had about 5 ,000 alumnae . 

1997 - Mary Baldwin College is 
accredited as a master's level degree 
granting institution and has over 13,900 
total alumnae/i. 

Ann Whitehead Thomas 
Frances Tullis 
Beverly Rhodes Wilson 

The Honor Roll 

Carmen Hayes Anderson 
Margaret Earle Baker 
Kay Dates Barrett 
Anne Churchman Brown 
Nelwyn Kirby Culbertson 
Anne Daughtrey Harrell 
Elizabeth Pollard Houser 
Anne Gard Kinzie 
Erah Hatten Kliewer 
Marie Dowd Latimer 
Helen Cook McQuillen 
Margaret McBryde Patterson 
Clemence Vivrett Pridham 
Peggy Nash Rolfes 
Nancy Nettleton Rood 
Julie Sprunt 
Ann Dowdell Stauss 
Mary Burr Stevens 
Eloise Williams Sturgill 
Nancy Townsend 
Babette Sellhausen Trader 

Jane Proffit Pruett 
Charlotte Tilley Sorrell 

The Colonnade Club 

Margaret Davis Evans 
Susan Stewart Goldthwaite 
Betty Oft Smallwood 
The Columns 
Rachel Merritt Bell 
Janet Whitney Bowyer 
Madelyn Richardson Brock 
Helen Minteer Denslow 
Eva Mathews Donalson 
Thelma Trigg Gannon 
Dr. Beneta J. Peacock 
Grace Brauer Potter (D) 
Margaret Miller Reynolds 
Joan Moran Smith 
Jane Frierson Snipes 
Rita Hickey Stone 
Jean Dinkins Thomason 
The Honor Roll 
Sabine Goodman Andrews 
Elizabeth Worth Caldwell 
Virginia Bridgers Corrigan 
Marjorie Moore Council 

Kitty Presnell Davis 
Bonnie Wheeler Hanchett 
Hazel Harris Humphrey 
Ellen McDonald Minet 
Mary Brown Myrvik 
Anne Armstrong Piepenbrink 
Gladys McManaway Poindexter 
Helen Black Sinnott 
Jean Bickle Smith 
Mabel Fairbanks Smith 
Frances Wagener Tebbs 
Sue Anderson Van Ness 
Noell Harr Woodward 

1 948 

SO"' GIVING '8, 720 

The President's Associates 

Martha Anne "Mopsy" Pool Page 
Martha Godwin Saunders 
Elizabeth Hardin Taylor 
Betsy Berry Williamson 

The Ivy Circle 

Martha Brown Hamrick 
Bettie Barnett Lombard 

The Colonnade Club 

Anne Monyhan Chambers 
Pamela Burnside Gray 
Peggy Harris Milligan 

The Columns 

Jean Wallace Blount 
Ellen Eskridge Groseclose 
Lillian Richardson Hall 
Heline Cortez Harrison 
Ann Lucas Hite 
Mary Wagner Knott 
Annie Beale Kornegay 
Doris Clement Kreger 
Ann McDonald Macdonald 
Helen Kinser Moncure 
Helen Atkeson Phillips 
Esther Spurlock Pruett 
Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus 

The Honor Roll 

Anne Cook Becker 
Mary Hurley Blackshear 
Emily Griffin Buchanan 
Geraldine Canby Carroll 
Elva Fifer 

Betty Bales Gallagher 
Betty Gaston Hairfield 
Rose Harrison 
Beverly Wood Hart 
Ruth McBryde Hill 
Ann Doyle Hopps 
Dorothy Hill Jefferis 
Jane Hammond Jervey 
Leone Bellingrath Jones 
Anne Cronin Keith 
Margaret Clarke Kirk 
Helen De Vore Mattenson 
Elinor Weathersby McCorkle 
Doris Moffat Salter 
Janey Martin Tanner 
Dorothy Wilson Vincent 
Elizabeth Page Wardle 
Katharine Adair Woods 


The Annual Report 

1 949 

53°'' GIVING *5, 135 

The Ivy Circle 

Julia Johnston Bellon 
Annette Peter Neel 
The Colonnade Club 

Nancy Anderson Blal<ey 
Marjorie Runge Kelso 
Betty Harrell Kyle 

The Columns 

Margaret Newman Avent 
Mary Doremus Burgess 
Martha Hobson Crowder 
Peggy Reid Durden 
Virginia Nurney Harlow 
Patricia Murphree Honea 
Ellen Andrews Hunter 
Cynthia Belts Johnson 
Elizabeth Usher Laffitte 
Elizabeth Rawls Macklin 
Jan Dicl<ey Miller 
Betty Fugate Moore 
Beverly Harrison Rhodes 
Vivienne Hutchens Vail 
Margaret Hooks Wilson 
The Honor Roli 
Margaret Warren Albright 
Barbara Minter Barnes 
Ann Craig Bickell 
Gwendolyn Austin Brammer 
Emily Ogburn Doak 
Patricia Downing 
Jean Farrow 

Betty Farrington Felegara 
Betty Barker Fraser 
Caroline Sprouse Ghebelian 
Ann Ashby Helms 
Betty McLean Hopkins 
Bettie Thomas Jacobsen 
Shirley Sunderman Kostik 
Vera Canaday Lupo 
Jean Quarles Mary 

June Lewis McHenry 
Edith James Mickley 
Margaret Ryder Pence 
Helen Houghton Peters 
Beverly Dasher Priest 
Joanne Smith 
Carrie Ham Tarkington 
Katharine Biakey Taylor 
Katharine Makepeace Turner 
Nancy Rawls Watson 
Mercer Pendleton Watt 
Katherine Potts Wellford 
Katharine Callanan Williams 

1 950 

46'" GIVING ^14, 761 
The Founders' Club 

Elia Durr Buck 

The President's Associates 

Margaret Barrier 
Jacqueline Edwards Cohen 
Frances Koblegard Harcus 
The Ivy Circle 
Harriet Bangle Bernhardt 
Helen Beckelheimer Baugh 
Anita Thee Graham 
Adriane Heim Lyman 
Barbara Conlon Miescher 
Harriet Vreeland Reynen 
The Colonnade Club 
Judith Judge Ashcraft 
Mary Gochenour Fowlkes 
Kate Scott Jacob 
Johanna Westley Lucas 

The Columns 

Florence Everett Belk 
Ann Jones Comley 
Pennie West Covington 
Jeanne Ashby Furrh 
Emma Martin Hubbard 
Gwendolyn Park Kelly 
Virginia Smith Massey 

Joyce Kagin McCauley 

Barbara Payne Nolan 

Ellen Schwartz Roller 

Bess Plaxco Smith 

Betsy Carr Smith 

Jean Webster Southali 

Patricia Marsh Wailes 

Mary Horton Waldron 

Mary Wright Whaling 

Harriette Shahan Wilcox 

Mahlyn Simpson Williams 

The Rev. Betty Jean Gilmer Young 

The Honor Roll 

Marie McClure Beck 
Marian Jones Bergin 
Anne Faw Bernard 
Annie Pressley Blencowe 
Betty Shannon Ecton 
Gwendolyn Burton Freeman 
Joann Mitchell Grier 
Emme Wingate Hawn 
Flora Talmage Landwehr 
Eleanor Townes Leath 
Nancy Cohen Locher 
Clara Burroughs McFarlin 
Mary Matthews Park 
Anna Cacciapaglia Peduto 
Louise Rhett Perry 
Evelyn Mathews Pierson 
Mary White Richards 
Doris McClary Rollins 
Frances Jessee Rust 
Helen Hord Testerman 
Margaret Wilson Wood 


41''- GIVING ^16,195 

The Hill Top Club 

Charlotte Jackson Berry 
Ouida Caldwell Davis 

The Founders' Club 

Patricia Andrew Goodson 

The Ivy Circle 

Martha McMullan Aasen 
Diane Prettyman DeWall 
The Colonnade Club 

Nancy Kunkle Carey 
Ellen Underwood Ecktord 
Betty White Talley 
The Columns 

Dorothy Atkinson 
Martha Kline Chaplin 
Elizabeth Beck Dewees 
Mary Hollers George 
Marietta Barnes Jones 
Jean Romm Robinson 
Patricia Brown Schlick 
Lilian Bedinger Taylor 
Jane Moudy Van Dragt 

The Honor Roll 

Genevieve Courtney Ames 

Elsie Martin Andersen 

Mary Ann Tucker Barker 

Jane Stanley Chislett 

Nancy Draper 

Stuart Ellis 

Mary Lutz Grantham 

Jacqueline McClenney Hamilton 

Anne Markley Harrity 

Florence Wade Haverty 

Jean Kyle Hedges 

Ann Hefner Locy 

June Beasley Mann 

Ann Rawl McCain 

Anne Poole 

Mary Christie Schroeder 

Margaret Trawick Shewell 

Joan Dieckmann Stein 

Elizabeth Brinckerhoff Thomas 


40'^ GiviNG^8,327 

The President's Associates 

Dorothy Beats Ballew 
Martha Barnett Beat 
Betty Martin Close 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak 
The Ivy Circle 
Margaret Gignilliat Carswell 
Mary Jo Shilling Shannon 

The Colonnade Club 

Elizabeth Dahl Shaner 
The Columns 

Julia Scarborough Burgess 
Jennie Evans Dille 
Mildred Sheridan Gaillard 
Mary Cameron Hagelstein 
Nancy Eaton Hopkins 
June Auer Reed 
Patricia Tibbals Schnack 
Jo Thacker West 

The Honor Roll 

Margaret Garrett Corsa 
Mickey Hudson Costa 
Alice Welch Daggett 
Kay Flippen Durham 
Nancy Barron Gourley 
Ida Ryland Guthrie 
Ann Taylor Hedrich 

The Annual Report 


Laura Hays Holmes 
Marjorie Benton Hooper 
Katherine Todd Horton 
Marilyn Myers Lee 
Jane Tucker Mitchell 
Doris Liddle Newman 
Elma Rollins Proffitt 
Georgia Roberts Rhymes 
Eva Pound Rothschild 
Betty Eberhart Spillman 
Jo Vames Stamus 
Milby Booth Wade 
Margaret Smith Windsor 



The Rufus W. Bailey Society 

Betty Gray Duff 

The Hill Top Club 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley 

The Founders' Club 

Virginia Eversole Herdman 

The President's Associates 

Marian Hollingsworth Cusac 

Constance Headapohl De Berardinis 

The Ivy Circle 

Lee Pierce Mosso 

The Colonnade Club 

Ann Shaw Miller 

The Columns 

Elizabeth De Loach 

Carol Bacon Dreizler 

Eleanor Yeakley Gardner 

Nancy Rawles Grissom 

Janet Mitchell Harper 

Jane Kennedy Lindley 

Anne Dosher Read 

Daphne Brown Robertson 

Betty Garrett Schmidt 

Mary Creswell Short 

Terry Tilman Townes 

Jane Edwards Wheeler 

The Honor Roll 

Ann Robinson Brown 

Dora Wiley Brown 

Donia Craig Dickerson 

Johanna Paul Elder 

Mary McKee Hagemeyer 

Anne Oden Hall 

Kitty McConnell Henninger 

Martha McKnight Huey 

Shirley Lammers Karp 

Julia Vann Kenan 

Betty Garter Lane 

Alma McCue Miller 

Mary Taylor Murray 

Marjorie Becker O'Shaughnessey 

Addie McLaughlin Ours 

The Reverend Jane Caldwell Ross 

Elizabeth Biggadike Scroggin 

Ashlin Wyatt Smith 

Cherie Parrish Turman 

Elizabeth Switzer Zirkle 

1 955 

24"" cmNG^7,430 
The Hill Top Club 

Frances Hafer Chiles 

The President's Associates 

Mary Hornbarger Mustoe 

The Ivy Circle 

Dr. Najia Hassen White 

The Columns 

Ellen Stickell Bare 
Katherine Gracey Cannon 
Amy Maloy Lindsly 
Eleanor Harwell Thomson 

The Honor Roll 

Priscilla Markiey Cook 
Dorothy Martin Harris 
Elizabeth Robinson Harrison 
Margaret Berry Phillips 
Mary Barns Pruitt 
Patty Tipton Pugh 


58"' GIVING ^4,455 
The Ivy Circle 

Susan Dozier Grotz 
The Colonnade Club 

Nancy Buston Downs 

Mary Reynolds Henderson 

Bettye Hurt Ingram 

Marjorie Mowl Jago 

The Columns 

Margaret Adair Atmar 

Eleanor Cahill 

Patricia Bowie Davis 

Page Grey Dudley 

Sally Lander Edwards 

Martha Parke Gibian 

Ann Dick Lovelady 

Reid Strickland Nottingham 

Jeanette Fisher Reid 

Mary Colonna Robertson 

Mardrivon Cowles Scott 

Patricia Lary Stevens 

Barbara Hunter Stone 

Dotty Hobby Travis 

Ellawells Milligan Williams 

June Morrow Winslow 

Martha Watson Wright 

The Honor Roll 

Martha Hull Black 

Mary Beale Black 

Diana Rede Cabell 

Nancy Payne Dahl 

Patricia Martin Frazer 

Anne Goode 

Frances Bradford Hathorn 

Aline Powers Hudson 

Diane McClenney Macrae 

Elizabeth Malone Maione 

Katherine Keller Maultsby 

Elizabeth Ann Meeks McCormack 

Georgiana Stickley Meginley 

Martha Stokes Neill 

Susan Andes Pittman 

Virginia Hunt Roberts 

Ellen Gibson Shaw 

Clare Troiti Stephens 

Linda Vought Taylor 

Mary Sledge Weems 

Lois Morrison Zeigler 


42°- GIVING ^6, 185 

The President's Associates 

Ann Cooke Britt 
Patricia Sphar 
The Ivy Circle 
Kathleen Hand Carter 
The Colonnade Club 
Mary Redding Coselli 
Constance McHugh Kimerer 
Margaret Clarke Moring 
The Columns 
Emily Baker 
Rachel Koser Cottrell 
Margaret Teague Eaton 
Caroline Huffstutler Furr 
Linda Larkin 
Kay Lessley Linnane 
Nancy McMullan Pauley 
Faye Smith Peck 
Carolyn Griffis Smith 
Elizabeth Boling Strand 
Elizabeth Withrow Turner 
Bruce Suttle Winfield 
The Honor Roll 
Nancy Pillow Bachman 
Rebecca Kindley Beckwith 
Janice Gregory Belcher 
Anne Edmunds Brown 
Virginia Maxwell Burnett 
Nancy Williams Deacon 
Barbara Allan Hite 
Marjorie Hoge 
Anne Coleman Huskey 
Jettie Bergman Johnston 
Youngsook Hyun Kim 
Patricia Schendel Loring 
Ada Humphrey Pancake 
Dr, Emily Luscher Parr 
Lydia Woods Peale 
Elizabeth Plowman 
Patsy Messer Poovey 
Edith Martin Ruggles 
Patricia Gwynn Taft 
Margaret Skinner Webb 

1 959 

46* GIVING '2, 185 
The Colonnade Club 

Douglass Kellam Patterson 

The Columns 

Martha Caplinger Brinkley 
Marie Hayward Collins 
Jane Reid Cunningham 
Suzanne Stiding Duffey 
Ruth Hawkins Molony 
Dr. Gwen Kennedy Neville 
Patty Fulbright Smith 
Lucy Fisher West 

The Honor Roll 

Anne McClung Anderson 
Rebecca Pierce Ansley 
Emory O'Shee Apple 
Carraleigh Singletary Bass 
Virginia Bruce Cooke 
Mary Phlegar Davis 

Julia Johnson Dernier 
Cornelia Davis Doolan 
Virginia Hofler Duvall 
Anne Herbert Feathers 
Anne Wait Gardner 
Katherine Williams Gooding 
Gloria Gregory Hildebrand 
Elizabeth Williams Hoover 
Martha Moseley Johnson 
Carlana Lindstrom Lane 
Patricia Bonelli Maull 
Helen Smith McCallum 
Joyce Holt McDowell 
Frances Merry 
Louisa Jones Painter 
Celeste Weathers Patterson 
Helen Ritchie Scherff 
Sandra Esquivel Snyder 
Juliasue Stafford Swift 
Beverly Matthews Williams 
Patricia Henderson Williams 
Mary Earner Wood 
Elizabeth Edwards Woodward 

1 960 

28"^ GIVING ^18,060 

The Hill Top Club 

Sara "Sally" Armstrong Bingley 

The Founders' Club 

Susan Warfield Caples 
Carolyn Gilmer Hisley 

The President's Associates 

Nancy Mayer Dunbar 
Sally Cullum Holmes 
Florence Daniel Wellons 

The Ivy Circle 

Vicky Hill Rimstidt 

The Colonnade Club 

Nancy MacGregor Cook 
Sandy Pheris DeWald 

The Columns 

Mary Cowan Grimshaw 
Alice Cox Hubbard 
Elmore Bartlett Inscoe 
Rebekah Lewis Krivsky 
Nancy Bartley Leonard 
Mary K. McConchie Schultz 
Antoinette Baldwin Shelton 

The Honor Roll 

Judith Carter 
Sara Squires Erickson 
Joan Loffland Loffland 
Nancy Hooker Manning 
Anne Fray McCormick 
Sara Miller Richardson 
Patricia Edwards Saunders 
Ann Ballard Van Eman 

1 961 

38"- GIVING ^5,460 

The President's Associates 

Dr. May Wells Jones 

The Ivy Circle 

Cynthia Hundley Fisher 
Barbara Harris Quaries 


The Annual Report 

The Colonnade Club 

Barbara Reid Bailey 
Anne Ponder Dickson 

The Columns 

Patricia Goslnorn Ball 
Saliie Belle Whitener Benedetti 
Florence Breunig Carroll 
Ann Price Ciark 
Cecelia Flow Collins 
Shade Thomas Cronan 
Elizabeth Burton Crusel 
Lucy Rietze Dalton 
Eleanor Starke Evans 
Olivia Rogers Guggenheim 
Beverly Grear Hurt 
Wendy Coleman LeGardeur 
Emily Reeves Sloan 
Mary Vaughn Stanley 
Nancy Simpson Steinmiller 
Otey Hayward Swoboda 

The Honor Roll 

Frances Kretlow Bedore 

Phebe Palmer Bishop 

Suzanne Sessoms Blair 

Barbara Williams Craig 

Lois Willard Daniel 

Mary Penzold Fooks 

Mary Green 

Nancy Klauder Hall 

Charlotte Leverton Hamner 

Ann Bartenslager Hanger 

Mary Cloud Hamilton Holiingshead 

Etieene Taylor Hope 

Joan Williams Kivlighan 

Shirley Corbin Menendez 

Brucie Woods Moore 

Mary Sharp Swayze Mount 

Patricia Liebert Riddick 

Susan Ely Ryan 

Sigrid Gudheim Scott 

Diana Chote Smith 

Katherine Smith Tinker 

Sylvia Scott Weaver 


44°^ cinNG ^39,313 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp 

The Hill Top Club 

Gale Palmer Penn 

Emily Dethloff Ryan 

The Founders' Club 

Sarah Livingston Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen M. Ferguson 

(Mary Rutherfoord Mercer Ferguson) 
The President's Associates 
Judy Lipes Garst 

The Ivy Circle 

Mary Carpenter Gould Coulbourn 
Sandra Zeese Driscoll 
Barbara Wishart Johnson 
Emily Tyler 

The Colonnade Club 

Helen Arrowood Arnold 
Nancy Blood Ferguson 
Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins 
Roberta Gill Hefler 

1937 - 316 students were enrolled at the college. 

1 77/ - 2,172 students are enrolled at the college, 
including residential students, Adult Degree 
Program and Master of Arts in Teaching students. 

Anne Troxell Luck 
Minta McDiarmid Nixon 
The Columns 
Terry Alexander 
Lane Wright Cochrane 
Ann Booker Darst 
Harriet Murphy Frazier 
Ann Geggie Fridley 
Mary Hardaway Hasty 
Nannette Jarrell Heidrich 
Sharon Foye Hewlett 
Linda Estridge Hofmeister 
Ann King 

Rosalinda Roberts Madara 
Virginia Hesdorffer Maxwell 

Melissa Kimes Mullgardt 
Frances Davis TenBrook 
Margaret Engle Trumbo 
Elizabeth White 

The Honor Roll 

Anne Hogshead Aleman 
Julia Morton Ball 
Elizabeth Evans Baxter 
Faye Baker Clark 
Linda Wyatt Duncan 
Mary Callaway Garrett 
Elizabeth Brantley Gresham 
Martha Fant Hays 
Elizabeth Laird Hicks 
Holly Hanson Hill 

Robbie Nelson LeCompte 
Susan Sale Luck 
Linda Fobes Marion 
Martha Singletary Marks 
Joan Stanley Maroulis 
Jane Coulbourn Marshall 
Keene Roadman Martin 
Elizabeth Grubbs McCurry 
Patricia Fisher McHold 
Becky Cannaday Merchant 
Jean Wells Nelson 
Katherine Sproul Perry 
Mary Smith Perry 
Lynn Butts Preston 
Macon Clement Riddle 
Eleanor McCown Robideau 
Lynette Warner Shiver 
Mary McGrath Stone 
Elizabeth Linn Traubman 
Jane Vaughan 
Virginia Stott Ward 
Nancy Ely Wright 

1 964 

40'*' giving' 16,590 
The Hill Top Club 

Nancy Rowe Hull 

The President's Associates 

Beverly Estes Bates 
Julia Carhngton Bemis 
Susan Thompson Timmons 

The Ivy Circle 

Karen Appleby Baughan 
Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco 
Laura Holbrook Hardwick 
The Colonnade Club 
Jane Lemon Eifler 
Nancy Nelson Spencer 
The Columns 
Byrd Williams Abbott 
Victoria Reid Argabright 
Jane Heywood Boylin 
Mollie Rehmet Cannady 
Anne Nimmo Dixon 
Susanne Eve Fowlkes 
Sarah Brennan Freeman 
Penelope Wev Frere 
Ann King Harkins 
Judy Shannon Hellman 
Margaret Thompson Johnson 
Mary Ann Appleby Marchio 
Phyllis Short Marcom 
Eleanor Poole McCord 
Carolyn Clemmer McCulley 
Ann Higgins McWhirter 
Rebecca Quinn Schubmehl 
Ann Morrell Tucker 
Emily Holloway Walker 
Jean Umberger Wertz 
The Honor Roll 
Paula Greenlee Barber 
Mary Juer Barnwell 
Elizabeth Baughan Baukhages 
Alice Farrior Butler 
Frances Sanders Davis 
Rebecca Bryant Davis 
Mary Kerr Denny 
Glenn Downie 

The Annual Report 


Judith Fleeter Ford 
Rossalyn Wolever Hampton 
Elizabeth Fisher Harris 
Helen Downie Harrison 
Susan Palmer Hauser 
Jane Tanner Henderson 
Anne Warren Hoskins 
Bess Alexander Johnson 
Anita Saffels Lawson 
Darlena Sizemore Mixon 
Nancy Hardesty Montgomery 
Virginia Morton 
Fran Lovelace Overstreet 
Pamela Milliken Reed 
Linda Leeds Scott 
Betty Puckette Shenk 
Wortley Davis Smith 
Diane Warthen Watson 


36°" GIVING ^10,786 
The Founders' Club 

Carol Stewart Shaw 

The President's Associates 

Judith Payne Grey 
The Ivy Circle 
Eleanore Eckel Brough 
Ann Gordon Abbott Evans 
Julene Reese Roberts 
Gail McAlpin Schweickert 
The Colonnade Club 
Janet Haddrell Connors 
Marian Gordin 
Adele Jeffords Pope 

The Columns 

Martha Bertrand 

Elizabeth Walker Gate 

Stuart Chapman Cobb 

Janice Jones Collins 

Nan Davis 

Katherine Early Dougherty 

June Early Fraim 

Mary Lewis Hix 

Carol Gibson Kanner 

Cornelia Jackson McAllister 

Margaret Hogenauer McCormick 

Kathryn Johnson McKinnie 

Dr. Minerva Thompson Nolte 

Emma Martin Rouse 

Jane Smith Sydnor 

Margaret Malone West 

Eleanor Chew Winnard 

The Honor Roll 

Jo Avery 

Gwendolyn Black Bishop 

Diane Cooper Byers 

Mary Whittle Chapman 

Elaine Knight Clarke 

Betty Austin Conner 

Anne Smith Edwards 

Gary Flake 

Carol Graham Hairston 

Sara Beabout Hartman 

Ann Mebane Levine 

Elizabeth Brown McKell 

Charlotte Tyson Mewborn 

Nancy Jackson Miller 

Dorothy lafrate Rudy 

Judy Bryant Skinner 
Jane Doughtie Taylor 
Melanie Walthall Taylor 
Margaret Michael Thompson 
Susan Spickard Uhlig 
Hannah Gatchell Webb 
Elizabeth Dismer Yancey 


40"* GIVING ^60,331 

The President's Associates 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham 
Glenda Norris George 
Patricia Bilbo Hamp 
M. Elizabeth Swope 

The Colonnade Club 

Ann Alexander Crane 
Susan Mulford Gantly 
Beryl-Ann Johnson 
Dr. Gail Apperson Kilman 
Betsey Gallagher Satterfield 
Laura Mauldin Stewart 
June McLaughlin Strader 
Ann Morgan Vickery 

The Columns 

Claudia Turner Aycock 
Julia Blanchard Batchelor 
Susanne Rayburn Bates 
Myriam Robinson Bowen 
Mary Crittenden 
Julia Barbee Crothers 
Judith Moore Fisher 
Alice Tolley Goodwin 
Gwynn McNaught Henderson 
Latane Ware Long 
Emily Wright Mallory 
Mary Arehart Stoneburg 
Hope Rothert Taft 
The Honor Roll 
Lucy Lanier Adcock 
Jean Bailey 
Pamela Wavell Baker 
Mary Chenault Bomar 
Analeak Liipfert Bowers 
Ashlin Swetnam Bray 
Nancy Yates Briggs 
Avril Laughlin Chase 
Carole Rednour Dixon 
Mary Rainer Eanes 
Marguerite Duane Ellis 
Virginia Timbes Ewing 
Kay Puckette Felmlee 
Sally Marks Goodwin 
Joan Velten Hall 
Rosemary Harris Henderson 
Patricia Phillips Hogue 
Jane Via llli 
Esther Johnson 
Claire Stern Kaufman 
Sarah-Mack Lawson 
Rebecca Suter Lindsay 
Virginia Vaughan Longuillo 
Carol Whetham Looney 
Sammy Primm Marshall 
Lou Hartgraves McCarty 
Donna White Merkel 
Frances Davis Pollard 
Janet Wiethoff Price 

Ann Yingling Schmidt 
Dianne Kearney Scott 
Alice Lippitt Steyaart 
Page Jones Thacker 
Lora Fultz Walker 
Anne Eraser Wilhelm 
Ellen Gordon Williams 

1 968 

The Founders' Club 

Ray Castles Uttenhove 

The President's Associates 

Cathy Turner Temple 
Margaret McRae Wilson 
Elisabeth Wise 
Peyton Wooldridge 

The Ivy Circle 

Kathleen Aure 
Mary Buvinger 
Kathleen Kenig Byford 
Georgeanne Bates Chapman 
Susan Gamble Dankel 
Elizabeth Jolley Kobiashvili 
Cornelia Green Roy 
Nora Wiseman Sargent 
Susanne Dyer Stanley 
Edith Stotler 

The Colonnade Club 

Diane Hillyer Copley 
Ann Whitten Gillenwater 
Barbara Craft Hemphill 
Sarah Sterrett Meyerhoff 
Jane Starke Sims 
Katherine Martin Snider 

The Columns 

Carolyn Martin Bryan 

Dr. Catherine Walleigh Carnevale 

Elise Palma Couper 

Judith Wells Creasy 

Ellen Gaw Dean 

The Rev. Margaret Anne Robertson Fohl 

Celia Gibson 

Elizabeth Glazebrook Glazebrook 

Susan Vaughan Henry 

Barbara Penick Jimenez De Diego 

Susan Logan 

Susan White Persak 

Kay Temple Roberts 

Linda Goddin Smith 

Mary Miller Sopher 

Tempe Grant Thomas 

Blanche Humphreys Toms 

Mary Walker Volk 

The Honor Roll 

Emily Bonner Anderson 
Sharon Knopp Bares 
Vicki Hurd Bartholomew 
Virginia Watson Bernard 
Nancy Geiger Bondurant 
Elizabeth McHenry Bosworth 
Judith Way Bouchard 
Virginia Campbell 
Anne Kinnier Driscoll 
Nancy Eriksen Fogelson 
Lynda Overcash Fritz 
Elizabeth Gathright 


The Annual Report 

Elizabeth Roper Golden 
Nancy Peyton Grestiam 
Leslie Watson Hill 
Susan Merklas Kahn 
Nancy Kevan Lazaron 
Lynn Merhtt MacEwen 
Juliet McCail Moser 
Margaret Lawrence Pari<erson 
Carol Mathews Ray 
Kristine Niehaus Revington 
lyiartha Blai<e Rex 
Alicia Rodon-Estefani 
Susan Must Rosher 
Beth Free Van Fossen 
Virginia Reynolds Vogel 
Eleanor Harbrook Wilson 


40"' giving'36,393 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Claire Lewis Arnold 
The Hill Top Club 

A. Jane Townes 

The Founders' Club 

Gail McLennan King 

The President's Associates 

Eda Hofstead Cabaniss 
Patricia Binkley Haws 
Elizabeth Newman Mason 
Dr. Anna Dunson Pressly 
Margaret Thorn Rawls 
Jennifer Mack Urquhart 
The Ivy Circle 
Suzanne Jones Duncan 
Martha Masters 
Margaret Barranger Reid 

The Colonnade Club 

Ann Trusler Faith 
Robin Watson Livesay 
Sandra McQuarhe Rigby 
Virginia Moomaw Savage 
Rose Driver Stuart 
Penelope Odom Thompson 
Ann Lewis Vaughn 

The Columns 

Neely Garrett Axselle 
Susan Christ Campbell 
Mary Kennedy Caruso 
Angler Brock Caudle 
Lynn White Cobb 
Susan Cutler 
Judith Barnett Dutterer 
Susan Train Fearon 
Margaret Durant Fried 
Judith Galloway-Totaro 
Mary Weston Grimball 
Kathryn Bish Hanson 
Dr. Sara James 
Elizabeth Maxwell 
Julia Baldwin Montgomery 
Anne McGeorge Nickerson 
Julie Ellis Paddie 
Aleda Hays Rickelton 
Caroline Schooley 
Ann Davis Spitler 
Anne Emmert Thompson 

Judith Wade 
Mary Ward 
Mary Gregory Wilson 
The Honor Roll 
Claudia Montague Adams 
Valerie Lutz Angeloro 
Janet Turner Barrows 
Miriam Jones Beckwilh 
Mary Earle Brown 
Patricia Bruce Browning 
Camille Florence Coers 
Abigail Robinson Coppock 
Martha Kidder Crittenden 
Linda Dawe 

Linda Missbach Donaldson 
Sheryl Ameen Fiegel 
Margaret Lipscomb Foster 
Nancy Hill Haley 
Elisabeth Jones 

The Colonnade Club 

Elaine Rabe Giese 
Emily Borden Ragsdale 
Janie Huske Satterfield 
Elizabeth Jennings Shupe 
Frances Williamson 

The Columns 

Martha Kennedy Albertson 
Janet Bartholomew Altamari 
Carolyn Bass Armentrout 
Jane Graves Bartlett 
Virginia Holmes Brown 
Mizza Saunders Conwell 
Lynn Des Prez 
Leslie Freeman 
Candace Snodgrass Gessner 
Catherine Nease Gilbreath 
Minna Thompson Glenn 

1947 - 42 faculty members taught 
at Mary Baldwin. 

1997 - 71 full-time faculty teach at 
Mary Baldwin, plus 51 part-time 
faculty, 13MasterofArts in Teaching 
teaching partners, and 103 Adult 
Degree Program adjunct faculty. 

Judith West Kidd 

Frances Thompson McKay 

Grace Friend Mullen 

Sarah Cooke Newcomb 

Jill Olson 

Mary Deitrick Pope 

Tia Nolan Roddy 

Lindley Moffett Small 

Edwina Smith 

Margherita Patterson Somers 

Anne McLeod Turner 

Kathryn McAllister Turner 

Karen Marston Vaught 

Kay Culbreath Young 


36°^ GIVING ^16,109 
The Hill Top Club 

Julie Mays Cannell 
The Founders' Club 

Louise Rossett McNamee 

The President's Associates 

Jean Grainger 
Dorothy Jones Wrigley 
The Ivy Circle 

Laura Croom Murray 
Molly Upton Tarr 

Jo Ann Martin Gustafson 
Elizabeth Higginbotham 
Zoe Kerbey Holmes 
Gair Hartley Jewell 
Sue Newman Landa 
Elizabeth Rand Lemon 
Lynn Kirshman Mackle 
Daphne Walker 
Anne Pearson Wallace 
The Honor Roll 
Katherine Crawford Arrowsmith 
Mary Browning Birkhead 
Chris Ziebe Blanton 
Jo Guider Chase 
Mary McCaa Cothran 
Deborah Howe Crotts 
Whitney Hanes Feldmann 
Dale Smith Georgiade 
Elizabeth Larner Gutmann 
Ann Harris 

Virginia Mosby Hayles 
Janice Shoemaker Hill 
Sharon Ellis Hinnant 
Jane Smith Hopkins 
Rebecca Thomas Kopp 
Cally Lewis Lavigne 
Margaret Lake Lindsay 
Mary Macdonald 

Elizabeth Coblentz Marshall 
Elizabeth Irzyk Mize 
Connie Kittle Neer 
Margaret Hawkins Oosterman 
Janice Coleman Robertson 
Karen Rudolph 
Mary Wood Senechal 
Anne Hancock Teresa 
Elizabeth NesbitI Thomason 
Karen Pixley Trimble 
Pattie Newell Williams 
Alice Franciso Wipfler 


37* giving' 13,635 
The President's Associates 

Lynn Zagora Bender 
Nancy Morse Evans 
Caroline Struthers 
The Ivy Circle 

Louise Boylan 

Sally Cannon 

Jane Faulds 

Dee Bowman Haggard 

Betty Herrman 

Laura Sadler Olin 

Brooke Hume Pendleton 

The Colonnade Club 

Leigh Suhling Berth 

N. Lee Willey Bowman 

Janet Dennis Branch 

Agnes Cooper 

Mary Babcock Edwards 

Mary Ferguson Karnes 

Janice Booth Maner 

Alice Craddock Massey 

Kathryn English Roberts 

Catherine Gladden Schultz 

The Columns 

Linda Winner Beville 

Marcia Williams Bohannon 

Anne Collins 

Ann Allen Czerner 

Melissa Wimbish Ferrell 

Cynthia Fitch 

Barbara Leavitt Franklin 

Lila Caldwell Gardner 

Brenda Nichol Goings 

Jennifer McHugh Haase 

Susan Pope Justesen 

Antoinette Bond Morrison 

Merrick Twohy Murray 

Mary Murhn Painter 

Lupy Pardue 

Marion Catlett Rose 

Margaret Addison Shepard 

Clara MacKenzie Smiley 

Bonnie Brackett Weaver 

Kathryn Jacobs Wendell 

Elizabeth Sutherland Winstead 

The Honor Roll 

Linda Rawlings Baker 

Sheryl Allen Blackford 

Martha Blain Buchanan 

Caroline Waldrop Buckman-Haddock 

Elizabeth Toms Chaplin 

Elizabeth Conner 

Susan Hoch Crane 

The Annual Report 


Ellen Dallis 
Katherine Downie 
Stephanie Miller Goh 
Jean Orne Gosling 
Elizabeth Francis Griffith 
Susann Hutaff Haskins 
Ellen Porter Holtman 
Elizabeth Fore Keatinge 
Lucy Cunningham Lee 
Nancy Winters Moore 
Shirley Frey Morris 
Betty Jo McClimans Moses 
Betsy Marshall Nau 
Marchant Starr Reutlinger 
Ann Gilmer Richardson 
Katherine Blacl<well Roach 
Carol Sorrell Strawbridge 
Mary Stewart Strickland 
Doris Fauber Strickler 
Catharine Pierce Stringfellow 
Noell Woodward 

1 973 

36"' GIVING ^12,140 
The Founders' Club 

Barbara Knisely Roberts 

The President's Associates 

Margaret Bryant Rust 
C. Lindsay Ryland 
Judy Spence Tate 

The Ivy Circle 

Mary Virginia Mudd Galvez 
Mary Hotchkiss Leavell 
Pamelia Bird Sanderlin 
The Colonnade Club 
Mary Jane Conger 
Mildred Farquharson Little 
Carmen Holden McHaney 
Carol Jackson Schmidt 
Martha Hildebrand Sherwood 
Amelia Smith 
The Columns 
Sally Deitrick Brady 
Nancy Greever Brooks 
Peggy Partridge Contreni 
Margaret Wilson Doherty 
Olivia Young Fisher 
Katherine Hewitt Holmes 
Mary Burton Johnson 
Deborah Jobe Koehler 
Margaret Baldwin Marks 
Elysa Maddox Montgomery 
Linda Forbes Riley 
Sallie Brush Thalhimer 
Deborah Verdier-Smith 
Margaret Logan Vincie 
Julia Often Wangler 

The Honor Roll 

Linda Thorn Abele 
Kathleen Thomasson Bagby 
Jean Cortright Copeland 
Virginia Phillips Counselman 
Helen Delgado 
Georgia Robert Draucker 
Linda Dodd Ebersole 
Anne Locke Evans 
Linda Lueders Faick 

Carolyn Coors Friedgen 

Camille Gaffron Gaffron 

Anne Jones Graziani 

Deirdre Dougherty Grogan 

Catherine Cross Hallberg 

Meredith Kelly Houff 

Katherine Rodes Huffman 

Georgann Kash Jantzen 

The Honorable Catherine Hood Kennedy 

Eloise Hendershot Lennox 

Elizabeth Riddler Lichenstein 

Catherine Keenan Mayo 

Lois Siegfried Oglesby 

Carole Payne Pilcher 

Terry Gage Quin 

Julie Clark Reedy 

Susanne Reaves Rhame 

Lane Winn Rothschild 

Robyn Timberlake Ruth 

Sarah Stallworth Sebrell 

Maxine Matthews Smith 

Melanie Dexter Snoddy 

Mary Totin 

Mary Temple Somerville 
Lynn McWhorter Speno 
Sandra Wandrisco Waller 
Lossie Noell Wilkinson 
The Honor Roll 
Bliss Buford Abbot 
Carol Tilson Atwood 
Catherine Boynton Beazley 
Nancy McEntire Bradford 
Kristina Mallonee Buckingham 
Anne Trice Chewning 
Virginia Sproul Downing 
Judy Durham 
Elizabeth Ziebe Elliott 
Harriett Hughes Fitzgerald 
Ruth Hill Goodpasture 
Agnes Harwood 
Wanda Lewin Johnson 
Elizabeth Coleman Knopp 
Patricia Lacy 
Virginia Johnson Moss 
Julie Tippins Parker 
Margaret McMaster Parrish 

1957 - The college ofifered 13 majors. 
1997 - The college offers 33 majors. 

Diana Phinney Tucker 
Sarah McCormick Turner 

1 974 

30"' GIVING ^5,840 

The President's Associates 

Ann Bowman Day 
The Ivy Circle 

Leigh Yates Farmer 
Catherine Lewis Maxwell 
The Colonnade Club 

Judith Stovall Boland 
Betty Davis Crump 
The Columns 
Kathleen Barksdale Craine 
Marguerite Ivy Crews 
Diane White Fechtel 
Susan Englander Fraile 
Helen Radcliffe Gregory 
Sally Dillard Hauptfuhrer 
Deborah Jamieson 
Bonnie Kennedy Kant 
Nancy Hudson Lloyd 
Elizabeth Henderson Long 
Judith Sydnor McNeel 
Eve Hitchman Morrison 
Dr. Jamie Hewell Odrezin 
Karen Outlaw 
Barbara Mitchell Sample 
Brenda Seymore Sanders 

Marie Dienst Perry 
Elizabeth Read-Connole 
Camille Cremers Richards 
Nancy Ross 
Ann Allen Savoy 
Alice Smith Smith 
Elizabeth Gary Spell 
Claudia Williams 
Margaret Stanley Wood 
Kathryn Payne Wueste 


le"" GIVING^8,073 
The Ivy Circle 

Lee Johnston Foster 
Mary Neel-Prince 
Patricia Sholar-Freund 
Dr. Katherine Smallwood 
Deborah Dull Walker 
The Colonnade Club 
Wade Walker Coleman 
Ellen Lutz Hardin 
Blaine Kinney Johnson 
Anne Lonnquest Moore 
Anne Feddeman Warner 

The Columns 

Terry Huffman Allaun 
Pamela Shell Baskervill 
Sally Matthews Bryant 
Helen Whitcomb Coates 

Susan Green Coulter 

Pat Eldridge 

Mary Morgan Fulton 

Elizabeth Evans Grainer 

Anne North Howard 

Dr. Claudette Hurtt Hyman 

Anne Munn Jacobson 

Laurie Jones Kapfer 

Gretchen Clemen Morris 

Suzanne Higgins O'Malley 

Margaret Johnston Oppenheimer 

Lisa Harvey Raines 

Martha Davis Shifflett 

Katherine Hunt Stormont 

Kathryn Wafle 

The Honor Roll 

Florence Brandon Allison 
Susan Brooks 
Nancy Sherman Burton 
Janet Farrar Byington 
Martha Marshall Cassell 
Beveriy Shenk Coltrane 
Caroline Stowe Covington 
Dr. Martha Creasy Cutright 
Susan Hamner Daoust 
Mary McCullough Ferguson 
Mary Tucker Fouraker 
Melinda Ratliff Gallegos 
Linda Holder Gordon 
Janet Jordan Hannah 
Susan Lemon Hobbs 
Molly Ely Hunter 
Mary Cox MacLeod 
Suzanne Maxson Maltz 
Harriet Marrow Neldon 
Susan Bickerstaff Orne 
Robin Boyd Rawles 
Elizabeth Hughes Reisch 
Susan McGinley Scott 
Patrice Snoddy Wall 
Anne Anderson Wallen 
Catherine Choate Ward 
Lynda Bergen Wheatley 


JO" GinNG ^9, 730 

The President's Associates 

Donna Neudorfer Earp 
Lisa Ireland Long 
Jane Miller 

The Colonnade Club 

Dr. Susan Thomas 
Sylvia Baldwin 
Clair Carter Bell 
Dana Leckie 
Lisa Wall O'Donnell 
Susan Palmer 
Laura Wall Phillips 

The Columns 

Margaret Bryson Altman 
Joan Ferrell 
Cheryl Hydrick Guedri 
Carroll Blair Keiger 
Pamela Dunbar Kreger 
Christina Beardsley McGaughey 
Margaret Tuggle Miller 
Mary Kay Schorn Stainback 

The Annual Report 

The Honor Roll 

Anne Leatherbury Atwood 
Jennie Peery Baumann Budd 
Addie Stanley Beckner 
Susan Hazelwood Buffington 
Katherine Hobbs Burnett 
Patricia Tuggle Collins 
Karen McConnell Daniel 
Shirley Douglass 
Mary Ferguson 
Catharine Johnson Flagg 
Cary Adkins Guza 
Vicki Hawes 
Susan Hewitt 
Katherine Kantner 
Cynthia Vaughan Kerr 
Mary Hollings McConnell 
Nancy Lawler Milam 
Claire Colbert Mills 
Prince Carr Norfleet 
Catherine Priddy Norman 
Mary Valerie Sutton Payne 
Douglass Head Pittman 
Margaret Lybrand Ryland 
Susan Shipman 
Ivy Mathias Stennett 
Jane Fisher Vagt 
Lydia Vander Voort 
Shawn Keys Whitman 



The Founders' Club 

Letia McDaniel Drewry 
Carol Paul Powell 
The President's Associates 
Mary Beth Baldwin Johnson 
Lt. Colonel Melissa Patrick 
Katherine Taylor 
The Ivy Circle 
Sally Wetzel Wicks 

The Colonnade Club 

Laurie Scott Bass 
Kathleen O'Neill Frazier 
Catherine Ferris McPherson 
Elizabeth Hoefer Ward 
Jennifer Reilly Yurina 
The Columns 
Anne Hall Allen 
Pamela Williams Butler 
Susan Grosso Cimperman 
Heidi Goeltz Clemmer 
Nancy Clinkinbeard 
Catherine McKenney Harcus 
Claire McCants Schwahn 
Susan Walker 
Gayle Hogg Wells 
The Honor Roll 
Carroll McCausland Amos 
Mary Eros Barnes 
Patricia Bullock Barton 
Melanie Goff Bradley 
Jane Brammer 
Jean Davis Bruton 
Jennifer Johnston Cobb 
Katherine Pearson Crump 
Lavalette Lacy Jennings 

Jane Chaplin Jones 
Elizabeth Smith Kirtz 
Leisa McCauley Kite 
Dr. Nancy Meek 
Kelsey Adams Melvin 
Kathryn Redford O'Mara 
Mary Parrish Passagaluppi 
Mary Wells Pfeffer 
Deborah Rexrode Timberlake 
Elizabeth Corrigan Velimirovic 

1 979 

26'' GIVING ^6,653 

The President's Associates 

Cynthia Luck Haw 
Nancy Dana Theus 

The Ivy Circle 

Kimberly Baker Glenn 
Jane Harcus Hill 

The Colonnade Club 

Ellison Carey 
Leslie Dore Hogan 
Tami O'Dell 
Kelley Rexroad 

The Columns 

Mary Lehnertz Faulkner 
Mary Letha Warren Jelinek 
Robin Jasiewicz Lafferty 
Sue Lollis 

Nancy Randall Mackey 
Martha Krauss Smith 
Elizabeth Thomas 
Susan Harris Witt 

The Honor Roll 

Barbara Strong Davis 

Dr. Laura Desportes-Echols 

Dorothy Drake 
Mary Hamblin Getty 
Jennifer Pace Gray 
Susan Ridout Jones 
Debra Wilton Kipley 
Kimberiee Lambe Masich 
Janine Twigg Morse 
Chariotte Johnson Moyler 
Kathleen Larus Powell 
Lisa Scott Pugh 
Susan Gordon Rosen 
Lisa Rowley 
Jane Baugh Singletary 
Sarah Way Speaker 
Leah Coleman Thomas 
Barbara Barnes Wissbaum 
Susan Wolfe 

The Columns 

Katherine Jackson Anderson 
Laura Reed Bivans 
Katherine Pierson Colden 
Ann Gregory Colligan 
Melinda Dodge 
Victoria Goodwin Hardy 
Christina Holstrom 
Mariene Denny Jones 
Connie Bourne Jung 
Susan Cowan Kaiser 
Lynda Harrison Meredith 
Trueheart Caskie Porter 
Marian Shiflet-O'Brien 
Langhorne McCarthy Stinnette 
Dr. Josephine Hemphill Ullom 


30'" GIVING ^11, 734 

The Founders' Club 

Karen Emmet Hunt 

The President's Associates 

Elizabeth Gulbenk Balentine 
Jo O'Neal Brueggeman 
Lynn Tuggle Gilliland 

The Ivy Circle 

Margaret Chapman Jackson 
Elizabeth Updegraff Vardell 

The Colonnade Club 

Kelly Huffman Ellis 
Sarah Jolley Kerr 
Martha Philpott King 
Mary Meador Nelson 
Linda Fogle Newsom 
Sally Simons 

The Honor Roll 

Melanie Barber 

Susan Tucker Barfield 

Elizabeth Abercrombie Daniels 

Anna Allen Forrest 

Janice Clark Freytag 

Carolyn Tammany Jackson 

Melissa Raider Keahey 

Susan Kleck 

Judith Leitch MacLennan 

Alise Learned Mahr 

Page Wooldridge Marchetti 

Cary Edel Nichols 

Audrey Andrews Oddi 

Ann Powers 

Rosie Sabala 

Susan Walker Scola 

Frances Shiriey Scruby 

Cynthia Wilson Shoemaker 

Pamela Roach Voight 

Carolina Woodard 

Tlie Annual Report 


.!^SMlli\N S^^ ^' ANNE. SCHOLL ■ :B.; SHULER 



25"'' GIVING ^7,508 

The Founders' Club 

Valerie Wenger 

The President's Associates 

Margaret Wren de St. Aubin 
Jean Huffman Carter 
Elizabetfi Gates Moore 
The Ivy Circle 
Sarah Beth Snead Lankford 

The Colonnade Club 

Margaret Silver Burton 
Michelle Howard Dase 

The Columns 

Janet Davies Beebe 

Jane McClure Booth 

Elizabeth Trimble Bradley 

Frances Garvey 

Rebecca Linger 

Elizabeth Laffitte Malinowski 

Jennifer Free Pecora 

Pamela Pope 

Glenda Ridgely 

Walter Ridgely 

Diane Walczak Russell 

The Honor Roll 

Priscilla Rosasco Armbruster 

Elizabeth Lipscomb Coffee 

Whitney Markley Denman 

Melinda Rose Eichorn 

Dr. Julie Ewing 

Elizabeth Blake Ferguson 

Julia Hall Friedman 

Leigh Williams Greer 

The Rev. Olivia Kincaid Haney 

Alice Stevens Marshall 

Sheila Pinder Mathieson 

Pamela Hunziker McDorman 

Lucinda Furr McKinney 

Kathryn Gravely Melo 

Carol McKenna Mongan 
Pamela McCain Pearce 
Nancy Price Porter 
Courtney Lester Procter 
Elizabeth Cundiff Pyron 
John Runkle 
Kim Herring Rutland 
Elizabeth Nash Taylor 
Sara Poulston Tompkins 
Rhonda Mace Utterback 
Rebecca Smith Wirt 


28'' GIVING ^8, 175 

The President's Associates 

Susan Parker Drean 
Anne McCormack Jones 
Chariotte R. Wenger 

The Ivy Circle 

Jane G. Kornegay 
Gabrielle Gelzer McCree 
Kathleen Jones Flynn 
Anne Broyles Proctor 

The Columns 

Elizabeth Wyatt Ashe 
Major Victoria Calhoun 
Laura LaGrow Durland 
Linda Martin Graybill 
Mary Bartelloni Klinedinst 
Martha McGraw McKaughn 
Emily Shore Reeve 
Frances Oxner Robertson 
Loretta Vigil Tabb 
The Honor Roll 
Frances Honeycutt Arrowood 
Annette Shepard Bender 
Deborah Boyer 
Kathryn Pilcher Davis 
Rhonda Foreman 
Mary Torrence Guy 
Beth Slusser Hall 

Ruth Winston Hildebrand 
Jane Latchum Jacobsen 
Mary Bartelloni Klinedinst 
Mary Barnhardt Lasker 
Patricia Kapnistos Leto 
Carolyn Enochs Mance 
Robin Rexinger Mayberry 
Mary Pleasants McManus 
Martha Anthony Prioleau 
Barbara Price Riley 
Nora Mays Saunders 
Mary Gibson Scott 
Sharon Hayes Siegmeister 
Lanette Lehnertz Smith 
Peyton Burnett Telegadas 
Rebecca Traylor 
Therese Rothe Witcher 


J5"' GIVING ^8,459 

The President's Associates 

Margaret Troutman Grover 

Deborah Huffman 

Carroll Oliver Roach 

Dr. Saundra Eareckson Seifert 

The Ivy Circle 

Elizabeth Cummins Dudley 

Laura Kerr 

The Colonnade Club 

Mary Stuart Copeland Alfano 
Susan Mitchell Bell 
Jacqueline Triglia O'Hare 
Catherine Harreil Pennington 
Tamara Moon Silverman 

The Columns 

Kerri Glenn Byrne 
Martha Smith Collett 
Leslie Lewis Cranberry 
Deborah Hardie 
Mary Moorman Ismail 
Belinda Norden Pitman 

Virginia McBride Shover 
Elizabeth Edgerton Summers 
Joanna Campbell Swanson 
Kelly Phelps Winstead 

The Honor Roll 

Marilyn Hughes Allan 
Theresa Hall Attwell 
Lynley Rosanelli Cavanaugh 
Susan Shellenberger Cooper 
Laura Martin Davis 
Elizabeth Fox Day 
Deidre Fleming Dougherty 
Leigh Smith Faircloth 
Lisa Gavazzi-Johnson 
Cheryl Garrett Goddard 
Amy Lawler Holloway 
Aimie Elliott Jones 
Kathleen King 

Carolee Cramer Lewandowski 
Catherine Wood Maione-Huey 
Jessica Meekins 
Janet Andrews Melton 
Lisa McKenzie Millican 
Renee dander 
Mary Pollard Raith 
Mary Hockman Robinson 
Margaret Tourtellot Stringfieid 
Mary Santucci Tiffin 
Ann Garrett Toler 
Anne Birdsong Wentz 
Laura Wilson Young 


22'^ GIVING ^6,375 

The President's Associates 

Kelly Andrews Coselli 
Charissa Fortner Massie 
Edie Smith Shannon 

The Ivy Circle 

Dawn Tusing Burris 
LeAnne Williamson 


The Anrnual Report 

The Columns 

Cydney Bassett 
Martha Robson Gilg 
Margaret Humphrey 
Kathryn Pearce Phillips 
Mary Pollard Wood 

The Honor Roll 

Julie Shenl< Blauvelt 

Carol Gillespie Coates 

Felicia Rand Cook 

Sarah Daly 

Elizabeth Dickerson Franklin 

Pattie Norton Gunter 

Sandra Harrison 

Mary Scott O'Brien Herrington 

Alice Ingram Hickman 

Maura Kelley Higginbotham 

Alice Hubbard 

Pryor Castleman Lancaster 

Barbara Currey Oseroff 

Margaret Williams Pace 

Dianne Pennington 

Karen Fleming Spears 

Sarah Paret Thomas 

Anne Thornton 

Suzanne Woodfin Villani 

Jamie McClure Wells 


14'"' GIVING ^3,280 
The Founders' Club 

Lynn Dinger Edmonds 
The Columns 

Esther Ames Dittamo 
Kathleen Healy-Gillen 
Lindsay Mitchell Scarisbrick 

The Honor Roll 

Stacie Hamilton Baird 
Ann Renee Garrett Bell 
Alice Blair 
Amy Bridge 
Michelle Burry 
Michele Schalow Clements 
Michele Starck Dinsmore 
Anne Dowding Dobson 
Laura Brown Eastman 
Ann Hall Branscome Kendall 
Barbara Cale Newman 
Eustacia Nicholson Schoeffler 
Carol Vaughn Surratt 
Chrisley Baylor Voter 
Rebecca Jones Wickham 


27* GIVING ^4,215 

The Founders' Club 

Margaret Moore 
Teresita Zapata Trigo 

The Colonnade Club 

Lisa Dressier 

Mallory Copeland Kahler 

The Columns 

Mary Blasser Brown 
Margaret Hartley Buchanan 
Lisa Derby 
Jasmin Reyes Scott 

The Honor Roll 

Ralphetta Aker 
Ann Green Ball 
Kristina Bennett-White 
Margret Mullen Brinson 
Tiffany Bevan Dormire 
Melissa Price Gates 
Bobbye Mitchell Gery 
Rebecca Gibbs 
Monica Derbes Gibson 
Deborah Wuensch Haynes 
Amie Adams Kennedy 
Charlene Kenney 
Janice Myers Miller 
Sally Miller 
Cassandra Pair 
Marsha Paulson 
Nicole Mesisco Reed 
Joanne Reich 
Angela Shepherd Terrell 
Kristy Barlow Warthan 
Mary Williams 

Melissa West Hayes 

Lucille Hodges 

Sarah McClellan Holman 

Jennifer Simpson Johnson 

Hi-Gyong Kang Kahng 

Anne Hess Mamon 

Katie Reagan McCullough 

Kathleen Sale Shannon 

Martha Hendrickson Shelley 

Patricia McNabb Shilling 

Julie Sikes 

Katrina Spanka-Kloman 

Bonnie Spiers 

Wendy Cudworth Van Fossen 

Angela Favata Week 


26''" giving'2,165 

The President's Associates 

Susie Morris 

1967 - The library, later named the 
Martha Stackhouse Grafton Library, was 
completed. It housed 75,000 volumes. 

1""7 - The Grafton Library houses 
1 60,000 volumes and over 1 ,000 print and 
on-line periodical subscriptions. Materials 
not owned by the Hbrary are available 
through interUbrary loan and document 
deUvery service. 


24* giving ^2,7 9 5 
The Colonnade Club 

Tracey Cote Allen 

Rita Alvis 

Holly Porter Vitullo 

The Columns 

Courtney Bell 

Susan Wilson Boydoh 

Leslie Ferrier Campbell 

Sarah Yeatts Gormley 

Amy Gupton Nelson 

Jacqueline Nicholas 

Shelby Powell 

Diane Herron Ragan 

Inghd Erickson Vax 

The Honor Roll 

Kelly Garrett Abbott 

Amy Aboud 

Mary Louise Bowman 

Corrinna Durham 

Christine Warwick Fitzgerald 

The Colonnade Club 

Kellie Warner Renken 

The Columns 

Elizabeth Carreras Benson 
Amy Gavigan Russell 

The Honor Roll 

Lorl Smith Beck 
Rosina Bolen 
Mary Chatham-Harrell 
Mary Erikson 
Megan Evans 
Susan Hyatt Ferrell 
Roberta Trescott George 
Allison James 
Kelley Conner Lear 
Diana Brant Manning 
Valerie Skinner Mauro 
Karen Phillips McVey 
Erin Murray 
Tia Tilman Owen 
Susan Morey Petrillo 
Margaret Potter 

Cecilia Slock Robinson 
Kristen Earner Saade 
Nickole Shetfield-Emberlin 
Laura Sage Stewart 
Carroll McMath Weatherman 
Lisa Baker Wicklund 
Mary Irvin York 


24^ giving '1,699 
The Columns 

Theresa David 
Katherine Slough Demers 
Claire Garrison 
Margaret Hambrick Glaze 
Priscilla Huynh 
Suzanne Kierson Miller 
Elizabeth Bender Nelson 
Sarah Andress Smith 
Jennifer Webb 

The Honor Roll 

Elizabeth Baker 
Catherine Noyes Biringer 
Amy Tunstall Burleson 
Caroline Hildebrand Cochrane 
Shea DeJarnette 
Kandice Engle 
RachelAnne Festa Fleming 
Robyn Fiorenza Haynie 
Teal Chappel Lloyd 
Katherine Smith Marett 
Kristin Henley McWilliams 
Heather Houdeshell Neel 
Kelly Thornburg Oberholzer 
Jennifer Page 
Sarah Penhallow Vostal 
Angela Perri 

Ellen Cullather Stepanian 
Katherine Talbot 
Mary Tucker Thrift 
Katrina Bloom Wagner 
Eleanor Ware 
Mary Wexler 
Heather Wilcox 
Karen Ponton Witham 


Laura Beth Warder 


Bridget Atchison 


Karen Hurt 
Harriet Runkle 


Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 
Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
John Kelly 
Mabel Hirschbiel 

(D) deceased 

The Annual Report 


The Young Alumnae Program 

The Young Alumnae Program 
was established in 1994 in an 
effort to increase Annual Fund 
participation in the four most 
recently graduated classes. With 
giving clubs suited to a recent 
graduate's budget and a strong 
emphasis on participation at 
any level, the Young Alumnae 
Program has involved more 
young alumnae than ever in the 
Annual Fund. Together, the 
classes of 1993, 1994, 1995 and 
1996 had an average participation 
rate of 29* and gave a total of 
^4,441 to the Annual Fund. 



Giving Clubs 

The Gladys Circle 
^500 and up 

The Hunt Hall Society 
nOO to M99 

The Mixers Club 

=75 to =99 

The Apple Day Club 

550 to '74 

The Ham and Jam Associates 
=5 to M9 

The Gladys 

CLASS OF 1993 

The Gladys Award is presented 
to the young alumnae class with 
the highest percentage of 
participation. Congratulations 
to the Class of 1993 — 33" of 
the class participated in the 
1996-97 Annual Fund. 

1 993 

33°'' GIVING ^1,288 

Jennifer Waybright and 

Amy Burroughs. YAP co-chairs 

The Hunt Hall Society 

Patricia Collins 

Buffy DeBreaux 

Jacquelyn Elliott-Wonderley 

Christyn Hawkins 

Kelly Kennaly 

Margaret Ashmore Upchurch 

The Apple Day Club 

Mary Alice Bomar 

Anne Butler 

Mary Hamilton 

Dawn Pattarini 

Sharon Scott 

The Ham and Jam Associates 

Crystal Armentrout 

Carmen Rodriguez Briody 

Lillian Jetfers Bryant 

Amelia Burroughs 

Elizabeth Everly Cox 

Sandra Johnson Davis 

Therese Dersch 

Anna Austell Dozal 

Sandra Finke Erier 

Jean Gatje 

Jacqueline McFaden Gilreath 

Anne Hanson 

Helen Adams Holland 

Elizabeth Home 

Cheryl Jones Jolley 

Jennifer Jones 

Tina Thompson Kincaid 

Leigh Anne Klotzberger 

Elizabeth Layne 

Sydney McCown 

Sonja Musser 

Lisa Nichols 

Emily Oehler 

Rhoda McLeod Perry 

Amy Kellam Powers 

Camille Shearouse 

Heather Smith 

Jennifer Waybright 

Allie Witt 


32°'' cmNG ^1,515 

Jenny Klopman and 

Lori Broglio. YAP co-chairs 

The Hunt Hall Society 

Heather Hill 

Jennifer Klopman 

Sabrina Rakes 

Melanie Brashear Salsbury 

Kathryn Stokely 

The Apple Day Club 

Lori Broglio 

Tamalyn Dawson 

Dana Fugazzotto 

Melissa Hines 

Julie Lodge 

Jennifer Pollitt 

Beverly Wilson 

The Ham and Jam Associates 

Blair Bones 

Laura Byrne 

Michele Cargain 
Kathryn DeJarnette Clary 
Leah Daike 
Jennifer Eavet Eavey 
Elizabeth Elsing 
Leah Garcia 
Eugenia Gratto 
Allison Hurley 
Gina Lawrimore 
Angela Lawhorne Lee 
Dakysha Moore 
Jane Schofield 
Carol Biggs Sigley 
Amanda Peebles Steere 
Gerri Whittaker Timmons 
Deborah Atkinson VanFossen 
Sharon Wertz 

1 995 

21°° GIVING ^923 

Kristan Dawson LaFon and 

Mary Beth Butler. YAP co-chairs 

The Hunt Hall Society 

Mary Beth Butler 

Garnett Clymer 

Julie Young 

The Apple Day Club 

Amy Galvin Isola 

Michel Lamb 

The Ham and Jam Associates 

Carrie Burke 

Anne Bushman 

Allison Compton 

Rebecca Miller Glover (D) 

Selene Gorman 

Alexis Grier 

Elizabeth Heeke 

Jessamy Hoffman 

Danica Jamison 

Kristan Dawson LaFon 

Ashley Leftwich 

Carla Custis Leggitt 

Elizabeth Morgan 

Mary Morrison 

Margaret Murray 

Jo Marie Osmer 

Kimberly Peterson 

Cindy-Lu Rondeau 

Anne Scott 

Sonja Sparks 

Lee Thompson Vermillion 
Noshua Watson 

1 996 

31" GIVING '71 5 

Camaia Beam Kite and 

Melissa Leecy. YAP co-chairs 

The Hunt Hall Society 

Peggy Rusnak 

The Apple Day Club 

Krista Corbett 

Jennifer Kelsay 

Anna Vazquez 

The Ham and Jam Associates 

Charity Lambert Baker 

Anita Blanco 

Tara Bosher 

Susan Crawford Bouchard 

Kristie Bowman 

Margaret Buerkel 

Amy Charleston 

Rebecca Fifield 

Amy Griffith 

Laura Hamilton 

Amanda Hodges 

Dixie Jay 

Emily Johnson 

Summer King 

Camaia Beam Kite 

Melissa Leecy 

Lauren Logan 

Diane Lowry 

Amy Lynn 

Christine MacEwen 

Janett Mendez 

Kara Olsen 

Diana Perry 

Anne Putnam 

Julia Renn 

Jennifer Reynolds 

Kristine Serfozo 

Heather Shuman 

Jennifer Snyder 

Jerri Sutphin 

Kathryn Sydnor 

Lisa Tansey 

Mary Thielen 

Elizabeth Turner 

Joanna Vickery 

Rebekah Wiser 

(D) deceased 


The Annual Report 

Faculty and Staff 

Mary Baldwin College's faculty and staff members are responsible lor crcaiiiif^ a Icarnii];^ cbmatc that 
fosters excellence and integrity, Those listed below have chosen to demonstrate their additional support 
for the college's leadership by making a gift to the Annual Fund. We salute all who help to shape the 
Mary Baldwin College environment. 

The Founders' Club 

Gordon L. Hammock (D) 
The President's Associates 

Mark L. Atchison 

H. E. Neale 

Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 

Dr. Heather Wilson 

The Ivy Circle 

Dr. Dane J. Cox 

Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco '64 

Jane G. Kornegay '83 

The Colonnade Club 

Dr. Robert T. Allen III 

Tracey Cote Allen '89 

Crista R. Cabe 

The Reverend Patricia Hunt 

John S. Kelly 

Dr. James 0. Lott 

Catherine Ferris McPherson '78 

Dr. Jane T. Pietrowski 

The Columns 

Dr. Ann Field Alexander '67 

Beverly J. Askegaard 

Dr. Lewis Askegaard 

Alan K. Christy 

Garnett Clymer '95 

Dr. Gary W. Diver 

Jacquelyn Elliott-Wonderley '93 

Dr. Diane Ganiere 

Dr. W. Michael Gentry 

Dr. Robert Grotjohn 

Dr. Elizabeth M. Hairfield 

Hampton Hairfield Jr. 

Dr. Sara James '69 

Betty M. Kegley 

Nancy P. Mclntyre 

Dr. Roderic Owen 

Walter Ridgely Jr. '81 

Dr. Frank R. Southerington 

Theresa Koogler Southerington '72 

Thomas Dale Wiseman 

The Honor Roll 

Elizabeth Outland Branner 

Dr. Brenda L. Bryant 

Dr. Mary Hill Cole 
Shiriey T. Craft 
Kristin B. Dabney 
Marion B. Hart 
Carolyn Hensley 
Marjorie Hoge '58 
Karen P. Horn 
Karen Hurl 

Tina Thompson Kincaid '93 
Donna H. Love 
Elaine E. McCarrick 
Carolyn P. Meeks 
Wanda K. Morris 
Anne G. Musser 
Sonja Musser '93 
Sarah O'Connor 
Cathy Pales 
Lydia J. Pelersson 
Linda S. Puckett 
Kathleen Stinehart 
Rebecca A. Tyler 
Robin Wilson '92 

Former Faculty, Staff & Emeriti 

Many former faculty, staff and emeriti have kept close ties to the Mar)' Baldwin community. Their leadership on our campus 
helped to create the tradition of academic excellence that we enjoy today. Those listed below have demonstrated their 
continuing commitment to support Mary Baldwin's educational leadership. For their legacy and support, we are gratefiil. 

The Founders' Club 

Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 
The President's Associates 

Brig. General and Mrs. E. Z. Adelman 

Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 

Carroll Oliver Roach '84 

Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 

The Ivy Circle 

Lee Johnston Foster '75 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton 

Katherine Lichtenberg 

Dr. Samuel R. Spencer 
The Colonnade Club 

Sylvia Baldwin '76 

Clair Carter Bell '76 

Susan Canfield 

Elizabeth Jennings Shupe '70 

Gwendolyn Walsh 

The Columns 

Elizabeth Pfohl Campbell 

Katherine Kivlighan Carter '44 

Marietta Barnes Jones '51 

Kelly Kennaly '93 

Dorothy Mulberry 

Dr. James Patrick 

Glenda Ridgely '81 

J. T. Spillman 

The Honor Roll 

Jessica Booth Bergstoll '92 

Melanie Gotf Bradley '78 

Rebecca Gibbs '88 

Harriet Runkle '94 MAT 

John A. Runkle 

Rebecca Waalewyn Traylor '83 

1"77 - The first year of the Adult Degree Program. This was the first of 
the college's innovative degree programs. 

1 ""7 - The Adult Degree Program is 20 years old. The college now has 
the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted, the Virginia Women's Institute 
for Leadership, and the Master of Arts in Teaching program, as well. 


Mary Baldwin College was 
founded in 1842 with the 
support of the Presbyterian 
Church. This bond continues 
today. Individual churches and 
the Synod of the Mid- Atlantic 
demonstrate their support for 
the college's educational 
progress through contributions 
to the Annual Fund. Many 
thanks go to these churches for 
their donations. 

First Presbyterian Church 
Asheville, North Carolina 

Second Presbyterian Church 
Roanoke, Virginia 

Synod of the Mid-Atlantic 
Riclimond. Virginia 

The Annual Report 


Parents of Current and Former Students 

Parents entrust the education of their daughters to Mary Baldwin CoUege because of the unique program options, 
small classes and individual attention that they will receive. Gifts from parents of current students and alumnae 
represent an important affirmation of the college and our mission. 

The Rufus W. Bailey Society 

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Clymer Jr. 

The Hill Top Club 

Mrs. C. Gordon Smith Jr. 

William L. Sudderth 

The Founders' Club 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon L. Hammock 

(Gordon L. Hammocl< -D) 
Gail McLennan King '69 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Luck III 
Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard V. Peto 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Rapier 
Mr. & Mrs. William O. Reuther 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Sharp 
Cecile Mears Turner '46 
The President's Associates 
Gordon E. Arnold 
Mr, & Mrs. Mark L. Atchison 
Dorothy Seals Ballew '53 
David Paul Barra 
Martha Barnett Beai '53 
Montgomery L. Blizard 
Margaret Gignilliat Garswell '53 
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin N. Clyde Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Dawson 
James D. Douglas 
Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 
Walter E. Eckel 
Mr. & Mrs. E. B. Fitzgerald 

Mr. & Mrs. Dudley Dean Flanders 

Nancy Guthrie Garrett 

Gordon M. Grant 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Halligan 

Alexander Hamilton IV 

Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 

Margaret Herscher Hitchman '40 

Onza E. Hyatt 

Ralph W. Kittle 

Marianna Jamison Leach '47 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Martin Jr. 

Ethelyn Jones Maxwell '40 

Laura Atkinson May '47 

Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 

Edmund H. Poionitza 

Dr. Anna Dunson Pressly '69 

Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 

H. B. Roberts Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry V. Schnabel Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Searle 

Michael M. Sheppard 

Mr. &Mrs. A. P. Stover Jr. 

Elizabeth Hardin Taylor '48 

Michael W. Terry 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 

Myrna Williams Vest '47 

Mary Lamont Wade '52 

Rudy & Aremita Watson 

Captain & Mrs. O. C. B. Wev 

The Ivy Circle 

Helen Beckelheimer Baugh '50 

Norris A. Broyles Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Bruce Byford 

(Betsy Kenig Byford '68) 
Pierre N. Charbonnet 
Dale L. Cross 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick E. Dorsey 
Elizabeth Cummins Dudley '84 
Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65 
Virginia Worth Gonder '39 
Thomas P. Gratto 
Suzanne K. Hansen 
Susan Massie Johnson '67 
Mr. & Mrs. William Clarke Jones 
Elizabeth Jolley Kobiashvili '68 
Alene Brewster Larner '32 
Paula R. Lea 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Mitchell 
Annette Peter Neel '49 
Mary Hebbard Parmelee '30 
Brooke Hume Pendleton '71 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Pover 
Jane Proffit Pruett '46 
Gail McAlpin Schweickert '65 
William N. Shearer Jr. 
Charlotte Tilley Sorrell '46 
Mrs. William A. Sutherland 
Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Tusing 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Walker 
Mr. & Mrs. O. L. Walker 
Robert J. Westerman 

Mrs. Thomas S. Williamson III 

Mr. & Mrs. Somers M. Wilton 

The Colonnade Club 

Shirley Black Barre '39 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry N. Carter Jr. 

Mrs. W. Marshall Chapman 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Creed 

Ret. Colonel John W. Cummings 

Mrs. Robert V. Ely 

Dr. Martin A. Favata 

Virginia G. Favreau 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce G. Freeland 

Susan Mulford Gantly '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Garrett 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Ghidotti 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Glenn 

Dorothy Snodgrass Goldsborough '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Jasper P. Home III 

Mr & Mrs. Rea A. Huston 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Allen Johnston Jr. 

Marjorie Creasy Lacy '45 

Mr. & Mrs. David Cad Landin 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Leatherbury 

Gary W. Mackey 

Mrs. Steve L. Mathis III 

Dr. & Mrs. Phillip H. McClure 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond V. Paul 

Nancy Roycroft Perry '45 

Bryant Pope Pilcher '57 

Judge Oliver A. Pollard 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Ravenhorst 

Elizabeth Walsh Read '47 

Lewis B. Reavis 

Mrs. Joe W. Reid 

Betsey Gallagher Satterfield '66 

Elizabeth Dahl Shaner '53 

Betty Ott Smallwood '46 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul C. Sparks 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Leslie Spence III 

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney O. Stewart 

Rose Driver Stuart '69 

Barbee Phipps Such '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Till 

Mrs. Ronald Allen Topp 

Mr, & Mrs. William Troxell 

Shirley B. Wakefield 

Mrs. Frederick H. Walsh 

Mr. & Mrs, Robert H. Webb 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Wenger Jr. 

Mr, & Mrs, Michael D. Wilson 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Wright 

The Columns 

Mr. & Mrs. Fisher Ames 

R, LaRue Armstrong 

L. Ray Ashworth 

Margaret Newman Avent '49 

Elaine Kibler Baldwin '41 

Jane Coleman Balfour '62 

Elizabeth Pringle Barge '41 

Anne Person Baylor '52 

Rachel Merritt Bell '46 

Sallie Belle Whitener Benedetti '61 

Jane P. Birckhead 

Mrs. A. C. Britton 

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Carreras 

Brenda N. Chandler 

Martha Kline Chaplin '51 

Harriett Harrington Connolly '43 

Judith Wells Creasy '68 

24 The Annual Report 

Mr. & Mrs. C. J. Deitz 

John D. DeJarnette 

Ann Fowlkes Dodd '52 

Page Grey Dudley '56 

Mr. & Mrs. John Edwin Duke 

Sally Lander Edwards '56 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack P. Elliott 

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin W, Estes 

Susanne Eve Fowlkes '64 

Bruce Freeland 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred E. Fry 

Thelma Trigg Gannon '46 

Mr. & Mrs. C. T. Graves 

Raymond W, Greenwood Jr. 

Virginia Puckett Grizzard '67 

Mr. & Mrs, Alvin W. Hall Jr. 

Lillian Richardson Hall '48 

Mr. & Mrs. H. H. Hanks 

Heline Cortez Harrison '48 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Harvey II 

Margaret Caldwell Herndon '39 

Lynette Kube Higginbotham 

John R. Hildebrand 

Patricia Murphree Honea '49 

Emma Martin Hubbard '50 

Patricia Simpson Hylton 

Dr. Sara James '69 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Paul Jones Jr. 

Marietta Barnes Jones '51 

Mr. & Mrs. M. A. Kenig 

Elizabeth S. Kime 

Doris Clement Kreger '48 

Elizabeth Usher Laffitte '49 

Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Lambeth 

James V. Lambiasi 

William Lasley Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William Townes Lea Jr. 

Virginia R. Lollis 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Lowe 

Ann McDonald MacDonald '48 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. McCabe 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Lee McCord 

Colonel & Mrs. Efrain Medina 

Helen Day Mitchell 39 

Margaret Churchman Motfett '47 

Mr. & Mrs. Percy Montague III 

Mrs. R. Edward Nance 

Elsie Nelms Nash '52 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Dow Owens 

Dr. James Patrick 

Nancy McMullan Pauley '58 

Faye Smith Peck '58 

Mr. & Mrs. Kent W. Peterson 

Dr. & Mrs. Herman Preseren 

Mary Lane Dudley Purtill '67 

Dr. & Mrs. William W. Regan 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Reilly 

Marita Rigolizzo 

Mr. & Mrs. T. P. T. Roper 

Betsy Carr Smith '50 

Katharine Hoge Smith '41 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Smith 

Dr. Frank R. & 

Terry Koogler Southerington '72 
Sally Peck Spaulding '47 
Mrs. E. Leslie Spence III 
Dennis B. Thompson 
Carolyn Geyer Timmons 
Billie Smith Towlen '52 
Dotty Hobby Travis '56 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Wayne Wade 
Dr. Robert A. Warren 
Elizabeth Churchman Wick '44 
Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus '48 
Mr. & Mrs. (sham R. Williams Jr. 

1987 - Typewriters were still in common 
use on campus. 

1997 - Not only is the entire campus 
computerized, but the entire campus has 
been wired for internet, cable, and 
voicemail access at a cost of *2.2 million. 

Nina Sproul Wise '41 
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Wright 
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Young 
The Honor Roll 
Dr. & Mrs, Richard L. Atkinson 
Barbara Winter Barnes '49 
Gwendolyn Black Bishop '65 
Mary Hurley Blackshear '48 
Mr. & Mrs. Albelardo Blanco 
Deborah C. Bond 
Dr. & Mrs. Allan J. Boyum 
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry W. Bradley 
Gwendolyn Austin Brammer '49 
Mr. & Mrs. D. Ray Broughton 
Diana Rede Cabell '56 
Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Campbell 
Marian Martin Gather '35 
Lois Smith Chapman '44 
Dr. & Mrs. W. B. Cleveland 
Ann Alexander Cook '62 
Mr. & Mrs. Antonio H. David 
Arthur Boyd Davis 
Carole Rednour Dixon '66 

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby D. Dyess 

Dr. & Mrs, Richard Erikson 

Marcia P. Farabee 

Dr. William H. Foster Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Gardner 

John D. Goetz 

Jennifer Wilson Green '62 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Heeke Jr. 

Floylee Hunter Hemphill 

Kitty McConnell Henninger '54 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hockenbury 

Mrs. G. Steriing Holland 

Marcia Gooch Johnston '39 

Mr. & Mrs. Goodwin S. Jordan 

Mr. & Mrs. John Franklin Kay 

Mr. & Mrs. Amos Lee Laine 

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby J. Lamb 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Henry Latchum 

Susan Carper Lee '57 

Mr. & Mrs. Granville G. Leecy 

Ethel McCants Lowder '47 

Lynn Merritt MacEewn '68 

Nancy Daniel Mahaffey '62 


Evelyn Engleman Mathews '42 

Mr. & Mrs. B W. Matthews Jr. 

Ann Rawl McCain '51 

June Lewis McHenry '49 

Edith James Mickley '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard H. Monroe 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter T. Morris III 

Anne G. Musser 

Dorothy Hundley Neale '43 

The Reverend & Mrs. Dewey Vernon P; 

Margaret McBryde Patterson '45 

Margaret Keller Pearson '38 

Julia Kohler Peterson '44 

Ruth Burnett Phillips 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles B. Pratt III 

Patty Tipton Pugh '55 

Dr. & Mrs. William Quillian Jr. 

Sarah Whitmore Ricks '36 

Juliette Walker Sanders '37 

Wallace Saval 

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Ser<ozo 

Rebecca Danziger Snell '52 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Stoneburner 

Paul Norton Stowe 

Elizabeth Brinckerhotf Thomas 51 

Susan Tinnon 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas D. Tunstall 

Katharine Makepeace Turner '49 

Elizabeth Corrigan Velimirovic '78 

John J. Velten 

Audrey Martin Watson '40 

Mercer Pendleton Watt '49 

Cecile Cage Wavell '45 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert J. Wetzel Jr. 

Miriam Hughes Williams '31 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Wirsing Jr. 

Beth P. Witt 

Marie Ulmer Wolfe '41 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Woodske 

Noell Harr Woodward '46 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Woolston 

Mr. & Mrs. Landon R. Wyatt Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Henry Zabel 

Support of the Annual Fund from friends of the college affirms our importance to higher education. Contributions from our 
friends bring innovations to campus and increase our visibility in and value to our community'. 

The Rufus W. Bailey Society 

William G. Pannill 

Charles F. Duff 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Miss Douglass Harian 

The Hill Top Club 

Estate of Mrs. Fannie R. Cooke 

Mr. & Mrs. P. William Moore Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. R. R. Smith 

The Founders' Club 

Estate of Charles F. Cole 

Robert S, Doenges 

The President's Associates 

Carole Lewis Anderson 

Helen K. Groves 

Hugh C. Long II 

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Mclntyre Jr. 

Mary Pool-Murray 

John G. Rocovich Jr. 

Caroline Upsher Walker 

The Ivy Circle 

H. V, Boney Jr. 

Debra Stiles Callison 

Justice & Mrs. George M. Cochran 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Spencer 

The Colonnade Club 

Carol Ann Douglas 

Dean S. Edmonds III 

Thelma S, Eiland 

William R. Gray 

Dr. Anne Morris Hooke 

William J. McMillan 

H. P. McNeal 

William S. Moses 

The Columns 

Dr. & Mrs. J. P. Anderson 

William F. Duncan 

William W. Faison 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Flowers 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Henry Godsey 

H. Hiter Harris Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. R. E, Holsinger 

Mr. & Mrs. Dewitte G. Mclntyre 

Bartlett D. Moore Jr. 

Simon W. Nelms 

Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Opie Jr. 

E. B. Rouse 

David Satterfield IV 

Joseph Gray Street 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Vail III 

Virginia K. Willis 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Yearsley 

The Honor Roll 


Louis M. Balfour 

Louise W. Blaney 

The Reverend & Mrs. C. D. Caldwell 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Degen 

D. B. Hill Jr. 

Elizabeth M. Lee 

Robert Bruce Livy 

Emily Pancake 

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Parker 

John K. Shuster Jr. 

Mrs. William I. Thomas 

Mildred D. Wilson 

The Annual Report 


The Virginia Foundation For Independent Colleges 

Every year Mary Baldwin College benefits significantly from the generosity of 
business, industry and other private sources across the Commonwealth through 
the efforts of the Virginia Foundation for Independent CoEeges. In 1996-97 
this effort produced a total of *5,436,313 from private sources, and the monies 
were divided among private colleges and universities which make up the member- 
ship of VFIC. Mary Baldwin's 1996-97 VFIC contribution was ^211, 846. 

The VFIC is a fund-raising organization estabUshed by and for the 
benefit of its member colleges. Business and community leaders assist in 


obtaining contributions from the corporate community. These monies are 
distributed each June to the 15 member institutions according to a standard 
formula: 40" on the basis of undergraduate enrollment and 60" divided 
equally. VFIC has been recognized nationally as the premier independent 
college fund among the 38 similar associations in terms of its annual 
distributions to member institutions. 

In 1996-97 the following companies and individuals provided leadership J 
contributions of '5,000 or more to the VFIC. 

^150,000 and above 

E. Claiborne Robins Endowment 

E. Claiborne Robins Estate 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund 

Jessie Ball duPont Endowment 

'100,000 and above 

Bell Atlantic-Virginia 

Chesapeake Corporation 

Norfolk Southern Corporation 

Philip Morris Companies, Inc. 

'50,000 and above 


Bassett Furniture Industries. Inc. 

Beazley Foundation, Inc. 

CSX Corporation 

Camp Foundations 
Camp Foundation 
Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation 
J. L. Campbell Foundation 
Camp Younts Foundation 

Crestar Financial Corporation 

Ethyl Corporation 

Krasnow Estate 

NationsBank of Virginia 

North Shore Foundation 

The Teagle Foundation 

Virginia Power Company 

'30,000 and above 

Barnhart Endowment 

Warren W. Hobble Trust 

Mars Foundation 

The Perry Foundation, Inc. 

George A. and Lorraine Snell Fund 

United Parcel Service/Foundation for 

Independent Higher Education 
'25,000 and above 
Central Fidelity Bank 
Clark-Winchcoie Foundation 
First Union National Bank of Virginia 

Countdown to 2000 

The 1996-97 fiscal year was the second year 
of the five year Countdown to 2000 
Challenge. Thanks to increased giving by 
alumnae, parents, friends, students, faculty, 
staff, corporations, and foundations to the 
1996-97 Annual Fund, we were able to meet 
our anonymous donor's challenge to raise 
^50,000 in new gifts to the Annual Fund. 
Our anonymous donor matched this increase 
1:1 and presented Mary Baldwin with an 
additional ^50,000. Thank you to everyone 
who made this possible! _ _ _ 




Landmark Communications, Inc. 

The Virginian Pilot 

Tlie Roanoke Times 
Massey Foundation 
Reynolds Metals Company Foundation 
Earle Miles Tunison Estate 
Universal Corporation 
'20,000 and above 
American Electric Power 
First Virginia Banks, Inc. 
Foundation for Higher Education 
The Homestead' 

Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fund 
Signet Banking Corporation 
'15,000 and above 
Allied Signal, Inc. 
The Beirne Carter Foundation 
Robert B. Claytor/Norfolk Southern Fund 
First Colony Life Insurance Company 
The Flagler Foundation 
Coleman A. & Emily S. Hunter 

Charitable Trust 
Media General Foundation 

Ctiarlottesville Daily Progress 

Lynchburg News & Advance 
Richmond Times-Dispatch 
E. Claiborne Robins Jr. 
William H. John G. & Emma 

Scott Foundation 
Union Camp Corporation 
Wheat First Butcher Singer 

'10,000 and above 

Belk of Virginia 
Coopers & Lybrand 
Ernst & Young 
Gottwald Foundation 
The Lane Company, Inc. 
(The Lane Foundation) 
Mobil Foundation 

Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation 
Ukrop's Super Markets, Inc. 
Washington Forest Foundation 

'7,500 and above 

Eugene M. Bane Charitable Trust 
Burlington Industries Foundation 
Carpenter Company, Inc. 
Craddock-Terry Foundation, Inc. 
Mrs. Bruce C. Gottwald 
J. J. Haines & Company, Inc. 
Home Beneficial Life Insurance Co. 
Jefferson Bankshares, Inc. 
KPMG Peat Marwick 
Markel Corporation 

The Pittston Company 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Snow 
Washington & Lee University 
Westvaco Corporation 
The Wilton Companies 
Vulcan Materials Company 

'5,000 and above 

Albemarle Corporation 


Sydney E. Albrittain 

American Filtrona Corporation 

Mrs. Jane Parke Batten 

William E. Betts Jr. 

Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc. 

Canon Virginia, Inc. 

Capital One 

Christian, Barton, Epps, Brent & Chappell 

Commonwealth Gas Services, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Cutchins III 

Deloitte & Touche 

DIMON, Inc. 

Empire Machine & Supply Co., Inc. 

English Foundation -Trust 

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. 

Hunton & Williams 

Irvin Payne & Sons 

Kennametal Foundation 

A. J. Lester III 

Mary and Daniel Loughran 

Foundation, Inc. 
Charies Lunsford Sons and Associates 
McGuire. Woods, Battle & Boothe 
H, P. McNeal 

Nationwide Insurance Companies 
Noland Company Foundation 
Owens & Minor, Inc. 
Price Waterhouse 

C. E. Richardson Benevolent Foundation 
Richfood, Inc. 

Rouse-Bottom Foundation, Inc. 
Sam Moore Furniture Industries, Inc. 
The Honorable & Mrs. Elliot S. Schewel 
Shenandoah Life Insurance 
Snell Construction Corporation 
Southern States 
South Trust Bank of Alabama 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Spilman 
Sprint Mid-Atlantic Telecom, Inc. 
Tredegar Industries. Inc. 
The United Company 
Wachovia Corporation 
Mark R. Warner 

* In-Kind Contribution 


The Annual Report 

Corporations and Foundations 

The corporations and foundations listed have given generously to the 
1996-97 MBC Annual Fund through outright gifts or matching gifts or 
both. We extend a special thanks to these businesses and organizations for 
their commitment to the education and advancement of women. 

Aetna Lite & Casualty 

Alcoa Foundation 

Allied Signal Foundation, Inc. 

American Electric Power Service 

American Home Products Corporation 

Andersen Foundation 

Armstrong World Industries 

AT&T Foundation 

Automatic Data Processing Foundation 

Automatic Leasing Service, Inc. 

Baltimore Gas & Electric Company 

Becton Dickinson Foundation 

Bell Atlantic 

Bell Communications Research 


Bethlehem Steel Corporation 

Fanny Bolen Interiors 

The Capital Group Companies, Inc. 

Carolina Power & Light Company 

The Center of Excellence. Inc. 

Central New York Community 

Foundation. Inc. 
CFW Communications Foundation 
Chesterfield Yarn Mill, Inc. 
The Christmas Shoppe 
The City Farmer 

Coca-Cola Company 
Collins Creative Services 
Columbia Gas Foundation 
Commonwealth Gas Services 
The Community Foundation 
ConAgra Foundation 
Corning Incorporated Foundation 
Crane Foundation 
Crestar Foundation 
Crestar Financial Corporation 
CSX Corporation 
Delta Airlines Foundation 
John W. Doming & Bertie Murphy 

Deming Foundation 

Domino Sugar Corporation 
Duke Power Company Foundation 
Guy C. Eavers Excavating Corporation 
Dean S. Edmonds Foundation 
Equifax, Inc. 

Equitable Life Assurance Society 
Exxon Education Foundation 
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund 
First Data Resources. Inc. 
First Union Foundation 
Ford Motor Company 
Foundation for the Carolinas 
Frontier Geosciences, Inc. 
H. B. Fuller Company 
Jeanne Furrh Interiors 
The Gap Foundation 
General Electric Foundation 
General Motors Foundation 
General Reinsurance Corporation 
Georgia-Pacific Corporation 

The Gerber Companies Foundation 

Gerfz & Moore 

The Garland Gray Foundation 

Greening-Ellis Insurance 

GTE Corporation 

Harcourt General, Inc. 

Harris Foundation 

Have A Ball Limited 

Hill Foundation 

HLH Architects, Inc. 

Hoechst Celanese Foundation 

Hooker Furniture Corporation 

IBM Matching Grants Program 

International Paper Company Foundation 

John Hancock Charitable Trust 

Johnson & Johnson 

Juliasue & Sons Jewelry 

Kuehn Foundation 

Laboratory Corporation of America 

Lana'i Company 

Lilly Industnes, Inc. 

Thomas J. Lipton Foundation 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Luck Stone Foundation, Inc. 

Martin Marietta Corporation Foundation 

The May Department Stores 

Company Foundation 
McCormick Company, Inc. Fund 

Merck Company Foundation 

Merrill Lynch & Company 

Mobil Foundation, Inc. 

Monsanto Fund 

J. P. Morgan & Company, Inc. 

Morgan-Worcester, Inc. 

Murphy Oil USA, Inc. 

National Starch & Chemical Foundation 


Nationwide Foundation 

The Needlepoint Place 

New York Life Foundation 

New York Marine & General Insurance 

Newport News Shipbuilding 

Norfolk Southern Foundation 

Northern Telecom Incorporated 

Nuclear Medicine Dynamics, Inc. 

NYNEX Corporation 

Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation 

Peachtree House Foundation 

Pennsylvania Power & Light Company 

Pennzoil Company 

PepsiCo Foundation, Inc. 

Pharmacia & Upjohn Foundation 

Philip Morris Incorporated 

Prudential Foundation 

Reader's Digest Foundation 

Reynolds Metals Company Foundation 

RF&P Railroad Company 

Roanoke Electric Steel 

Rust Foundation 

T. Ragan Ryan Foundation 

Salisbury Community Foundation 

Sands Foundation 

Sara Lee Foundation 
SBC Foundation 
Schnabel Foundation Company 
Sedgwick James. Inc. 
ServiceMaster Management Services 
Seven-Up-Dr. Pepper Bottling Company 
Shenandoah's Pride Dairy 
Siemens Energy & Automation 
Signet Bank 

State Farm Companies Foundation 
Stephens, inc. 
Stotler Charitable Trust 
Tandy Corporation 
Tenneco Foundation 
Times Mirror 
A. M. Tucker & Company 
U.S. Bancorp 
USF&G Foundation 
University Flower Shop. Inc. 
Virginia Foundation for 
Independent Colleges 
Virginia Power 

Volvo Cars of North America, Inc. 
Wachovia Bank of South Carolina 
Wachovia Corporation 
The Washington Post 
Wenger Foundation 
Westvaco Corporation 
Wheat First Butcher Singer Foundation 
Richard E. Williams Charitable Trust 
Watson W. Wise Foundation 
Margaret C. Woodson Foundation 
Wren Foundation 
Write Away 
Xerox Corporation 

Memorial Gifts 

In Memory 

Anne Fisher Bahner '64 

by Julia Carrington Bemis '64 

Mimi Von Glahn Bonstelle '64 

by Molly Holt '64 

Billie Carol Litton Clark '64 

by Julia Carrington Bemis '64 

Dr. John W. Deming 

by Jane Proffit Pruett '46 

Martha HIggins Fishburne '48 

by Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Black 

by Budington Industnes Foundation 

by John M. Crawford 

by Ms. Kitty L. Dawson 

by Mr. and Mrs. Welford S. Farmer 

by Ms. Ann Fishburne 

by Ms. Elaine B. Fishburne 

by Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Fishburne 

by Estate of Martha Higgins Fishburne 

by Jean Bickle Smith '46 

Nancy Gwyn Gilliam '38 

by Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Park 

Jean Larner Gray '41 

by William R. Gray 


by Carolyn P. Meeks 

by Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pollard 

by Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 

Dixie Seagler Hoaglin '49 

by Julia Johnston Belton '49 

by Gwendolyn Austin Brammer '49 

by Virginia Nurney Hadow '49 

by Ann Ashby Helms '49 

by Betty Anne Harrell Kyle '49 

by Elizabeth Rawls Macklin '49 

by Beverly Dasher Pnest '49 

by Joanne Smith '49 

by Nancy Rawls Watson '49 

A. Hayden Hollingsworth 

by Marion Hollingsworth Cusac '54 

Buff Taylor Koch '77 

by Karen Weyher Gavigan '77 

Ella Jean Lewis '73 

by NationsBank 

by C. Lindsay Ryland '73 

Betsy McCune 

by A. Jane Townes '69 

Linda Ann Murphy '94 ADR 

by Clair Carter Bell '76 

Susan Pegram O'Gara '62 

by Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 

John LeMay Royster & 
Marjory Fleming Royster 
(Parents of Virginia Francisco '64) 

by Virginia Francisco '64 

Jeanette Pressly Street '44 

by Mr. Joseph Gray Street 

Mary Frances Dudley Schmid '40 

by Anne G. Musser 

Miss Josephine B. Timberlake 

by Louis M. Balfour 

Honorary Gifts 

Barbara Ely 

by Sonja M. Musser '93 
Caroline Rose Hunt '43 
by Lanette Lehnertz Smith '83 

for Kappa Settings 
Frances McAllister 
by Rev. Patricia Hunt 
Maxine D. Mclntyre '39 
by Duke Power Company Foundation 
by Mr. and Mrs. Dewitte G. Mclntyre 

The Annual Report 



Capital, Program, and Other Designated Funds 

Administration Building/McClung 


Alison Wenger Boone '77 

Susan Warfield Caples '60 

Exxon Education Foundation 

Dorothy Baughan Moore '40 

Mary Morton Parsons Foundation 

Union Pacific Foundation 

Charlotte R. Wenger '83 

Valene Lynn Wenger '81 

Lois Blackburn Fund 

Janice Gregory Belcher '58 

Margaret Ann Buerkel '96 

Mary Anne Newbill Burke '79 

Lucy Wynn and Gary Burton 

Adhemar Byl 

Robert F. Cage 

Cecilia Wroten Caldwell '84 

Nancy Allen Cary '77 

Eloise Clyde Chandler '77 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Chin 

Rolf Clark 

Henry J. de Haan 

Shirley M. Douglass '76 

Bennie L. Dunkum 

A. Dana Hodgdon 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Holmes Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Hunter Jr. 

Allison M. James '90 

Mary Hotchkiss Leavell '73 

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Marlowe 

Martha H. McLaurin 

Antoinette Bond Morrison '71 

Mary Morrison '95 

Nancy Falkenberg Muller '67 

Mr, and Mrs. John K. Newton 

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse R. Noell 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Pancake 

Diana Stockton Parker '73 

Mary Alice Parrish Passagaluppi '78 

Patty Tipton Pugh '55 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Quinn 

Betty Holmes Richardson '78 

Jasmin Alice Reyes Scott '88 

Dr. Richard C. Shrum 

Collier Andress Smith '91 

Jeannette Andrews Stewart '87 

Katherine Ann Talbot '91 

Mr. and Mrs. L. Preston Thomas 

Donald D. Timberlake 

Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Vogt 

Anne Anderson Wallen '75 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Wiggins 

Mary Irvin York '90 

Carpenter Program in Preparation 

for Ministry 
E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter 


Carpenter Program in Health 
Care Administration 

E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter 

Community Service 

Volunteer Program 
Virginia Campus Outreach Opportunity 

League (AmeriCorps) 
Cosmos International Club 
NIBCO, Inc. 

Dean of Students Office 
Michael M. Sheppard 
Employee Relief Fund 
The Rev. Patncia Hunt 
Faculty Development Program 
M. L. Mednick Memonal Fund (VFIC) 
Jessie Ball duPont Fund 
Field Hockey Program 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Walker 
General Operations 
Byrd Williams Abbott '64 
CSX Corporation 
The Goochland Program for 

Incarcerated Women 
Beazley Foundation 
Titmus Foundation 
U. S. Department of Education 
The Martha Stackhouse 

Grafton Library 
Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco '64 
Marilyn M. Kiefer 
Jane Sanders Morriss '69 
Virginia Foundation for 

Independent Colleges 
Mabel Fetterman Held Fitness and 

Motor Performance Laboratory 
Annabelle L. Fetterman 
Lewis M. Fetterman 
Mabel Fetterman Held 76 
Lundy Foundation 
The Mary Emily Humphreys 

Lectures in Biology 
Biogen, Inc. 

Nancy Rawles Grissom '54 
Johnson & Johnson 
Margaret Query Keller '55 
Janet Russell Steelman '52 
The Math/Science Facilities 

Improvement Fund 
Beirne Carter Foundation 
Virginia Power 
The Page Garden Fund 
Carroll Wilson "Squeaky"Suggs '92 
William Pannill Student Center 
Sarah Belk Gambrell Foundation 

President's Office Support Project 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 

Liberty Corporation Foundation 

Wachovia Corporation 

President's Discretionary Fund 

Jessie Ball duPonI Fund 

Religion Department: Course Offerings 

in Old and New Testament 
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 
Spencer Lounge Renovation Project 
Class of 1996 
Janet Haddrell Connors '65 
MBC Alumnae Association 

Board of Directors 
Staley Lecture Program 
Thomas F. Staley Foundation 
George Hammond Sullivan 

Program in Political Science 
Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation 

Tree Fund 

Molly Holt '64 

The Rev. Patricia Hunt 

Carolyn P. Meeks 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pollard 

Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 

Virtual Library of Virginia 

(VIVA) Project 
Beirne Carter Foundation 
Teagle Foundation 
Virginia Foundation for 

Independent Colleges 
Virginia Women's Institute 

for Leadership 
Carolyn J. Dixon 
VMI Alumni Agencies 
Writers in Virginia Program 
Virginia Commission for the Arts 

Endowed Scholarships 

Central Fidelity Minority Scholars 
Endowed Fund 

Central Fidelity National Bank 
The David Fitz-Gibbon Endowed 

T. David Fitz-Gibbon Charitable Trust 
General Scholarship Endowment 
Overton and Katherine Dennis Fund 
The Hershey Foods Scholarship Fund 
Hershey Foods Corporation 
The Marguerite Fulviler Livy 

Robert Bruce Livy 
The James L. McAllister Jr. 

Preparation for Ministry Scholarship 
Georgeanne Bates Chapman '68 
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund 
Mrs. James L. McAllister 
The Mr. and Mrs. William C. 

Pancake Scholarship 
Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Pancake 
Julia "Tee Pancake" Rankin '45 
The James B. Patrick 

Leadership Award 
Lt. Colonel Melissa E. Patrick '78 
PEG First-Year Endowed 

Scholarship Fund 
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cohen 
The Charles Rutenbur 

Memorial Scholarship 
Dr. James Patrick 

The Mary Kathleen 
Shuford Scholarship 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Coleman 
Helen Stevens Forster '83 
Martha McGraw McKaughn '83 
The Smyth Scholarship Fund 
Mary Elizabeth Reed Smyth '47 
The Smyth Foundation 
The Seth Sprague Scholarship Fund 
Seth Sprague Educational and 

Charitable Trust 
The Annie Walker St. Clair 

Margaret Moore Ripley '52 
The Fannie B. Strauss Scholarship 
Frederica Weinberg Kronsberg '31 
Miriam K. Rosenblum 
Rosenblum & Associates Architects, Inc. 
The Donald D. Thompson 

Memorial Scholarship 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Smith Jr. 
Tenneco Foundation 
The Carpenter-Wilkinson 

Memorial Scholarship in Health 

Care Administration 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bailey 
John P. Wilkinson 
The Elizabeth Fleming Ast Wise 

Harry L, Wise 


The Annual Report 

Other Endowed Funds 

The Carpenter Program in 
Health Care Administration 
Endowment Fund 

Augusta Health Care, Inc. 

E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter 

The Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 

Visiting Artist/Scholar Program 
Stephanie Carlson Brennan '82 
Martha Carricl< Brook '50 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Kerr 
The Robert S. and 

Grayce B. Kerr Foundation, Inc. 
Linda Lambert 
Margaret Woodson Nea '63 
H. E. Neale 
James C. Ryan 
The Mary D. and Donald R. Irving 

Student Teacher Endowment Fund 
A. Jane Townes '69 
The Karl and Patricia IVIenk Fund 

for Faculty Development 
Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 
A. Jane Townes '69 

General Endowment 

Barbara Knisely Roberts '73 

The Smyth Business Lectures 
Endowed Fund 

Mary Elizabeth Reed Smyth '47 
Smyth Foundation 

Current Year (non-endowed) 

The E. Rhodes and Leona B. 

Carpenter Foundation Scholarships 

in Health Care Administration and 

Preparation tor Ministry 
E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter 


The Betty Trobaugh Dull 
Memorial Scholarship 

J. P. Morgan & Co., Inc. 
Deborah Dull Walker '75 

The Jane B. FitzGerald 
Memorial Scholarship 

St. Giles Presbyterian Church 

The Hobble Scholarship 

Warren W. Hobbie Trust (VFIC) 

The Emily W. Kelly Scholarship 

Emily W. Kelly Foundation 
The Marguerite Fulviler Livy 

Robert Bruce Livy 

The Barbara Shuler Mayo Scholarship 
Bonnie M. Hohn 
General Scholarship Fund 
Clark-Winchcole Foundation 
Philip Morris Companies 
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 

Mary Elizabeth Reed Smyth '47 
VMI Alumni Agencies 
Virginia Health Services. Inc. 

Virginia Health Services, Inc. 

VFIC Scholarships 

Virginia Foundation for 

Independent Colleges 
The Lettie Pate Whitehead 


Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 


Gifts-in-kind are donations of goods, services or products to benefit the 
college in an immediate and tangible way. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cohen 
Mary Bartenstein Faulkner '42 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation 
Dr. Laura van Assendelft 

ADP Loyalty Fund 

In 1996-97, V,725 was raised through the ADP Loyalty Fund to support 
MBC's Adult Degree Program students with scholarships. ADP students 
know better than anyone how difficult it is to balance the responsibilities of 
work, family and school. They also know how much it means when others 
reach out to help. Thanks to the loyalty of ADP alumni, faculty and others, 
our current ADP students have the benefit of merit-based support. 

President's Associates 
'1,000 and above 

ADP Circle 
•500 to '999 

Professionals Club 

'250 to '499 

Carpe Diem! 

'100 to '249 

ADP Honor Roll 
'25 to '99 

The President's Associates 

Teresita Zapata Trigo '88 

The ADP Circle 

Dr. Amelia D. Compton '89 

Charlene D. Hutcheson '94 

Kathleen A. Stinehart 

The Professionals' Club 

Alan K. Christy 

Karen Dorgan 

Judy Spernak Friar '81 

Dudley B. Luck 

Catherine Ferris McPherson '78 

Carpe Diem! 

Dr. Ann Field Alexander '67 

Patricia L. Collins '93 

Dr. Diane Ganiere 
Nancy Gillett 
Dr. James Earl Gilman 
Dr. Jean Donovan Gilman 
Dr. Susan Blair Green 
Dr. Robert D. Grotjohn 
Doris D. Harlan '86 
Harriet H. Jennings '90 
Claire T. Kent 
Donald Edward Kierson '84 
Donna Antonacci Knarr '93 
Lallon Pond 

Nan Terese Rothwell '92 
Beth M. Saunders '95 
Sandra S. Sprouse '93 
ADP Honor Roll 
Margaret D. Alford '80 
Steve Austin '90 
Teresa Bigler '82 
Tammie C. Bowdel '86 
Phyllis H. Bruce '86 
Nina Harrison Cooper '91 
Sherry R. Cox 
Audrey Lois Cross '82 

Dana Ann Custer '83 

William E. Davick '93 

Rita Richardson DeFrank '93 

Ruth Hailey Doumlele '82 

Brenda Allen Fishel '92 

Tim Gathright III '90 

Barbara B. Johnson '79 

Herbert Glen McClure Jr. '87 

The Rev. Stanley Hanwood Mulford III '95 

Dr. Roderic L. Owen 

Dr. Jane T. Pietrowski 

Annette Arieta Reynolds '86 

Joan C. Ripley '88 

Elizabeth H. Scherschel '83 

Jane Schofield '94 

Frances S. Scruby '80 

Dr. Carol C. Shannon '84 

Lois E. Stephens '95 

Jane Anne Terrell '89 

Rebecca A. Tyler 

Beulah B. Walker '85 

Roussie Flora Woodruff '91 

Marie P. Ziegler '93 

Sara J. Zimmerman '85 

The Annual Report 



The Kiracofe Society 

The Kiracofe SocieU' honors the memory of Charlene Kiracofe '25 who 
died April 4, 1987. Through planned giving, her estate gift was one of 
the largest ever received by Mary Baldwin CoUege. The alumnae and 
friends listed below are hereby honored for naming Mary Baldwin 
College as beneficiary in their wills, life insurance policies, retirement 
plans, and/or trusts. 

If you are interested in learning more about planned giving or 
would enjoy becoming a member of the Kiracofe Society, please 
contact Mark Atchison, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, 
Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, Virginia 24401 or call 540-887-7011. 




Blanche Wysor Anderson '72 

Carole Lewis Anderson 

Laura McManaway Andrews '44 

Christiana Armstrong '33 

Ann E. Atwell '42 

Sylvia Baldwin '76 

Emily L. Bal<er '58 

Margaret Barrier '50 

Beverly Estes Bates '64 

Sarah Warren Baynes '64 

Clarke Stanley Beckner '76 

Julia Carrington Bemis '64 

Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 

Sara "Sally" Armstrong Bingley '60 

Gail Riley Blakey '45 

Marcia Williams Bohannon '71 

Ann Hayes Brewer '42 

Ann Cooke Britt '58 

Eleanore Eckel Brough '65 

Evelyn Chapman Brown '52 

Sarah Livingston Brown '63 

Suzanne Burch '61 

Elizabeth Pfohl Campbell 

Peggy Anderson Carr '67 

Virginia Jordan Carroll '28 

Eleanor Cely Carter '38 

George Ann Brown Carter '47 

Elizabeth Boyd Caskey '39 

Georgeanne Bates Chapman '68 

'^onceil L. Chapman '43 

Pamela P. Clark '88 

Lucile Jones Clyde '77 

Charlotte McCormick Collins '67 

Mary Jane Conger '73 

Mary Wray Conner '81 

Margaret Schneider Conzett '34 

Abigail Robinson Coppock '69 

Margaret Garrett Corsa '53 

Mary Carpenter Gould Coulbourn '63 

Ann Alexander Crane '66 

Martha Hobson Crowder '49 

Jane Reid Cunningham '59 

Fred G. Currey 

Sally Dorsey Danner '64 

Linda M. Dawe '69 

Bertie Murphy Deming '46 

Margaret Wren de St. Aubin '81 

Mary Kerr Denny '64 

Anne Ponder Dickson '61 

Laura Clausen Drum '56 

Katherine Dyer Dudley '36 

Nancy Mayer Dunbar '60 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 

Ora Ehmling Ehmann '36 

Sydney Turner Elsass '69 

Angelina Painter Eschauzier '68 

Leigh Yates Farmer '74 

Helen Snyder Farrar '29 

Jean E. Farrow '49 

Susan Train Fearon '69 

Margaret Anne Robertson Fohl '68 

Susanne Eve Fowlkes '64 

Virginia Hayes Forrest '40 

Sarah Yeatts Gormley '89 

Dr. Thomas H. and Martha S. Grafton 

Jean C. Grainger '70 

Joyce A. Greig '41 

Linda Dolly Hammack '62 

Bonnie Wheeler Hanchett '46 

Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 

Jane Lee Harcus '79 

Ann Graham Hazzard '43 

Mabel Fetterman Held '76 

Florence Wimberly Hellinger '52 

Sarah Head Hendricks '64 

Margaret Coffman Henry '20 (D) 

Jane Harcus Hill '79 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 

Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60 

Jean M. Holliday '37 

Mary Cloud Hamilton Hollingshead '61 

Zoe Ann Kerbey Holmes '70 

Susan Baughman Homar '74 

Elizabeth Hiles Huebner '37 

Emily W. Hundley '47 

Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 

Mary Katherine Moorman Ismail '84 

E. Lindsay Jones '69 

Anne McCormack Jones '83 
Margaret Grabill Jones '33 
Bonnie Kennedy Kant '74 
Martha Johnson Kaplan '38 x'36 
Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 
Dr. Sheila J. Kendrick '84 
Jessie Cover Kennedy '38 
Gail McLennan King 69 
Ivy S. Koster '67 
Mr. and Mrs. F. Harrison Lamons 

(Constance Detrick Lamons '52) 
Patricia Larson Lane '77 
Mildred J. Lapsley '39 
Frances Lawrence '77 
Roberta Wilson Lea '66 
Walter M. Lipes, Sr. 
Lynn Dazet Lipsey '51 
Judith Easterly Lockridge '81 
Van Lear Logan '68 
Carey Goodwin Louthan '66 
Captain Winifred Love '35 
Dudley B. Luck 
Suzanne Maxson Maltz '75 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Martin Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvie Martin Jr. 
Martha Masters '69 
Mary Williams Mathis '62 
Alice Wilson Matlock '47 
Mr. and Mrs. Milton McMullan 
Sally Smith Metzger '45 
Lisa R. Moore 
Ann Hunter Murray '54 
Harriett Seem Neff '32 
Jeannette Norfleet '68 
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Nottingham Jr. 

(Reid Strickland Nottingham '56) 
Susan Pegram O'Gara '62 (D) 
Mary Bess Fitzhugh Oliff '36 
Alice Parson Paine '46 
Dr. Susan N. Palmer '67 
Dr. Frank R. Pancake 
Anne P. Phillips '42 
Mary Biedler Finer '21 
Donna Marie Polsinelli '91 
Anne Poole '51 
Carol Paul Powell '78 
Mary Buckner Ragland '18 
Margaret Thorn Rawls '69 
Elizabeth L. Read-Connole '74 
Joanne M. Reich '88 
Barbara K. Roberts '73 
Nancy Nettleton Rood '45 
Raquel Fajardo Ross '36 
Emma Martin Rouse '65 
Emily Dethlotf Ryan '63 
C. Lindsay Ryland '73 
Virginia Moomaw Savage '69 
Jessie Cover Seay '38 
Robert S. Sergeant '75 

Susan Taylor Sims '81 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 
Jane Frances Smith '37 
Dr. and Mrs. A. Erskine Sproul 

(Ruth Peters Sproul '43) 
Janet Russell Steelman '52 
Elizabeth Engle Stoddard '60 
Edith A. Stotler'68 
Marjorie K. Stuart '35 
Dorothy Redwood Sutherland 
Caroline Wood Sydnor '28 
Dr. Leslie W. Syron '42 
Mildred Roycroft Teer '44 
Sallie Brush Thalhimer '73 
Emily Ramsey Thompson '26 
Alice Jones Thompson '40 
Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 
A. Jane Townes '69 
Vanessa Traynham '77 
Frances Tullis '45 
Emily T. Tyler '63 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 
Jane Moudy Van Dragt '51 
Ann Lewis Vaughn '69 
Judith L. Wade '69 
Barbara Simmons Wainscott '68 
Deborah Dull Walker '75 
Jenifer Frances Walker '80 
Susan Walker '78 
Nancy Rawls Watson '49 
Charlotte R. Wenger '83 
Elizabeth Bunting White '81 
Mary-Bacon Johnson Williams '71 
Elizabeth Gronemeyer Wise '39 
Sara Ranson Woltman '38 
Claudia L. Woody '77 
Elizabeth Peyton Wooldridge '68 
Hilda Ziegler '40 

(D) deceased - estate not settled 


Estate of Dorothy Berry Bragonier '1 
Estate of Mr. Andrew J. Brent 
Estate of Charles F. Cole 
Estate of Mrs. Josephine Barkman 

Coleman '24 
Estate of Mrs. Fannie R. Cooke 
Estate of Martha Higgins Fishburne '' 
Estate of Miss Evelyn A. Morris '13 
Estate of Dr. Philip A. Roberts 
Estate of Mrs. Mary Opie Robinson ' 
R. Wallace Rosen Trust 
Estate of Mr. W. E. Woolbright Jr. 


Tlie Annual Report 


Mary Baldwin's four leadership boards provide counsel and service in addition 
to exemplary financial support. We extend a special "thank you" to the 
members of the boards for their many contributions to the college. 

Board of Trustees 

Parents Council 

Executive Committee 

Aremita R. Watson, president 
Gordon Arnold, vice president 
David Paul Barra 
Brenda N. Chandler 
Pierre Charbonnet 
Kathryn Eshleman Rapier 
Michael W. Terry 
Mary Barber Phipps Such 72 

Council Members 

Deborah C. Bond 
Suzanne Oswald Cordray 
Dale L. Cross 
John W. Cummings 
Thomas H. Dawson 
Patrice S. DeBord 
Cyril Paul Dubrachel< 
Ellen Stone Edgar 
Earl Washington Estes III 
Bruce Gordon Freeland 
Nancy Guthrie Garrett 
Michael L. Ghidotti 

Raymond W. Greenwood Jr. 

Lynette Kube Higginbotham 

Susan Massie Johnson '67 

Marilyn S. Kime 

Elizabeth Jolley Kobiashvili '68 

William Lasley Jr. 

Paula R. Lea 

Gary W. Mackey 

Rachel Rodnguez-Mclntyre 

Ralph I. Miller 

Janice S. Mitchell 

Anna Dunson Pressly '69 

Lewis Berton Reavis 

Marita Rigolizzo 

H. B. Roberts Jr. 

Wallace Michael Saval 

Michael M. Sheppard 

Carolyn Geyer Timmons 

Robert A. Warren 

Susan J. Watson 

Beverley Brockenbrough Watts 

Robert J. Westerman 

Lynne Woodward 

Advisory Board of Visitors 

Executive Committee 

M. Elizabeth Preddy '67, chair 

Martha McMullan Aasen '51 

Harry V. Boney Jr 

Sarah Livingston Brown '63 

Gay Gilmore Butler '67 

Susan Gamble Dankel '68 

Martin A. Favata 

Kathleen O'Neill Frazier '78 

Karen Emmet Hunt '80 

Onza E. Hyatt 

Elizabeth Newman Mason '69 

Peter S. Pover 

Carol Stewart Shaw '65 

A. Jane Townes '69 

Claudia LaVergne Woody '77 

I Board IVIembers 
! Dorothy Beals Ballew '53 
: Pamela Shell Baskervill '75 
I Evelyn Chapman Brown '52 

Walter 8. Byford 

Charles Ferrell Duff 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 

Dean S. Edmonds III 

Cynthia "Kay" Hundley Fisher '61 

Gordon M. Grant 

Thomas P. Gratto 

Patricia Simpson Hylton 

Laura A. Kerr '84 

Martha Philpott King '80 

Katherine M. Lichtenberg 

Robert Bruce Livy 

Carey Shands Cooley McDaniel '67 

Elizabeth Gates Moore '91 

Meredith Susan Palmer '82 

Bernard V. Peto 

Edmund H. Polonitza 

Barbara F. Ragsdale '67 

David Satterfield IV 

Patricia Bracken Sphar '58 

Rudy J. Watson 

Jane G. Weyant '62 

Cynthia Knight Wier '68 

Lucinda Pina Wilkinson '62 

Elisabeth H. Wise '68 

Executive Committee 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63, chair 
Claire Lewis Arnold '69, vice-chair 
Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 
Margaret "Peggy" Anderson Carr '67 
Robert S. Doenges 
Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60, secretary 
William O. Reuther 
John G. Rocovich Jr. 
Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 

Board Members 

Carole Lewis Anderson 
Bevedy Estes Bates '69 
Sue Warfield Caples '60 
Worth Harhs Carter Jr. 
John Raymond Clymer Jr. 

Ouida Caldwell Davis '51 

James D. Douglas 

Alexander Hamilton IV 

Linda Dolly Hammack '62 

Caroline Rose Hunt '43 

Gail McLennan King '69 

Hugh C. Long II 

Louise Rossett McNamee '70 

William G. Pannill 

Michael J. Rapier 

Barbara Knisley Roberts '73 

Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 

Yoko Sakae 

H. Gordon Smyth 

Dr. Samuel R. Spencer Jr. 

Mildred Roycroft Teer '44 

Teresita Zapata Trigo '88 ADP 

Alumnae Association Board of Directors 

Executive Committee 

Sue Warfield Caples '60, president 
Sue McDowell Whitlock '67, 

administrative vice president 
Judy Lipes Garst '63, 

program vice president 
Louise W. Boylan '71 
Betsy Kenig Byford '68 
Susan Parker Drean '83 
Elizabeth Cummins Dudley '84 ADP 
Dana Flanders '82 
Lynn Tuggle Gilliland '80 
Catherine Ferris McPherson '78 
Ann Shaw Miller '54 
Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 
Courtney Straw '98 


Terry Huffman Allaun '75 
Sylvia Baldwin '76 
Susan Wilson Boydoh '89 
MacKay Morris Boyer '87 
Ryn Bruce '99 
Nancy Kunkle Carey '51 
Janet Haddrell Connors '65 

Kelly Andrews Coselli '85 
Diahann DeBreaux '93 
Donna Neudorfer Earp '76 
Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65 
Susan Train Fearon '69 
Suzanna Fields '97 
Cynthia Phillips Fletcher '82 
Lee Johnston Foster '75 
Claire Garrison '91 ADP 
Jan Mitchell Harper '54 
Ann Robinson King '63 
Margaret Kluttz '93 
Mildred Farquarson Little'73 
Carmen Holden McHaney '73 
Jacqueline Nicholas '89 
Val Sutton Payne '76 
Harhet B. Runkle '94 MAT 
Betsey Gallagher Satterfield '66 
Mary Jo Shilling Shannon '53 
Elizabeth Jennings Shupe '70 
Jane Starke Sims '68 
Inghd Geijer Erickson Vax '89 
Carrie Warren '00 
Abigal Wiens '98 
Elizabeth Peyton Wooldridge '68 

Trustees Emeriti and Former Trustees 

The Rufus W. Bailey Society 

Bertie Murphy Deming '46 
Pamela Stephens Rose '82 

The Hill Top Club 

Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 
Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 
P. William Moore Jr. 
R, R. Smith 

The Founders' Club 

Cecile Meats Turner '46 

The President's Associates 

Evelyn Chapman Brown '52 

Judith Godwin '52 

Helen K. Groves 

Margaret Herscher Hitchman '40 

Frank C. Martin Jr. 

P. William Moore Sr. (D) 

Julia Gooch Richmond '34 

Susan Thompson Timmons '64 

The Ivy Circle 

Justice George M. Cochran 

Leigh Yates Farmer '74 

Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 

The Colonnade Club 

Anne Ponder Dickson '61 

Josephine Hannah Holt '44 

H. P. McNeal 

The Columns 

Ora Ehmling Ehmann '36 

H. Hiter Harris Jr. 

Nancy Wallace Henderson '36 

Rosalinda Roberts Madara '63 

The Honor Roll 

Dr. William H. Foster Jr. 

(D) deceased 

The Annual Report 


While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our donor lists, errors or omissions in this report may have occurred 

We appreciate the generosity of our donors, and -we apologize for any inaccuracies m this list. 

Any corrections should he sent in writing to: 

Office of Institutional Advancement • Mary Baldwin CoUege • Staunton, Virginia 24401 

m the Capl 

^'^M y^rimP. ■ .^. T A M.'iT'T -•■..■. A TI^TTtOTT a 

mbia anJ ^^'^t^^Jit^Aqaa 3.WT JJA Til aTWi^eiRgA aJflk^U^tV/ 

Tuesday, ;vlayjj6 

nitc-.,.i,rTr u,-- ,,i;r ,. 3c..,,:.„<n 

irEtSiA*feiI ariJ no 29aoI: 

, r,. ,■>.>■, A ,l2-ift arlT, .1, 



STAUNTON, VA., 1846. 

Rev. Fkancis McFarland, D. D. President. 
Col. James Cbawford, Rev. S. J. Love, 

Rev. Wm. Brown, Jacob Bayx.or, Esq. 

Adam Link:, Esq. .' jVlaj. J.' Marshali, McCtrs, 

John McCce, Esq. Wm. M. Tate, Esq. 

David Fultz, Esq. J. Addison Cochran, Esq. 

Dr. A. Waddel. Rev. B. M. Smith. 

Wm. Frazier, Esq. Secretary. 

Alex'r. S. Hall, Treasurer. 



The Course of Studies embraces a liberal Education, as prescribed in the best collegiate institutes 
of the country. The English studies — embracing Grammar, Rhetoric, and English Composition — are 
continued through the whole term of the young lady's residence at the Seminary. * 

The Academic Year commences on the first Monday of September and closes on the last week in June. 
Vacation, July and August. 

The Academic Year is divided into two sessions of five months each. The first session closes on 
the first of February, and the second on the last of June. There is ■ no vacation between them. A 
few days of recess only arevgiyen at Christmas. V* v 

Pupilaiaiay etiter'a:t;5Jny -time, aiid are chargddrfromthe T;Lnie'tKey- ehter^ No deductions are «ade.for \ 
absence unless in cases of sickness, or strict necessity. 

The most respectable families in town are willing to accommodate young ladies as boarders, and pa- 
rents will find no difficulty in procuring arrangements, with the best maternal supervision, for their daugh- 
ters. Application may be made to the Principal or any bf the Trustees. 

The Principal ex^jcises the right to regulate the entire time of , the pupils ■while at school, and Ho ar- 
rangements are permitted which may interfere with their studies either while they are in, or out of, 

...' EXPENSES. . 

English Ljterary and Scientific Course, per session of five months, $12 to $15. 
French Language, — - - — 10. 

Music on'Piaao Forte or Guitar, with instructions in Vocal Music > qq 

accompanying, and use of Piano Forte, J 

Drawing find Painting — — — 10. 

Class in Chemistry for Experiments, 50 cents each. 
Incidentals for Rents, 50 cents each. 

Boarding in respectable and genteel families can be procured for from $8 to $10 per month. 

The bills for tuition are payable in advance. As, however, this is not enforced, they are required to 
be paid at the close of the session, or settled by bond, bearing interest from the commencement of the 
session. ■ i 

View from the Capitol 

continued from page 7 

the company addressed the class. Subjects 
covered included public affairs, 
Congressional affairs, government plans 
and programs, international affairs, legal 
affairs, information systems and 
administration. Vice President Whitney 
Hatch provided an overview before we 
discussed each of the eight areas. 

At present, GTE is the largest U.S.- 
based local exchange company and is 
also one of the leading providers of 
cellular service and aircraft-passenger 
telecommunications. GTE's Telephone 
Operations group operates in 28 states, 
in British Columbia and Quebec, and 
in the Dominican Republic and 
Venezuela. This breadth of service area 
gives them a unique position on how 
the 1996 Telecommunications Act 
should be implemented. 

Monday evening Mary Morrison, a 
1995 MBC graduate and a member of 
President Clinton's scheduling team, 
arranged for a special tour of the White 
House West Wing. The tour included 
a visit to the Oval Office of the 
President, the Cabinet Meeting Room, 
and the White House Press Room. 
Following the tour, we all trekked to 
Georgetown for dinner at Clyde's. 
Finally, tired but exhilarated, we 
walked back to the hotel. 

THE MAY 17, 1997 

1. Altered the way access charges are 
paid by long distance carriers to local 
telephone companies. 

2. Provided support for the information 
highway (education and library 

3. Continued to provide a Universal 
Service Fund to assure basic lifeline 
services for the less fortunate and to 
assure rural communities would 
continue to receive long distance 
service at affordable rates. 

Tuesday, IVIay 16 

Tuesday morning, we met in the 
hotel lobby to walk to NYNEX for our 
next meeting. NYNEX is the local 
telephone company for New York, 
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, 
Vermont, New Hampshire and 
Maine. It is currently in the process of 
merging with Bell Atlantic, which serves 
Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, 
Virginia and West Virginia. When the 
merger is completed, the combined new 
company will consist of 11 mid- Atlantic 
and northeastern states. 

Don Evans, vice president of 
federal regulatory affairs, was our host 

for the morning. While we enjoyed 
coffee and rolls, Mr. Evans succinctly 
outlined the NYNEX expectations for 
the Telecommunications Act of 1996 
and the pending FCC decision. While 
NYNEX expected changes in the way 
telecommunications services were 
delivered and priced, they naturally 
hoped to minimize any negative impact 
on local telephone companies. 

In addition to the 

telecommunications act, Mr. Evans 
also discussed the pending NYNEX/ 
Bell Atlantic merger and explained 
the dual function of the Government 
Affairs office: education and 
advocacy. Advocacy is important, he 
explained, but education of public 
officials is fundamental to good 
advocacy. We concluded the morning 
meeting with an excellent lunch 
provided by NYNEX. 

Tuesday afternoon, we met 
with the staff of the Federal 
Communications Commission (FCC) 
beginning at 2:00. At this juncture, 
we had already heard from two 
stakeholders (GTE and NYNEX) and 
were prepared for a change from 
private industry viewpoints to 
government perspectives. R.L. Smith 
arranged for the FCC briefing, which 
included six speakers who covered 
such topics as universal service and 
access issues. The FCC was grappling 
with how to ensure universal access 
from cellular phones, regardless of a 
caller's location. The staff pointed 
out that in many instances customers 
cannot obtain service in remote 
areas. At the same time, safety is 
often cited as one of the principal 
reasons customers subscribe to 
cellular service. The class discovered 
that this is not a problem with a 
simple solution, particularly with the 
number of cellular providers 
throughout the country. 

Gordon Hammock and his students at their hotel in Washington, D.C. 

Tut Mary Baluwj.-, CoLLEot MAOAZiKt • Fai.i. 1997 

Wednesday, May 17 

On Wednesday morning, we took a 
break from telecommunications issues 
by visiting the Equal Employment 
Opportunities Commission (EEOC), 
where Tulio Diaz, acting director of the 
Washington office, was our host. Diaz 
explained that discrimination 
involving race, sex and age are the 
primary issues the commission 
addresses. The EEOC oversees the 
administration and implementation of 
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the 
Equal Pay Act, the Age 
Discrimination in Employment Act, 
the Vocational Rehabilitation Act 
and the Americans with Disabilities 
Act. Diaz said that complaints of 
sexual harassment rose significantly 
following the Clarence Thomas 
hearings, and these complaints still 
represent a large number of the cases 
the commission addresses. 

After completing our discussion with 
the EEOC, we proceeded to AT&T for 

a hospitality lunch and afternoon 
briefing. This meeting could not have 
been timed better. The FCC had just 
ruled in the morning on implementation 
issues regarding the 1996 
Telecommunications Act, and the FCC 
findings were in many respects 
consistent with AT&T's 

recommendations. AT&T had been 
lobbying for lower access charges (long 
distance connections to the local 
networks) in return for lower long 
distance rates. They had argued that the 
ultimate beneficiaries of the FCC 
changes would be customers. 

AT&T's student briefing included, 
among other things, information on 
the Bell companies' entry into the 
long distance market and internships 
in the Senate. The internship 
information was especially helpful to 
the students. They were also impressed 
by the current positions and 
backgrounds of the four women 
conducting the briefing: three directors 
and one vice president of AT&T. 

Following the AT&T briefing, we 
proceeded to the Senate Gallery and 
observed a debate over the methods used 
to take the census every 10 years. The 
Census Bureau has said that, despite the 
fact that the 1990 census was the most 
expensive in history, it failed to count 10 
million people and counted six million 
more twice. It was clear from the limited 
debate we heard on the Senate floor that 
the issue is not likely to be resolved 

Thursday, May 18 

Early on Thursday morning, students 
took the standard White House tour. 
Compared to the special tour provided by 
Mary Morrison, this tour was aslight letdown, 
but nevertheless interesting. After this we 
reluctantly packed up for the return trip to 
Staunton. EXiring our first class meeting 
back at Mary Baldwin, students universally 
agreed that the Washington trip had been 
jam-packed with great cultural and 
educational experiences. 

New Technology on Campus Sparks Need for Professional Training 

With the upgrade of computer 
technology on campus comes the 
need for more extensive computer 
training for MBC employees. Director 
of Instructional Technology Scott 
Harlow has accepted the challenge 
of bringing faculty and staff up-to- 

Appointed in July , Harlow earned 
his B.A. from Hope College and his 
M.B.A. from James Madison 
University. Before coming to Mary 
Baldwin he worked as a computer 
trainer and administrator for Blue 
Ridge Community College. 

Harlow has found that with most 
campus offices receiving computer 
upgrades, there is a huge demand for 
introductory level software training. 
Two independent trainers have been 

hired to help meet training demands." 
"We have a training lab in Wenger 
Hall with nine computer terminals," 
says Harlow. This small class size 
offers individualized attention to each 
faculty or staff member." 

In addition to instructional 
technology position, Harlow is also 
teaching MBC students enrolled in 
Computer Science 100 -Introduction 
to Computer Technology during the 
fall semester. He is filling in for 
Assistant Professor of Computer 
Science Bill Winter, who is on 

"It gives me the opportunity to 
practice what I preach," says Harlow. 
"From basic Powerpoint to testing 
new projection systems, the CSIOO 
class has been a great testing ground." 

Scott Harlow 

Director of Instructional 

one fish, two fish, old fish, new fish 

:lockwise from top) 

What was that combination? 

The old fish teach the new fish how to swim 

Moving in is always faster with more hands 

Small groups scatter across the soccer field 

as orientation gets rolling. 

An afternoon DJ dance party on Tyson Terrace 

is a great way to unwind after a long day of 

tours and meeting with advisors. 

At the end of orientation week students 

are treated to the first mixer of the year with 

the band Fighting Gravity. 

Setting up a local checking account is easy 

when all of the banks come to campus 

Smile for the camera - ID pictures can be so 





The MBC Sampler is proud to announce the 
addition of Camelot Pewter items. Both 
daughter and daughter-in-law of Sam Shiplett, 
president of the company, are alums! 
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G-6 4 oz. baby cup $22 

NOTE: Bright finish will be shipped unless satin finish specified, 
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m n^^J II 1 


A unique gift! These replicas are hand crafted by 
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Average measurements: 3'/," H x 4'/," L- 
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Richmond, Virginia 

native Parks P. Duffey 

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X-15 Duffey Lithograph $75.00 



100% cotton preshrunk T-shirt 
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Sizes 6-8, 10-12, 14-16. 
X-33 Child's T-shirt $12.00 


Specially designed for MBC kids 
X-30 Plush squirrel $18.00 



This beautiful 100% cotton afghan 

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detail. Feamring nine scenes firom 

around campus, this is surely 

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Custom embroidery available for $15.00 (Initials and year) 


mRNACE INDUSTRIES AT 1-800-251-6450. 





Virginia artist Kate Gladden Schult 
'71 designed exquisite drawings c 
the Administration Building, th, 
Martha Stackhouse Grafton Libran] 
the Lyda B. Hunt Dining Hall, anj 
the William G. Pannill Stude 
Center. Give yourself or friend a usel 
gift of these pen and ink notecarc 
Each package contains one drawiri 
of each of the four buildings, pli 
envelopes. (6 '/j x 4 V2) 
X-lOA Notecards(4) $3.00 
X-lOB Notecards (4 Packs) 



Pass on your news about 

the year past and future 

using these cheerful holiday 

cards featuring a black pen 

and ink drawing (with the 

wreaths and hows in red & 

green) of the historic MBC Administration Building 

Created by Virginia artist Kate Gladden Schultz '71. 

12 cards and 12 envelopes per package. X-39 - 


Beautiful thoughts to I 
enrich your spiritua, 
journey. A reprint of 
Dr Grafton's timeless 
prayers. Originally 
printed in 1946. 
X-35 Dr. Grafton's 
prayer book $9.95 


This coverup/night shirt 1 
perfect for BEACH or BEC 
One size fits all. 
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The Mary Baldwin College Magazine 



\ perfect gift for any occasion!! This trio includes a 
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Happuccino Toppers to sprinkle on top of cappuccino, 
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2 balls fresh mozzarella 

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Display your enthusiasm for Mary Baldwin with 
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Tilt Bai.I;7/i;j College Magazine • Fall 1997 





Office of Alumnae Activities • Mary Baldwin College • Staunton, VA 24401 

For information call: (540) 887-7007 


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MBC notecards (4) 



MBC notecards (4 Pks) 




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IH^^^^M^^^— H^M^MflB^HBEMlMlM 


Specify which miniature building(s) you prefer: 

(Va. residents only - Va. Sales Tax on Subt 


otal at 4.5%) 




Fall 1997 • The Marv Baldwin College Magazine 


\{ O M B C C) M 1 N G 1 9 9 ( 
















aving trouble finding something to do during Memorial Day Weekend? 

thers who have come to Mary Baldwin's Homecoming have told you how much fun they 
had at their reunion. 

iVleet your roommate and other college friends for a weekend of fun and renewal of 

Unjoy the beautiful Shenandoah Valley as you celebrate the beginning of summer. 

V-/ome and bring your spouse, children and guests for a weekend of reminiscing about your college 
days. There will be activities for everyone. 

vy rganize all your college memorabilia so you can share with your college friends. 

iVlake plans now to be with us May 21 - 23, 1998, for Homecoming 1998! 

Imagine seeing the campus as you never have before. Many changes have been made. 
You'll be pleasantly surprised. 

1 1 ever again will you have the opportunity to celebrate the special reunion you will have this year. 

vJet prepared to have the best time of your life at Mary Baldwin College as we celebrate 

Homecoming 1998 with the classes of 1943, 1948, 1953, 1958, 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 
!, 1993 and The Grafton Society, which includes those classes celebrating more than 

50 years since graduation. 

If you have any questions 


AT 1 •800»763«7359. 

J 996 'J 997 

Throughout the year, MBC President Dr. Cynthia H. 
Tyson receives invitations to participate in 
numerous college and university presidential 
inaugurations. Unable to attend each one, Dr. 
Tyson asks MBC alumnae and friends to represent 
Mary Baldwin College at these special occasions. 
The following individuals represented Mary Baldwin 
at various presidential inaugurations during the 
1996-97 academic year. The college extends a 
special thank you to these alumnae and friends for 
their participation. 

Abigail Robinson Coppock '69 — College of 
Wooster on September 7, 1996 

*Mary Taylor Murray '54- 
September 13, 1996 

Union College on 

Sandra Wandrisco Waller '74 — John Carroll 

University on September 27, 1996 

Nancy Blood Ferguson '63 — Mars Hill College 
on October 8, 1996 

Virginia Hayes Forrest '40 - 
October 11, 1996 

- Guilford College on 

Kate Scott Jacob '50 — Eastern Shore 
Communit y College on October 1 1, 1996 
Sharon Menzies '87 — Lebanon College on 
October 11, 1996 

Jennifer Pollitt '94 - 
October 14, 1996 

■ Neuman College on 

Diane Hillyer Copley '68 — Saint Michael's 

College o n October 19, 1996 

Laura Sadler Olin '71 — Elizabethtown College 
on Oct ober 26, 1996 

Sydney Marshall Turner Elsass '69 — 
Northeastern University on January 17, 1997 

Charlotte Wenger '83 — Schreiner College on 
February 22, 1997 

Anne Hunter Roe '66 ■ 
March 15, 1997 

■ Macalester College on 

Louise Boylan '71 — George Mason on April 4, 

Sydney Marshall Turner Elsass '69 - 
Manor College on April 5, 1997 


Maude Martin Huff '76 ■ 
April 11, 1997 

■ La Grange College on 

Pam Williams Butler '78 — Longwood College 
on April 11, 1997 

Diane Tilley Hill '74- 
17, 1997 

■ Chowan College on April 

Dr. Virginia L. Lester - former MBC President — 
Western New Englan d College on April 25, 1997 

*could not attend due to Hurricane Fran 

Sabra Gear, 1997 Outstanding ADP Graduate 

BY RoussiE Woodruff '91 ADP 


When Sahra Gear discovered during the May completed three e-mail courses with MBC 
1997 Commencement exercise that she was Adjunct Instructor of Psychology Dr. Paul 
the Outstanding Adult Degree Program Hundley. 
Graduate, her first response was, "Why me?" Sabra says that she prizes three facets of 

"To receive the award is very humbling," Mary Baldwin: faculty support and 
she said. "Every ADP student I've met is understanding, the intimacy of group tutorials 
fantastic. There were many others far more where you get to know other ADP students, 
deserving than I." and the way the college rewards students for 

There are indeed many worthy ADP the work they do. 
students, but Dr. Karen Dorgan,Sabra's ADP The college rewarded Sabra with the 

advisor, wrote of her, "I 
nominated Sabra because I 
thought she was such a 
wonderful representative of 
MBC/ADP students: she's 
bright, hard-working, manages 
to maintain a wonderful balance 
in her responsibilities as a 
student, wife mother and friend; 
and always seems to have a kind 
word and helping hand for 

Sabra Gear '97 

psychology discipline's' 

prestigious Thompson Award,' 

election to Who's Who Amongj 

Students in American College and] 

Universities , and a distinction in 

her major. "I never in my wildest' 

dreams thought 1 would achieve, 

these things," she said. , 

For her senior research 

project, Sabra studied the effects! 

of meditation on stress. Shs 

practices meditation herself anc 

Sabra has been taking college courses for says it helped her meet the challenges o 

15 years. Her education might have ended ADP. "Every semester 1 grew a little bit more 

when she finished her A.A.S. degree at a managed to do a little bit more and stayec: 

community college, because there was no relaxed," she said. 

four-year college within 100 miles of her This skill will help her meet her nex 

home in Palmer Springs, VA. But MBC, challenge. Just before May's graduation, he 
with its individual tutorials and evening and husband was diagnosed with cancer. He is ii 
weekend group tutorials in Richmond, offered remission now and has retired from hi 
her the opportunity to complete her degree, cardiology practice to enjoy his good health 
Sabra majored in psychology. "1 pretty The family plans to cruise the intercoasta 
much took everything they offered through waterways down to Florida. To learn to pilot 
ADP," she said. Sabra was the first student to Sabra is taking a boating class this fall. Sh 
do an all e-mail course with Professor of will surely navigate this new leg of her journe 
PsychologyDr.Jerry Venn. "It's the next best as "outstandingly" as she navigated he 
thing to being there," she says. Sabra also coursework at MBC. 

Planting the Seeds of MBC 

Want to know mare about . . . 

• Event Planning 

• Admissions Volunteers 

• Alumnae Career Network 

• Alumnae Involvement Awards 

• Why You Should be a Volunteer 

• 20 Ways to Stay Involved With MBC 

Contact the Office of Alumnae Activities 
1-800-763-7359 to get your copy of "At a Glance," 
our new alumnae involvement guidebook. 


The Mary Baldwin College Magazine 



Ridgecrest NC says she 
winters in Paim Beacin county 
and spends summers in the 
mountains of North Carolina. 
She has nine great- 



San Antonio TX broke her 
right arm during the 1997 
Easter holidays and was in a 
cast for eight weeks. She and 
husband Jergen celebrated 
their 66th wedding anniver- 
sary on June 15, 1997. 


MARCIA GOOCH Johnston of 

Roanoke VA says she misses 
weekly visits with MARGARET 
CARPER Waldrop '40, who 

died in May 1995. 


moved into the Friendship 
Village retirement home in 
Kalamazoo Ml. 


JANE HARRIS Gatling of 

Suffolk VA says that her 
daughter Roxanne's husband, 
Jim Gilmore, is a candidate 
for governor of Virginia. 


NELL DORSEY of Henderson 
KY was sorry she could not 
come to Homecoming 1997 
but was honored to be 
considered a new Grafton 
Society member. 


Britt of Mount Airy NC says 
her husband Dr. Tilman C. 
Britt passed away on August 
5, 1996. 

HAZEL HARRIS Humphrey of 

Baltimore MD enjoyed her 
reunion in 1996. She says 
everything was "so well 
organized that you didn't 
mind being a member of the 
50th reunion class." 



Tucson AZ says she is looking 
forward to her 50th reunion 
in 1998. 


Turner of Warwick Neck Rl 
says that her husband 
passed away December 14, 
1996. Her youngest daughter 
gave birth to triplets in 
January 1996. Kitty now has 
seven grandchildren. This 
year she traveled to Hong 
Kong and China, where she 
toured The Great W/all, the 
Imperial Palace, the Imperial 
Gardens and Tian An Men 


Chaplin and husband Harvey 
moved to Charlottesville VA in 
July. They also visited 
daughter JANE CHAPLIN 
Jones '78 and family in 
Austin this summer. Jane and 
her daughter Jesse spend 
summers in Wyoming and the 
duo appeared in a CBS 
movie. True Women, which 

was being shot on location 
there. Jane was the stand-in 
for actress Dana Delaney. 
Marty's son Pete lives in 
Alexandria VA. He has two 
children, Timothy, 11, and 
Megan, 2, 


JANE HOGAN Moses of 

Corrales NM was sorry to 
miss her 40th reunion this 
year, but she and her husband 
traveled to Kansas for the 
high school graduation of their 
oldest granddaughter. She 
says that they have three 
other grandchildren, Tyler, 12, 
Sara, 7, and Sam, 4. She and 
husband Curt also enjoyed 
trips this year to Tanzania and 



Daleville VA retired in June 
1997 as a public school 
guidance counselor. She is 
looking forward to more 
traveling opportunities. 


EDWARDS Woodward of 

Fairfax VA is teaching fifth 
grade in the Fairfax County 
Public School system. She 
loves spending time with her 
3-year-old grandson in Virginia 
Beach. She and husband Bill 
had a great time at Bill's 40th 
reunion at VMI this year. 



of Augusta GA reports that 
she had a "great summer" 
traveling in France. Barbara 
owns a specialty shop for to 

children and ladies' clothing. 
She also has two grandchil- 
dren, Madeline, 4, and 
Franklin, 2. 


Luck of Ashland VA says she 
and husband Jack are the 
proud grandparents of 
Carleigh Elizabeth Luck, born 
to Ross and Corinne Luck on 
January 28, 1997. Their 
youngest child, Kemp, 
graduated cum laude from 
NCSU with a degree in 
natural resources, and 
daughter Mary Chris was 
married in August 1997. 
Shearer and Jack also 
enjoyed a week at Sanibel 
Island FL with BECKY 
CANNADAY Merchant, 
LYNN BUTTS Preston, and 
their husbands in April 1997. 
Shearer's nephew, Ralph 
Jones III, son of ELIZABETH 
graduated from UVA summa 
cum laude on May 18 and 
was inducted into Phi Beta 

McCOWN Robldeau of 

Clemmons NC reports that 
she and husband Phil's first 
grandchild, William Blake 
Ellis, was born to daughter 
Betsy and her husband Brent 
in December 1995. Their 
oldest daughter Susie was 
married to Brent Cardwell in 
October 1996, and youngest 
daughter Cindy has graduated 
from ECU. Cindy is the 
assistant front office 
manager at the Westin Resort 
in Hilton Head. 

cra;S=3 notes 


McCuiley of Mev/ Bern NC 
says that son Mike Jr, who 
practices law in Nev/ Bern, 
was married on March 15 to 
Susanna Marquardt of 
Germany. The two met in 
Raleigh while studying for the 
bar exam. Carolyn and 
husband Michael took a one 
month cruise in June on the 
Chesapeake Bay in their 
sailboat, "Esprit de 
Catherine," which was named 
for their daughter who died in 
an automobile accident in 


of Danville VA is working on 
her doctorate in business 
administration at NOVA 
Southeastern University. 



Fort Worth TX says that her 
daughter Alison entered 
Wellesley College this fall. 


JENNIFER COX Coleman of 

Little Rock AR, president of 
Coleman Management 
Resources, Inc., has been 
elected for a two-year term on 
the six-member Board of 
Directors of the Federation of 
State Boards of Physical 
Therapy. Jennifer was elected 
administrative staff director 
of the Federation, whose 
purpose is to assure the 
health, safety and welfare of 
the public. This is the first 
time a non-physical therapist 
has been elected to serve on 
the board. 

lEUZABETH-BETTr PARKER Wall 'POLLY" BAUGHAN Moore '40 (center) is MELANIEGOFF 78 was married 

'20 received an award on behalf congratulated by her classmates EMMA PADGETT to David Roy Bradley on January 

of the Staunton-Valley Alumnae Fitzhugh '40and ALMEYDA SPRATLEY Peyton '40 n, iggj, 

Chapter during the 11th Annual during a campus reception honoring Polly as the 

Ham to Jam Luncheon in April. 1997 recipient of the Emily Smith Medallion. The 

Betty represented the oldest leadership award is presented by the Mary Baldwin 

class in attendance. College Alumnae Association. 

Tut Maky Bai.uwi.'^ CoLLEor. MAoAZiNt • Fai.I- lyy? 

PARRISH Passagaluppi 78, "USA" HOEFER 
Ward 78 and SUSAN JONES Hendricks 78 
celebrated their 40th birthdays with a trip 
to Arizona in September 1996. 


SARAH "COLLIER" ANDRESS '91 and Fant Smith were 
married in Minden LA on September 14, 1996. The couple 
live in Murfreesboro TN. Attending the wedding were (l-r) 
'91 and ALLISON JAMES '90. 

LEE THOMPSON '95 and Kevin Vermillion (VMI '94) were married in Winchester 
VA on April 5, 1997. The couple live in Houston, where Kevin works for the 
Secret Service. Celebrating at the wedding were (l-r) DEBORAH ELK Snider '94, 

Alligators, Prehistoric 
Presence in the American 
Landscape, was published by 
Johns Hopkins Press. Martha 
is a photographer and 
professor of art at the 
University of North Carolina - 
Charlotte. She has taken 
more than 40,000 photo- 
graphs of alligators in 
freshwater marshes, 
swamps, lakes, ponds, rivers, 
bayous and brackish 


ANN WHITTEN Gillenwater of 

Bristol TN says that daughter 
Kenan, 18, graduated from 
Virginia Episcopal School In 
Lynchburg VA. After traveling 
this past summer in Europe 
with her German roommate, 
Kenan began classes at Elon 
College In North Carolina. 
Son J.J., 17, Is a high school 
senior and Is seeded first on 
the tennis team. Husband 
John has an aviation 
business selling aircraft 
engines around the world. 
They have visited many 
interesting countries 
including Poland, Italy, 
Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, 
Argentina and Mexico. After 
serving for two years on the 
steering and building 
committees for the newly- 
founded Appalachian School 
of Law, Ann reports that she 
has been elected to the 
school's Board of Trustees. 


son Peyton was highlighted in 
an article in the May 3 
edition of The Richmond 

Times-Dispatch. When Peyton ANN LEWIS Vaughn's 

was 11 months old, he had daughter ScottI graduated 

the first of many operations from the Mclntyre School of 

due to kidney failure. In 1995 Commerce at the University 

Nancy donated one of her 
kidneys to Peyton who was 
16. Since that time, he has 
thrived. He had an outstand- 
ing high school baseball 
career and served as chair of 
the student honor council. 
Peyton graduated from St. 
Christopher's School In May 
and entered The University of 
Virginia this fall. 


Plainfleld NJ says that after 

her staff position was 

eliminated in the spring of 

1995 by the Connecticut 

Conference Board, she was 

called to serve as the 



minister for the 

Central Atlantic 

Conference In 

New Jersey. In 

January 1997, 

Sherry went to 

Puerto Rico on 

a business trip 

and was able to 

take the entire 

family for a 

winter getaway. 

of Virginia this May. Ann and 
her family live in Mt. Airy NC. 



Elon College NC reports that 
her family has moved into a 
new house. She has 
completed her second year of 
teaching fourth grade at 
Blessed Sacrament School In 
Burlington and she is working 
on her ninth teacher resource 



of Waynesboro VA says she 

and husband Humes are 
looking forward to an "empty 
nest." Son Tripp will be a 
senior at Davidson College, 
and daughter Courtney 

Washington University, and 
her youngest, Lauren, Is a 
freshman in high school. She 
and husband Will celebrated 
their 20th wedding anniver- 

entered Denison University in sary in November 1996. She 


ELLEN PORTER Holtman of 

Salem VA visited Northern 
Ireland in the spring of 1997 
on a teacher exchange. 
Daughter Molly is a student 
at UVA. 



Federal Way WA keeps busy 
with substitute teaching and 
volunteer activities. Her 
oldest child, Christopher, is a 
freshman at Western 

was disappointed that she 
could not rearrange her 
schedule to return for her 
30th reunion this year. 


Mechanicsvllle VA says that 
her son Jonathan graduated 
from high school In June. 
Susan works as a consulting 
teacher in exceptional 
education for Henrico County. 



of Columbia SC has been a 


Thomas of West 
Hollywood CA 
worked as the 
costumer for 
the John 
Travolta movie. 
Mad City, which 
has not yet 
been released. 

In Memory of Mary Julia 

MBC President Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson, Alumnae Association 
President Sue Warfield Caples '60 and MBC Chaplain Rev. 
Patricia Hunt place a wreath on the grave of IVIBC founder 
IVIary Julia Baldwin during a memorial service sponsored 
by the Office of Alumnae Activities. 

July 1, 1997, marked the 100th anniversary of the 
death of Miss Baldwin, the educator and entrepreneur for 
whom Mary Baldwin College is named. The graveside 
ceremony was attended by alumnae, friends, faculty and 
staff at Staunton's Thornrose Cemetery. Miss Baldwin 
was born October 4, 1829, and studied under Dr. Rufus 
Bailey, MBC's other founder. Miss Baldwin served as 
principal of the Augusta Female Seminary from 1863 until 

her death in 1897. During her lifetime, the name of the seminary was changed to Mary Baldwin 
Seminary at the request of the board of trustees in appreciation of her "valuable service and 
unparalleled success." 

The inscription on Miss Baldwin's gravestone reads, "This woman was full of good works 
and almsdeeds which she did. Principal during 34 years of the seminary, which is now called 
by her name. This also that she hath done be spoken of for a memorial of her." 


The Mary Baldwin College Magazinei 

probate judge for 10 years. 
Husband Rick is an 
anesthesiologist in 
Orangeburg SO. 



Panama City FL and husband 
Bill adopted a son, William 
Wallace Dent, in December. 
Ann reports Lee, 7, adores 
her new baby brother. 


of Birmingham Ml says that 
her oldest son Robert is 
attending Catawba College 
this year. 


HEIDI GOELTZ Clemmer of 

Darnestown MD and husband 
Gregg took a trip to Germany 
in September 1996 to 
celebrate her birthday. They 
flew to Frankfurt where they 
rented a car and spent two 
wonderful weeks driving 
around Germany and Austria. 

Passagaluppi of 

Tappahannock VA has two 
children, Blair and Kate. She 
stays busy commuting to 
Richmond for her business, 
McGuire Auto Rental. 



Chesapeake VA and husband 
Charles have two children, 
Rebecca, 3, and newborn 
Ellen Bain. 


Alpharetta GA had fun over 
the Christmas holidays 
visiting with former roommate 

'80. She also spent time 
showing off MBC to her 
children and enjoyed a visit 
with MBC Director of Security 
and Safety John Kelly. 

Thomas of Matthews NC 
became a partner in 
University Psychiatric 
Associates, PA in December 


Marion VA graduated from the 
Bowman Gray School of 
Medicine at Wake Forest 
University in August 1992. 
She is the primary care 
provider for Marion Correc- 
tional Treatment Center, an 
acute care psychiatric 
hospital within the Common- 
wealth of Virginia's Depart- 
ment of Corrections. 


WILLIAMSON Killebrew of 

Birmingham AL was 
highlighted in the April 23, 
1997, edition of The 
Birmingham News for her 
volunteer work with the First 
Presbyterian Women's Shelter 
in downtown Birmingham. 
Denise also served as the 
chair of the church's 1996 
Pastor Nominating Commit- 

has been in mission work for 
the past five years. She 
teaches young people to use 
creative arts as tools to 
share the gospel. She spends 
most of her time between the 
Gary NC area and Belarus, 
Russia and the Ukraine. In 
June, she was in the Crimea 

for the first session of their 
yearly discipleship camp. The 
second session of the camp 
in July and August was 
devoted to the "Great 
Exchange." Fifty-five young 
people attended this session 
for discipleship teaching and 
Russian classical ballet 
instruction. Ellen says she 
would love to hear from any of 
her MBC classmates. 


Potomac MD has completed 
the first year of a two-year 
training program as a decent 
candidate at the National 
Gallery of Art. This year, part 
of her training was providing 
tours to school children. Next 
year will consist of an Art 
Survey Course. Susan says 
it's "time to pull out my notes 
from Dr. Echols' class." 


Moore of Petersburg VA is 
director of design for This End 
Up Furniture Company in 
Richmond VA. She and 
husband William have two 
sons, John, 4, and Will, 2. 
She Is expecting her third 
child in January 1998. 


Pennington of Los Angeles 
CA, who has worked in 
catering for Hilton for a 
number of years, has taken a 
new job with one of Hilton's 
suppliers covering the Los 
Angeles area. She will handle 
products in the upscale 
appetizer market. Her 
husband Howard works for 
Golf Digest magazine. In May, 

she and Howard hosted the 
Los Angeles Virginia Schools 
Barbecue for the second year. 


Mobile AL, her husband 
Norman and newborn Vera 
Frances would love to have 
some company "whenever 
anyone gets down south." 
She is also looking forward to 
her next reunion. 

Skilling of Richmond VA is a 
partner in the law firm 
Harman, Claytor, Corrigan and 
Wellman. She and her 
husband Jim have one child, 
Katherine Curie. 



husband Keith and sons, 
Keith Jr., 3, and Mason, 2 are 
living in Richmond VA. 


moved to Dallas TX to accept 
the position of region sales 
training manager for the 
Goodyear Central Region 



of Pittsburgh PA is a 
pediatrician in private 
practice. She and husband 
Todd have been married for six 
years. Todd is completing his 
training in anesthesia (critical 
care medicine). They have one 
child, Olivia Claire, 1. 


Richmond VA was promoted 
on April 2, 1997, to vice 
president of the Plummet 
Printing Company by its board 
of directors. 

ifashville TM returned to work 
iis 9 first grade teacher in 
August arte.' giving tiirth to 
twin boys in February 1997, 

TRESCOTT and Bruce 'Chip" 
Franklin George, II (UVA '89) 
were married in April. MBC 
alumnae attending the 
wedding were AMY TUNSTALL 
Burleson '91, KELLY 
THORNBURG Oberholzer '91. 
and "BETH" DUDLEY '90. 
Chip works in Germantown 
MD for Telecommunications 
Techniques Corporation. The 
couple live in Reston VA. 



says that, in addition to 
becoming a new mother, she 
has moved into a new home 
in the historic Druid Hills 
section of Atlanta. The house 
is approximately 110 years 
old. Jasmin, LUCILLE 
AKEL Muse '89 were party 
hostesses for a grand 
birthday bash in honor of 
COURTNEY BELL '89, who all 
celebrated their 30th 
birthdays this year. 


ANNE DORST has been living 
in London England for over 
two years. In January, she 
took a marketing position 
with Psion, a company 
specializing in hand-held 
computers. Prior to that, she 
was marketing software in 

JILL PARKER '95 married Harry Philip Kissinger VI on November 9, 1996, in 
South Hill VA. MBC 1995 alumnae attending the wedding were (l-r) SUZANNE 
BETH BUTLER and KRISTAN DAWSON LaFON. Jill Is an admissions coordinator 
with Integrated Health Services of Raleigh, and Philip is a professional firefighter. 
The couple live In Knightdale NC. 

MBC friends gather around bride HEATHER HILL '94 after her August 16, 1997, 
wedding to Ray Wlllets Washburne in Colorado Springs, (l-r) are bridesmaid 
MARION LEE ADDISON '94, ASHLEY WILSON '94, Heather's great aunt MBC 
Trustee CAROLINE ROSE HUNT '43, Heather's grandmother MARGARET HUNT 
Hill '37, bride Heather, LACY DAVIDSON '94, bridesmaid STEPHANIE LEIGH 
JACOBS '94 and ANNE MILLS '94. 

The MAdr Ba 

Vl!i Coi.l.fcf 


Fall 1997 


her master's in Christian 
education on June 1, 1997, 
from the Presbyterian School 
of Christian Education. She is 
the youth director at the First 
Presbyterian Church in 
Annapolis MD. 



Grove City PA earned her 
master of divinity degree in 
theology. She is pursuing a 
Ph.D. in religious social 
ethics with a focus in the 
Middle East at the University 
of Pittsburgh. 


Richmond was presented the 
1996-97 Teacher of the Year 
Award at Harry E. James 
Elementary School in August. 



from Chevy Chase MD is in 
her second year of residency 
in urology at the National 
Naval Medical Center in 
Bethesda MD and the Walter 
Reed Army Medical Center in 
Washington DC. 



Redwood City CA is worthing 
as a systems engineer for 
Netscape Communications 
Corporation. She enjoys 
traveling all over the world, 
.but lives on a boat in the San 
Francisco Bay. Later this year, 
she will be leaving for 
Munich, Germany, for a one- 
year assignment. 

Karatassos were married in 
May 1997 in Atlanta GA. 

bridesmaid. The couple will 
live in New York for the next 
few years where Pano works 
in the restaurant business. 
Pane's father is president/ 
owner of the Buckhead Life 
Restaurant Group in Atlanta. 

LISA NICHOLS earned her 
master of divinity degree from 
Princeton Theological 
Seminary in Princeton NJ on 
May 19, 1997. She plans to 
continue at the seminary in 
pursuit of a master of 
theology degree. 



of Richmond VA was elected 
into the 1997 Who's Who of 
Professional Managers. She 
is the visitor service manager 
at the Virginia Museum of 
Fine Arts. 

LEAH DALKE has moved to 
Richmond VA where she is 
the administrator of special 
projects for CARE Advantage. 



Washington DC served as 
deputy press secretary for 
the Spousal Program for the 
Denver Summit of the Eight in 
June 1997. This was the third 
summit of the leading 
industrial democracies 
hosted by the United States 
and the first since the 
Houston G7 summit in 1990. 
As deputy press secretary, 
Anne facilitated and 
coordinated press inquiries 
regarding the summit's 
program for the leaders' 


Louisville KY is serving an 
internship in the mission 
recruitment office of the 
Presbyterian Church (USA). 
The internship gives her the 
opportunity to travel around 
the USA to colleges and 
universities. Prior to 
accepting the internship, 
Kaleen was serving as a 
young adult mission volunteer 
for the PC (USA) in Ghana, 
West Africa. 



Alexandria VA was promoted 
at the national headquarters 
of PBS. She writes website 
marketing for PBS program- 
ming. Amanda is working on 
her master's degree in 
broadcast communications at 
American University. 


resident counselor at the 
Heritage Christian Home in 
East Rochester NY. 

The MBC "Daisy" Chain 

By Crista Ca 
associate vk 


Conni Atkins '72 , Kit Collins 
and Dr. James Lott in the 1974 
production of Love is a Daisy. 

Tracing all the Mary Baldwin connections to the many productions of 
Margaret Collins' play Love is a Daisy — a comedy of love and identity set 
in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia — can be harder than figuring out 
the relationships between the various degrees of cousins at an old-time 
family reunion. It gets a little easier if you focus just on the three 
productions of the play at Oak Grove Theater, the outdoor theatre 
founded in 1953 by Margaret and Fletcher Collins (MBC professor of 
theatre 1946-1977). 
But not much. 

Daisy debuted at the Oak Grove Theater in 1 955 . That first production 
was directed by Fletcher and starred then-Mary Baldwin students Barbara 
Allan Hite '58 as Ann and Jane Lucke 
'58 as Barbara (a role later to be renamed 
Susan). Patty Parke Gibian '56, 
Claiborne Dohs Elder '58 and Wini 
Boggs Myrick '54 were involved 
backstage, and the cast included 
Margaret's sister Kay Bart and the 
Collins' son Brandon. 

In 1974, after 42 productions in 20 
years, Daisy returned to the Oak Grove 
stage. This time Aurelia Crawford '74 
and Conni Atkins '72 played Ann and 
Susan, and Bette Allan Collins '61 
played Kelly — the role Conni was to 
play 23 years later. Dick Johnson, who 
would later marry Susan Massie Johnson 
'67, was technical director; and Kit 
Collins, another son of Fletcher and 

Margaret, played the role of Jess. And a young professor of English at Mary 
Baldwin College named Jim Lott played the role of Dr. Spivey, an 
academic with perhaps more than an academic's interest in love as a topic 

of investigation. 

Conni Atkins '72 
returned to Staunton 
temporarily last summer to 
direct and star in the third 
Oak Grove production of 
Love is a Daisy. Dr. James 
Lott, now dean of the 
college at MBC, reprised 
the role of Dr. Spivey. 
Morgan Alberts '99, a 
current MBC student who 
has graced the MBC stage 
in several productions, 
starred as Susan. Brandon 
Collins — Jess in the 1955 
production — is now married to Celia Flow Collins '61, whose daughter 
Lisa EUer starred as Ann in the 1997 production. Dorene Fisher '89 ADP 
designed the costumes. MBC Adjunct Instructor of Theatre Rick Seyford 
designed the sound and music. Jennifer Langer '99 ran the sound. Sarah 
Francisco '97 PEG and Martha Gates '78 assisted backstage, and Bette 
Collins served as a consultant to the director. 

As noted by Fletcher Collins in the program notes for the 1974 
revival. Love is a Daisy is the most widely produced of Margaret Collins' 13 
plays. It has seen 50-some productions in locations ranging from Virginia, 
Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Louisiana to the Edinburgh Festival 
Fringe in Scotland. He also noted that Conni Atkins was "generously 
volunteering from Key West" and expressed the hope that "the next 
director in 2009(?), will not travel as far and will do as well." 

Morgan Alberts '99, Connie Atkins '72, 
Lisa Eller, and Dr. James Lott in the 1997 


The Mary Baldwin College Magazi 

Finding the Money for College in 1938 

by Betty Bailey Hall '42 x '39 0/ Austin, TX 

I grew up in Oklahoma City and was a senior in high school during the 
1937-38 term. The country was just emerging from The Great 
Depression and I knew it was going to be a problem to find the finances 
for me to go to Mary Baldwin College after graduation. 1 had always 
wanted to go away to a girls' school and two of my friends had recently 
attended Mary Baldwin as freshmen. They were glowing in their 
accounts of their experiences and my parents and I focused our sights 
there. Taking into account the transportation costs, room and board, 
tuition, books and cloths, we decided it could be done for $1,000. 

We completed the forms for application to enter as a freshman the 
next fall. The college offered a $250 scholarship and I took the IQ test 
required. It was probably very similar to the SAT taken by high school 
students today. I was the only one taking the test in our high school, 
sitting in a corner of the vice principal's office for the two hours 1 was 
given to complete it. Six weeks later, I was notified that I would be 
awarded the scholarship and had the honor of being listed as a 
scholarship winner in my graduation program. Scholarships were 
unusual in those days, and I was very pleased to be a recipient. 

My father was a doctor and during the depression doctor bills were 
the last ones that were paid. He had to borrow against his insurance 
a few years earlier when my older sister went away to college, and that 
resource was no longer available. It was determined that 1 should try 
and get a job at the college and inquiries were made to the 
Administration Office. The National Youth Administration (NYA) 
was a new federal program to encourage college attendance and papers 
were sent to my parents for them to complete. I still have the forms. 
There was one statement that declared that the student would not be 
able to attend college without this financial help. My father decided 
that this was not the case and so he declined to sign the papers. 
However, when I reached Mary Baldwin, I was given an opportunity 
to be a lab assistant for Mr. Trout, a chemistry professor. I had taken 
a year of chemistry in high school and in the summers 1 had worked 
in my father's medical laboratory in the hospital, so I was somewhat 
familiar with the equipment and procedures. Of course, I had only the 
very basic responsibility of making up standard solutions and generally 
keeping the lab clean and neat. Mr. Trout was very kind and helpful 
in directing me in my work. The pay wasn't very much, but my needs 
were small and what 1 gained in the experience of working with Mr. 
Trout was much more valuable than the paycheck. 

1 will always be grateful to Mary Baldwin for the opportunity 1 had 
to spend my freshman year there and 1 will always be proud of the way 
the college has continued to grow in stature to be among the best 
women's colleges in the country. 



Darrick Lee Beaver were 
married in March 1997 at the 
Blessed Sacrament Catholic 
Church in Harrisonburg VA. 
Lisa is an early childhood 
special education assistant 
with the Harrisonburg City 
Schools. Darrick is employed 
at Walker Manufacturing as a 
quality assurance technician 
and is working on his 
bachelor's degree in business 
administration. Darrick is also 
a corporal in the Marine 


Chester VA received her 
master of social work degree 
from Virginia Commonwealth 
University in May 1997. 


ANN CALHOUN Dent '77 and 

Bill: an adopted son, W/illiam 
Wallace, December 1, 1996. 
Jelinek '79 and Ed: a 
daughter, Emily Warren, May 
8, 1996. 

and Charles: a daughter, Ellen 
Bain, October 10, 1996. 
JANET DAVIES Beebe '81 and 
Tom: a son, William Davies, 
January 23, 1997. 
'84 and Norman: a daughter, 
Vera Frances, April 7, 1997. 
KELLY ANDREWS Coselll '85 
and Joseph: a daughter, 
Catherine Fields, May 30, 

EUSTACIA "Stacia" 
NICHOLSON Schoeffler '86 
and Ed: a daughter, Hollyn 
Lucy, June 12, 1997. 
Montgomery '87 and Bob: a 
son, Robert Clayton, July 4, 

'87 and Bill: twin sons, 
William Baden and Theodore 
James, February 2, 1997. 
and Jack: a son. Christian 
Keller, May 12, 1997. 
MITCHELL Gery '88 and 
Doug: a son, Matthew 
Joseph, March 26, 1997. 
'88 and John: a daughter, 
Alicia Everley, April 18, 1997. 
Fitzgerald '89 and Dan: a 

son, Connor John-Warwick, 
May 21, 1997. 
'89 end John: twin sons, 
Robert Andrev/ and John 
Crav/ford, III, July 24, 1996. 
'90 and John: a son. Andrew 
Marshall, May 2S, 1997. 
'91 and Richard: a son, 
Richard "Carlton" III, 
February 5, 1997. 
'92 and Thomas: a son, 
Robert Douglas, April 26, 

Gilreath '93 and Chad: a 
daughter, Peyton Elizabeth, 
May 7, 1997. 

and Jeff: a daughter, Abigail 
Grace, July 18, 1997. 
LORI ESCH Ritchie '94 and 
Mike: a daughter, Mary 
Helen, July 20, 1997. 
'95 and Shawn: a son. 
Chapman Alexander, June 17, 



Roy Bradley on January 11, 



Linton Torrence Arrowood on 

May 3, 1997. 

TRACY BOWERY '88 to Dale 

A. Meyer, Jr. on June 28, 



TRESCOTT '90 to Bruce 

"Chip" Franklin George, II on 

April 12, 1997. 


'91 to Fant Smith on 

September 14, 1996. 

ANGELA KING '93 to Pano 

Karatassos on May 17, 



to Christopher Scott Sigley on 

December 28, 1996. 

HEATHER HILL '94 to Ray 

Willets Washburne on August 

16, 1997. 


'94 to Michael Kerley on 

October 12, 1996. 


Alexander Niles Phillips on 

June 21, 1997. 

JILL PARKER '95 to Harry 

Philip Kissinger VI on 

November 9, 1996. 


Darrick Lee Beaver on March 

22, 1997. 

The Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Fall 1997 



ADP to Sarah Elizabeth Driver 
on May 25, 1997. 
LEE THOMPSON '95 to Kevin 
Vermillion on April 5, 1997. 
CAMALA BEAM '96 to Robert 
C. Kite on October 12, 1996, 
Damian Paul Desmond on 
July 26, 1997. 
ADP to Dawn Michelle Ellison 
on June 14, 1997. 



Feuchtwanger '16, May 12, 



'22, July 16, 1997 

ANNE CHAPIN DeAlba '25, 

May 1, 1997 


'25, May 11, 1997 

ETTA BROWN Foster '25, 

April 29, 1997 

JANET BRAND Catterton '26, 

June 24, 1997 


Robertson '28, February 22, 


PREOT NICHOLS Carter '29, 

June 10, 1997 


'40. April 9, 1997 


'40, April 20, 1997 


'41, October 12, 1996 


'42, May 26, 1997 


February 21, 1997 


'46, March 23, 1995 

LOIE VICK Owens '50, 1990 

JEAN NIVENS Blair '56, 

February 11, 1996 

ANNE FISHER Bahner '64, 

April 5, 1997 


Koch '77, April 30, 1997 


19, 1997 


'95, June 21, 1997. 


LOUDERBACK Woodward '33 
JANE DURHAM Barwick '43 
NANCY McNEW Burroughs '44 
DIANA McSHAN Benz '62 



associate professor of 
business administration, died 
Tuesday, July 29, 1997. Mr. 
Hammock was also the Bertie 
Wilson Murphy Distinguished 
Chair in Business Administra- 
tion at MBC. (see memorial 
by Dean of the College Dr. 
Jim Lott on page 6.) 


professor emeritus of 
systematic theology at 
Richmond's Union Theological 
Seminary, died Sunday, June 
22, 1997. He was a former 
member of the Mary Baldwin 
College Board of Trustees. 






TO A 911 












if you are moving or if you have news for the 

Class Notes section, please use this form to notify 

the IVIary Baldwin College Office of Alumnae Activities. 

It is important to keep our records updated. 

□ ADP □ MAT □ 


Home telephone 

Work Fax Nunr 


□ I am receiving duplicate mailings 
Here's my news: 

Office of Alumnae Activities 


Mary Baldwin College 

Staunton, VA 24401 



The Mary Baldwin College Magazine 

ch.a;p,ters in action 


Birmingham area alumnae enjoyed a spring 
event with hostess Donna Dearman Smith 70, 
pictured here with Susan Sipple EUiott '89, 
MBC Alumnae Association President Sue 
Warfield Caples '60 and MBC Board of 
Trustees Chair Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63. 
photo courtesy of The Birmingham News 


Mary Whitinger Turner '62, MBC Alumnae 
Association President Sue Warfield Caples 
'60, Carlana Lindstrom Lane '59 and Sally 
Heltzel Pearsall '62 relax after dinner at the 
Bakery Cafe in Mobile AL. 


Montgomery area alumnae welcomed MBC 
Alumnae Association President Sue Warfield 
Caples '60 with a wine and cheese party at 
the Montgomery Country Club. Pictured are 
(1-r) Elmore Bartlett Inscoe '60, Sarah 
Spratling '75 and Shirley Quarks Baird '62. 


Libby Darwin 
Grobmyer '72 
and Carmen 
McHaney '73, 

Board member, welcomed MBC Dean of the 
College Dr. James D. Lott to Little Rock 
with a coffee and dessert event. 


Dr. Brenda L. Bryant, director of MBC's 
Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership, was 
the guest speaker for the Atlanta Chapter's 
inaugural event, held June 7 at the Piedmont 
Driving Club. Dr. Bryant spoke to alumnae 
about the VWIL program, the future of 
leadership at MBC and the college's newly 
established leadership minor. Atlanta Chapter 
Co-Chair Courtney Witmer Bell '89 spoke 
about the formation of the new chapter, and 
the first Atlanta Chapter Steering Committee 
meeting was held after the luncheon. 



Alumnae Jane Starke Sims '68, Elise Palma 
Couper '68, Anne H. Collins '71 and Julie 
Ellsworth Cox '86 joined Baltimore area 
alumnae for a tour, reception and guest lecture 
at the Visionary Art Museum on April 15, 1997. 


New York area alumnae enjoyed spring 
cocktails with special guest MBC Dean of the 
College Dr. James D. Lott. Also attending the 
event were (1-r) Roma Reuther, MBC Trustee 
Bill Reuther, MBC Board of Trustees Chair 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63, and hosts Alan and 
Sherri Miller Stephenson '69. 

Charlotte NC alumnae were invited to the 
home of Cort and Byrd Williams Abbott '64 
(far right) for spring cocktails. Joining the 
Abbotts are Mr. Robert Morrison and MBC 
President Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson. 


Mount Airy alumnae Carol Vaughn Surratt '86, 
Ann Lewis Vaughn '69 and Brenda Nichol 
Goings '7 1 present MBC President Dr. Cynthia 
H. Tyson with a key to the city of Mount Airy 
during a luncheon on July 10. Also attending 
the event was MBC Director of Special Gifts 
Nancy Mclntyre. 


MBC Chaplain Rev. Pat Hunt (center, seated) 
gave an MBC update to several alumnae, 
including Ann Lewis Vaughn '69, MBC Trustee 
Barbara Knisely Roberts '73 and Brenda Nichol 
Goings '71. Also joining the discussion was Sara 
Forrest Hunt (seated), mother of Rev. Hunt. 

The Mary Baldwjn College Magazine 



A Houston Chapter event scheduled for the NORFOLK, VA 

fall (details unavailable at press time) was a 
discussion of women's health issues facilitated - ,;- .,., 

by Dr. Nana Hassen White '55. 

A wine and cheese party at the Memphis 
Summit Club was hosted by Bill and Dot Beals 
Ballew '53, who talk here with MBC Dean of 
the College Dr. James D. Lott. 


Alumnae from the Nashville area were invited 
to a wine and cheese party hosted by Alex and 
Margaret Allen Palmer '67 for special guest 
MBC Dean of the College Dr. James D. Lott, 
who gave the alumnae a college update. 


Tlie Houston Chapter hosted three activities 
during the 1996-97 academic year to bring 
cultural and educational events to area alumnae 
and to provide them the opportunity to mix and 
mingle with Mary Baldwin friends. 

The kickofif was the most innovative program 
the chapter has ever sponsored. In October 
eight alumnae and friends watched Dr. Joseph 
Coselli, husband of Kelly Andrews Coselli '85, 
perform an aortic valve replacement surgery at 
Houston's Methodist Hospital! 

In November the 30 alumnae, spouses and 
guests joined chapter members at the home of 
Robin Watson Livesay '69 and her husband, Dr. 
Jim Livesay. Special guest MBC Dean of the 
College Dr. James D. Lott gave a reading of one 
of his short stories. 

At the final event of the year, alumnae and 
friends attended the opening night performance 
of Texan Jim Lehrer's comedy/suspense drama 
"Chili Queen," set in an East Texas fast food 
restaurant. After the play at Stage's Theater, 
alumnae and guests enjoyed champagne and 
chatted with the playwright, who is the anchor 
of the PBS show The News Hour With Jim Lehrer. 


MBC alumnae and friends congratulate 
playwright Jim Lehrer after the opening night 
performance of "Chili Queen" at Houston's 
Stage's Theater. (1 to r) are Jim Wood, Celia 
Crittenden '66, Diane Evans Wood '54, 
Barbara Bullock Graham '57, Dr. Nana Hassen 
White '55, Jim Lehrer, Vickie Simons '76, 
Camille Bennett, guest of Vickie Simons, 
Cynthia Knight Wier '68 and Dr. Lee White. 


MBC Admissions Counselor Stephanie Shafer 
hosted a recruitment event at Chadwicks in 
Old Town Alexandria on February 3, 1997. 
Alumnae in attendance included Emily 
Oehler '93 and Terri Dersch '93. 


Attending a lunch at the Country Club of 
Petersburg were (1-r) MBC Alumnae 
Association President Sue Warfield Caples 
'60, Sally Squires Erickson '60, Barbara 
Freeman Ragsdale '67, Richmond Chapter Co- 
Chair Alice Tolley Goodwin '66, Richmond 
Chapter Co-Chair Mary Rutherfoord Mercer 
Ferguson '63, Pam Shell Baskervill '75, Betsy 
Gates Moore '8 1 , Judy West Kidd '69, Caroline 
Stowe Covington '75 and Betsy Cummins 
Dudley '84 ADP 

Ben and 
_j; , jih, I^B^^H Rachel Koser 

^H^ Wl H^H Cottrell'58 

President Dr. 
Cynthia H. Tyson at a cocktail party in the 
Cottrell's home. Over 80 alumnae, parents 
and friends attended the event scheduled in 
conjunction with the spring Board of 
Trustees meeting held in Norfolk. 


In April, the Rich- 
mond Alumnae 
Chapter hosted a 
spring cocktail 
event, and 210 
alumnae, friends 
and guests attend- 
ed. Chapter Co- 
Chair Alice Tolley 
Goodwin '66, hus- 
band Bill, and Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson chat dur- 
ing the event. Also joining the event were 
MBC Board of 
Trustees Chair 
Anna Kate Reid 
Hipp '63 and (pic- 
tured here with Dr. 
Tyson) Richmond 
Chapter Co-Chair 
Mary Rutherfoord 
Mercer Ferguson '63 and her husband Allen. 

ADP Associate Professor of Education Dudley 
Luck, Harry Tatian, ADP Assistant Professor 
Business Administration and Alumnae Board 
member Cat Ferris McPherson '78 and Cindy 
Tatian '95 ADP try out the wines during the 
Richmond ADP Wine Tasting event. Cindy's 
husband Harry Tatian is a wine consultant, 
and he conducted the tasting for over 20 
alumnae and guests. 

The Mary Baldwin College Magazine 

Teresa Whitaker 
'94 ADP and Dick 
Bartlett were 
among 30 MBC 
and Hampden- 
Sydney alumnae/i 
attending the 1997 
Strawberry Hill Races. The rain didn't 
dampen anyone's spirits, but all enjoyed the 
cover of the MBC tent. 


Tw enty-five 
Roanoke area 
alumnae enjoyed 
tea and heard a 
college update by 
MBC President Dr. 
Cynthia H. Tyson 
at the Roanoke 
Country Club. Attending the event were (1- 
r) Kelly Huffman Ellis '80, Alumnae Board 
member Cyndi Phillips Fletcher '82 and Louise 
Fowlkes Kegley '54. 

Professor Emerita of English Dr. Ethel Smeak 
'53 was joined by 33 alumnae, parents and 
guests at a Roanoke Chapter Spring Cocktail 
event. Joining special guest Dr. Smeak were 
(1-r) MBC Trustee John Rocovich, Alumnae 
Board member Cyndi Phillips Fletcher '82, 
Kelly Huffman Ellis '80, MBC Trustee Barbara 
Knisely Roberts '73 and Alumnae Board 
member Terry Huffman Allaun '75. Kelly 
Huffman Ellis '80 and husband Russ hosted 
the event in their home. 


MBC Admissions Counselor Jennifer Brillhart 
'91 hosted a Staunton area Groundhog Day 
recruitment event at J. Rugles on February 2, 
1997. Kimberly Fisher Wood '92 and Alumnae 
Board member Diahann "Buffy" Debreaux '93 
attended, as did members of the Student 
Alumnae Partnership. 

The Office of Alumnae Activities hosted a 
community tea in the Lower Back Gallery of 
the MBC Administration Building on April 
2, 1997, and the event's theme was centered 
around Richmond's Strawberry Hill 
steeplechase races, held on April 12. As 
Strawberry Hill chose an Australian theme for 
the 1997 race, Lamingtons were served at the 
tea. These small cakes were named in honor 
of Baroness Lamington, wife of the Governor 
of Queensland, at the turn of the century. 
There were 61 people in attendance, including 
12 special guests. 

The Staunton-Valley Chapter hosted a 
summer BBQ at the home of Sam and Kit 
Kivlighan Carter '44. Thirty-one alumnae 
and friends enjoyed BBQ, swimming and 
visiting with retired faculty members. 
Pictured (1-r) are Ruth Hawkins Molony '59, 
Kit and Sam's daughter. Professor Emerita of 
History Pat Menk, Kit Carter '44 and Sam 


i^H^ V -^ KfdP ^K^Hi 


L HJfr^KI 

V '-i^^C 1 

^M^^^P^ T^^^ 

W^m '^'X^'i 

\ I . ;^^^BmhI 

iW/ yicLk 


The Staunton-Valley Chapter hosted a Happy 
Hour in honor of the Class of 1997 at the 
Pullman Restaurant on April 9. The 14 seniors 
attending shared a good time with alumnae 
and friends. 

MBC Dean Emerita and I : ■ rita of 

Sociology Dr. Martha S. Grafton, Professor 
Emerita of English Dr. Ethel Smeak '53 and 
Dorothy "Polly" Baughan Moore '40 enter the 
1 1 th Annual Ham to Jam Luncheon under the 
"shepherd's crooks" that were once carried by 
the attendants of an MBC graduating senior. 
This tradition is known to date back to 1912. 
The 1997 Ham to Jam Luncheon was held in 
the Lyda B. Hunt Dining Hall on Saturday, 
April 5, and the theme was "traditions of the 

MBC Director 
of Volunteers 
Jacqui Elliott- 
"Lucky Irish 
winner Adele 
"Dell" Gooch Kiessling '38 at the Student 
Alumnae Partnership's community tea on 
March 19 at Mary Baldwin. Forty guests, 
including 24 alumnae, attended the event. 



Happy Hour for 1987 & Up on 

April 30, 1997 

MBC contact: 

MacKay Morris Boyer '87 


Crab Feast on May 17, 1997 
MBC contact: Kris Johnson '83 


Second Annual Virginia Colleges 
Barbecue on May 18, 1997 
MBC contact: Cathy Harrell 
Pennington '84 

The Makv Bai.dv/in College Mag/ 


end papers 

Associate Professor of English Rick Plant was busy with a variety of writing 
projects during his fall J 996 sabbatical. The novella he worked on, Deaths 
by Drowning, will be published by Texas Review Press this winter. He also 
wrote a series of "autobiographical oddities , " which he has titled Worker's 
Comp: a Book of Hours. He comments, "I guess these pieces arose , in part, 
as 'tenure therapy': I think I felt an impulse to document the fact (maybe for 
my kids) that I wasn't born behind a lectern." 


I try to keep a white shirt clean for when I get the call. Nine a.m. on 
Tuesday morning, 7:30 p.m. on a Sunday: "Can you do a store tomorrow 
night?" Most times, it's "Yes." This makes it somewhat difficult to plan 
your days — for me, vacation days — but part of me thinks, this is how 
a job should be: somebody picks your name off of the list and calls you 
on the phone. They say, we need you. Can you work? 

We come together in the comer of a parking lot, sitting in our own 
closed, smoking cars, waitingfor the RGIS van. When it pulls in, we climb 
aboard. Some faces look familiar, others new, each crew is temporary 
as a posse. In silence, we are driven to a supermarket, a discount store, 
a pharmacy. There the supervisor issues our equipment. I strap the 
black box on my belt. Holster-high it rides my hips. Another box fits 
in the pocket of my shirt. Most of us are in our 20s. We passed an 
interview, a math test, and a training session just to get here. We like 
to think ourselves (we college students, housewives, second jobbers) 
as the inventory experts, retail specialists, outside consultants. 
Equipped, we file inside the store, scoping out its size and layout. A 
manager will show us where to stow our coats and purses. Then the 
supervisor takes us to our stations. 

Canned vegetables. Paper goods. Ladies' hosiery. Notions. This is 
where the job begins. Packaged hair-bobs. Sixty-five times 17 — my 
fingers tap the calculator keys. I mumble items' total worth into the tape 
recorder on my breast. Plastic combs. $1.49 times nine. This is micro- 
economics. I punch it, call it, tag it, inching down the aisle. If the store 
is open, customers will stroll behind my back, unseen. If closed, nobody 
crosses through my station but a stock boy, leaving me a wide, respectful, 
dry patch with his mop. I'm in the world of things here, deep into it. Cans 
and boxes, hooks, and bins. My voice is spinning out a narrative of 
numbers, soundtrack to the figures that I scroll into the calculator at my 
belt. I've cut lawns and vinyl car tops in a factory. I've dug a sewer line, 
nailed shingles on a roof. No other work I've ever done has taken me so 
far from language as this rhythmic number koan. Beneath my finger 
exercise, time vanishes. Thoughts crowded out by steady and intense 
attention to the numbers. Forty-five times 12 plus 12 plus 12. This surely 
is America's deep language. 

Each shelf becomes an increment, each finished aisle a landmark 
of my wordless labor. In my wake droop paper triangles like flags of 
some explorer, symbols that some tidy, thorough Kilroy has passed 
through. When we emerge five hours later, all our tallies taken and 
confirmed, distance dazzles. Conversation stuns. Our eyes have grown 
myopic staring at close rows of boxes, cans and packages. Stripped now 
of our number grammar, sitting in the cold returning van, we squint 
at rushing headlights, work to read the hazy neons decorating buildings, 
gaze upwards to consult the wheeling, countless stars. 

First Labor 

This is how we spend the weeks before the fall. 
What other 15-year-old best buds get a 40-hour 
summer job outside? Mike and I are yard boys (we 
prefer "groundskeepers") for Founder's Tower and 
the property around it. We patrol the parking lot for 
cigarette butts, hose the dumpster down, mow and 
edge a mile of medians and a dusty field behind the 
Target store. Sometimes we find treasures in the 
weeds. A Playboy magazine. A sawed-off .22. Some 
days AI, the building manager, summons us for 
special quests: we help the carpenter hang sheet 
rock in new offices, move furniture, haul trash a 
secretary's left us in the hall. Mostly, though, the 
weather sets our schedule. Sunny days we mow and 
edge, rainy days we tinker with our tools: clean plugs 
and filters, sharpen clippers, change the tractor's oil 
and the knicked blade of the edger. I'm becoming 
fluent in the universal tongue of handymen, learning 
wrenches can be open, socket, alien or adjustable. 
By Independence Day we're brown and muscular. 
At day's end Mike (who's heavier) asks, "Man, why 
don't you sweat ?" We've polished our impersonations 
of the building manager, the doorman, and the 
painter. We've even marked our Eden with new 
names. "Alice" is the AUis Chalmers tractor that we 
take turns driving to the islands and the field. 
"Maggie" is the legendary mother of all maggots, 
breeding those we flush with sprayer hoses from the 
dumpster base each morning. A bumper sticker on 
our rolling trash bin says, "Support your local ossifer." 
Mounting Alice in mid-August, I feel a whim. With 
careful, geometric cuts I carve "Hi" in the center of 
the big field's fescue, my message to the building's 
workers, the hidden higher-ups. Then I attempt a 
cartoon profile, a self-portrait in the stubble of the 
job's terrain. At noon, I take Mike up the Tower's 
elevator to his mother's air-conditioned office. 1 
lead them to the window. Mike slaps my back and 
laughs. His mom calls me artistic. The work looks 
pretty good from here, read in these scratched designs 
these sunny self-employments. 


The Mary Baldwin College Maga 

;-Wjjl.a,nth ropy 

Donors Get First Preview of 
Newly Renovated King Building 

BY Elizabeth Out land Branner, Director of the Annual Fund 

Members of The Kiracofe Society, the 
Rufus Bailey Society, the Mary Juha 
Baldwin Society, the Hill Top Club, 
the Founders' Club and the President's 
Associates were treated to a sneak 
preview of the newly renovated King 
Building on August 6. 

MBC President Cynthia H. Tyson 
welcomed 50 guests to the historic 
occasion which showcased the new 
residence hall and conference center. 
Board of Trustees Chair Anna Kate 
Reid Hipp '63 thanked the attendees 
for their generous support of the 
college, saying that their support allows 
MBC to complete important projects, 
such as the renovation of King. After 
a tour of the building, guests enjoyed a 
light lunch in one of the new 
conference rooms. 

Housing 53 students, the King 
building offers suites in what formerly 
was the Mirror Room and lofted rooms 
in what was the gymnasium. The 
handicap accessible suites consist of 
two rooms connected by a bathroom 
and will be shared by four students. 
The lofted rooms consist of an upstairs 
sleeping area, downstairs living area 
and bathroom and will be shared by 
two students. 

Two large conference rooms and a 
kitchen are situated in the basement, 
originally the location of the pool. The 
conference facilities will be in use by 
various groups during the year. It is 
expected that the building will be in 
great demand for summer programs. 

The King Building boasts a state- 
of-the-art air conditioning system 
which utilizes less expensive energy 
during non-peak hours to make ice. 

The Makv BALtiwiH College Magazine 

The ice is then used during the day to 
cool the air in King and Wenger Hall. 
Eventually this system will also cool 
Hill Top, Memorial and Rose Terrace. 

Built in 1942 as the "Centennial 
Building," marking Mary Baldwin 
College's 100th anniversary, the King 
Building was the first building to be 
constructed on campus in 30 years. The 
building was named after William Wayt 
King, the business manager who was 
employed at MBC from 1890 to 1936. 
The construction of this gymnasium- 
auditorium was important at the time 
because it indicated the college's 
commitment to remain in downtown 
Staunton. The first public use of the 
building was in September 1942 when 
Greer Garson appeared there at a 
Defense Bond Rally. 

We are proud that our most 
dedicated supporters were the first to 
inaugurate the use of the newly- 
renovated King Building. 

The King Building, built in 1942, was 
named after William Wayt King. King 
was employed by the college from 
1890-1936, most of that time as 
business manager. A redhead himself, 
King founded the "Red Head Club" on 
campus. Legend has it that he rode 
his horse to work every day. 

Laying the cornerstone of the William Wayt King Memorial Gymnasium and Auditorium, 
October 4, 1941. 








PERMIT #10( 



1 d